As currently one of the most significant marketing and both tech conglomerates on the planet, we look into what our partner Salesforce has to offer when it comes to working for them. What are the powerful benefits of working with Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of those places that has become part of tech lore. It has an incredibly large workforce too. This means it must be a great place to work. However, sometimes it’s fun (and quite educational) to delve deeper into what makes a considerable corporation such a great place to work and grow. We thought we would do some delving in this post. Salesforce is massive, but it also has a great community and a focus on empowering every one of its employees. So strap in as we take a look. You never know, you might find out something brand new that gives you a fresh perspective on one of the biggest brands on the planet.

First, we thought we’d take a look at why some people consider Salesforce one of the best places to work in the world. And that means looking at what it feels like to work there.

The Big Thing About Salesforce Is Transparency

Transparency in the workplace cannot be underestimated as a means of ensuring the best employees stay. It is vitally important for an employee to feel that they are listened to and that there is absolute honesty in the workplace. If that isn’t there, real long-term problems can occur.

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There have been many studies on transparency in the workplace. For example, a study from TINYpulse showed that management transparency is the number one factor when it comes to determining employee happiness.

One of the best ways a company can build transparency and the trust that follows is through clear communication. Salesforce employees state that the company is transparent in this area. The company even has an internal ‘feedback’ app that allows employees to give feedback on important issues. That’s pretty transparent, and it makes Salesforce a more comfortable place to be.

Cares About Employees

It’s effortless for a company to forget about the wellbeing of employees. Some companies believe, even today, that a salary is more than enough when it comes to compensation for employees giving their time and energy.

“My inspiration comes from all of you, our Trailblazers. You are the innovators, the disrupters, the shapers. You’re shaping the future.” – Marc Benioff

In recent times it has become clear that looking after employees is just as important as fulfilling orders, and Salesforce has recognised this and acted accordingly. Employees genuinely feel that their wellbeing is vital to their employer, and there have been numerous initiatives in the company that provide support and guidance around employee wellbeing.

The charity MIND has worked hard to raise awareness about mental health, and it has identified the issues that can be both found and fostered in the modern workplace.

Recent research on the issue showed that mental health is probably one of the most important aspects of a kind and positive workplace. Getting this aspect of a job right is paramount.

How is this playing out in Salesforce? Pretty well, as it happens. The company recognises all aspects of wellbeing, including mental health. It has worked hard to make a good work/life balance part of what daily.

For example, every office has a ‘Mindfulness Room’ where employees can focus and aim to bring some of their stress levels back down. Salesforce also offers regular subventions that can be put towards gym memberships, sports fees and so on.

Huge Flexibility

While Salesforce certainly isn’t the only company in the world to do this, it offers flexibility that simply makes it easier for people to work there.

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Working from home can have huge benefits, and can allow people to fit in work around their busy lives. Salesforce seems to have taken this approach on with enthusiasm, and it has paid off in employee satisfaction.

Probably the most apparent reason why Salesforce excels in this area is it’s embracing of the latest cloud technology. It has always raced ahead in this area, and this has meant that cloud tech has allowed it to ensure all employees can work all the time flexibly.

The Core Of The Brand Is What Makes It

Salesforce has a lot underneath the surface. It didn’t get to be one of the top five enterprise software companies in the world without some hard work and a clear vision. This is best-exemplified y looking at just a few of the areas it has pushed as regards employee and community satisfaction.

One key aspect of Salesforce that helps make employees simply feel better about what they are doing is the 1:1 model. This model for operating the company has seen some incredible things happen. It is a clear focus on ‘giving back’ to the community that has had the knock-on effect of helping employees feel they are doing something worthy.

How does it work? Well, the 1:1 model means that Salesforce gives 1% of its product, time and equity back into the community. And it also helps employees become directly involved in the process.

Employees need to feel both valued and valuable, and the 1:1 model gives that to them.

The First Day

And then there is the first day at work.

The first day at work for a Salesforce employee is pretty incredible. You turn up and are then sent straight out of the door again. This is because the company expects you to do some service work immediately. This can range from helping out at a homeless shelter to offering a bit of free work for a client. There are many different versions of this first day, but the company ensures that all newbies get a chance to give something back to the community from day one.

That’s quite a big commitment when you think about it. Rather than get the employee working and bringing in ROI, Salesforce sends them out to find a different kind of ROI. Oh, and by the way, the brand has over 30,000 employees. That’s a hell of a lot of first days.

To add to this idea of ‘giving makes you feel better’, Salesforce also offers a full paid week of volunteer work every year. It’s part of the 1:1 approach, and it ensures that employees get to feel the value of giving.

All of this ties into the core values of Salesforce, which is very much driven by the guy who started it all.

Leading From The Front

Marc Benioff is the sole CEO of Salesforce now, and he learnt his chops working with the best. We can’t fit in all the details about his extraordinary career, but one thing that sticks out is his early time spent with Steve Jobs at Apple. Jobs essentially mentored him, and Benioff later credited Salesforce itself to the mentorship of Jobs.

Later, Benioff won ‘Rookie of the Year’ at Oracle, the world’s first real major enterprise software company. If he could become successful anywhere, it would have to be Oracle. Oracle is so huge, it is seen as the exemplar company in the enterprise software field.

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At 25 years old, Benioff became a millionaire with his Oracle salary. Then, Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, became Benioff’s second mentor. Again, knowing the right person meant that Benioff was truly helped in his path towards success. Ellison was a billionaire and was making Oracle into something that many companies found indispensable. In other words, it was the right person for the future CEO of Salesforce to know and learn from.

Benioff took a sabbatical from working at Oracle and spent time meditating. While swimming with dolphins, he came up with the idea of Salesforce. It was to be an enterprise software company but without the software part. Companies could access the resources on the Web.

The rest is business history. However, the liberal attitude that Benioff cultivated (he was known right from the start for giving to causes and helping communities) has been passed on to Salesforce. The company is now known for being one that helps people. This ethos is passed onto the employees in the company.

What Are The Biggest Jobs At Salesforce?

If people needed any further support when considering a job at Salesforce, as in help in working out the pros and cons, they need only look at the top positions at the company. Salesforce has some very lucrative posts and has made some talented employees very successful. More importantly, these posts are part of the ethos of ‘looking after’ people, who work hard and offer talent.

The top position is that of Technical Architect (obviously we’re not talking about senior board member positions here). This role can quickly bring in a salary of up to $180,000 a year. Plus all the perks and the excellent work environment that Salesforce offers.

Essentially, Salesforce is a great place to work because talent is recognised. Then, the company ensures you give back to the community, which makes working there more pleasant (we all feel better when we offer).

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