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As a certified Salesforce partner we can provide you and your organisation with the very best implementation and Salesforce application support. We cover a range of Salesforce platforms to capture every audience.

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Marketing Cloud Pioneers Across The Board

Blast Your Marketing Cloud Into The Atmosphere.

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If you’re thinking of launching Salesforce Marketing Cloud (aka ExactTarget), or you’re already using it but for ways to improve how it currently works for you, then you have come to the right place.

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Support Across All Our CDPs

Partnered with all our CDP applications to provide the best support.

Vendor Agnostic CDP Partner

Become a data guru with the CDPs with provide support for!

As vendor agnostic we aim to provide the best application as a solution for you. This is why we are currently partnered with three CDP applications and software providers to make sure that you get the very best out of your CDP.

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Astronomical Support

At Gravitai we provide the very best support and solutions for our leads and customers. Have a peak at what we can offer you both in service & training as well as the applications we can support to provide you with the best practises.

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Anyone can send an email but very few know how to send it to the right person, at the right time and through the right channel. It takes time to get there. Let us show you how we do it.

Team Training

We’ll help you internalise processes by upskilling your team on the use of automation platforms through lean, agile practises. You spend less time deploying campaigns and more time analysing results.


We work with your businesses and also technical terms to review your marketing cloud platform and provide a detailed report where improvements and further optimisations can be established.

Data Design

We demystify big data structures by creating targetable audience segments that dynamically respond to your customers interests whilst ensuring your business remains fully GDPR complaint.

Dedicated Support Across All Platforms

With a dedicated amount of resources, plan each journey.

Gravitai’s Abilities

We have provided automated marketing solutions to blue chip companies all over the world to achieve the best results.

Dedication to every journey is key. To extend your horizon of further development our team of specialist developers and dedicated leaders are equipped with proven experience and credentials in providing solutions for solving your marketing cloud problems.

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Interaction Studio

Deliver contextually relevant experiences in real-time across any channels, including online through email, social and mobile, offline via in-store and also kiosks to cover all channels and platforms available.


Your be able to nurture your prospects using AI to surface those with buying intent and find leads who are most likely to become customers. The customer always comes first so make sure that lead becomes a customer.

Sales Cloud

We’ll help you integrate Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to enhance the capabilities of your CRM environment to seamlessly synchronise data between the two platforms to make that a smooth transition is completed.

GA360 Integration

We are able to seamlessly integrate your Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts and GA360 Integration so you can visualise tracking data in an intuitive analytics dashboard all for your viewing.

Advertising Studio

Launch ads directly from Journey Builder to reach customers and leads across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and display to help fuel data to all your customer base. Implement Advertising Studio now!

Social Studio

Analyse and act on conversations from nearly any source to see what your followers and industry are saying about your business across the most relevant social media channels to get a step ahead of competition.


Mautic is the world’s only Open Marketing Platform. It allows companies to deploy full automated campaigns (Email, SMS, Web, etc through a powerful yet very friendly user interface with Mautic.


Built from the ground up. Exponea has become one of the industry leading CDPs within the martech space. It’s platform enables companies to implement actionable Single Customer View (SCV) programmes.


Fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights using the industry’s most trusted approach to collecting and delivering customer data. Managing data and make it available to every customer touchpoint and marketing technology vendor in real time.

ROI & Book An Audit

To extend your horizon and improve the return of your investment (ROI), our team of experts are equipped with proven experience and credentials in providing solutions to your Marketing Cloud problems. Don’t let yourself to keep diving your hand into the piggy bank to try and find the resources.

Rocket Record

Our results, clients and progress is thrusted through success and experience with our journeys.

Have a look at our existing and previous clients. Start a journey.

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We provide our clients with the best applications and platforms partnered with Gravitai to get the very best solutions.

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