Email marketing is a powerful tool. It allows brands and companies to make connections with prospects and customers, build engagement and increase customer and client loyalty.

While it is powerful, it also exists in a world of noise. If your emails aren’t getting to your customers at the right times, there is every chance they could be ignored by them. For years now, the question of ‘when is the right time’ to send an email has bothered marketers. Is there a correct answer? Is it possible to know precisely when to send an email to give you the best chances of you being opened and engaged with? We thought we would take a look.

It’s a big topic, though. Salesforce has managed to carve itself a hefty niche in the world of marketing. One of the critical areas in which it excels is email marketing. Here, Salesforce takes care of all aspects of sending emails to prospects and customers. This is to build and maintain relationships. You should also look to craft emails so that they are useful and present the best message to the customer. It also does many other things, in particular for our conversation; it focuses on ways to make sure that emails are relevant and timely. 

Some Basic Points First With Emails

There is basic science at work here, and as stated earlier, many people have been involved with the search for the best time to send an email.

Sending newsletters and special offers to customers via email can play a crucial part in your overall marketing plan, building and strengthening relationships with your customers. For more information on Email Marketing take a glance at the ‘Digital Garage’.

The excellent essential point is to make sure that you send out emails while people are awake. It seems a little obvious, but eyes have to be open to read your emails. If your email sending isn’t sensible enough to give people emails during the day time, then you need to get on top of that problem. People can’t read when they are asleep, and they will probably automatically not care when they wake up to see that you emailed them in the night and they missed it.

Another critical point to remember is that first thing on a Monday morning is probably also not a great idea. Everyone is back into work, and the last thing they are going to want to deal with is a ton of emails. Your email will either get drowned in the noise or deleted because the recipient doesn’t feel like reading emails.

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Targeting Email Marketing On The Weekend

Weekends are problematic too. People are too busy getting on with not being at work to have time to open up emails. During the week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are generally the best days to send emails on. People are in work-mode and looking to get things done.

But then, this isn’t always the case.

Strangely enough, the above advice does not always run true for everyone. So it is well worth experimenting, ensuring that you monitor what is working. Testing emails out, and the effectiveness of certain send times and so on is a surefire way to get the right approach locked down. Salesforce allows you to do this as much as you want.

You will do well to think about your demographics too. Presuming you have your segmentation perfected, you will know a lot about the audience you are emailing to. Therefore, you will learn about their habits. A younger audience may not be too concerned about receiving emails at any time of the week, day or night. They’re always on their phones as it is, and having an email about a brand they are interested in isn’t something that is necessarily bound by ‘best times’ to email.

The Nitty Gritty Of Email Marketing

Many studies have shown that if you don’t send emails between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, then you are missing out on the best open rates. While people are at work is the time to send out marketing messages. This is because people spend more time at work opening emails than anything else. Probably.

Here are the biggest challenges that email marketers face in 2019, with the lack of quality of data and integration topping the chart. Low performance and deliverability come in the last place. All provided by Litmus.

In any case, and for whatever reason, these are the hours you can send an email during with a pretty healthy chance of seeing opens.

Digging deeper, more email opens occur in the morning. The peak is around just before lunchtime, but numbers start to rise at approximately 10 am.

Bearing in mind that testing is something you are regularly doing, though, you will probably find that segments and their habits are what drive your campaigns. And then you may well discover that you are adapting on the go. This is no bad thing, and any good email delivery platform will allow you to make sure you keep on top of things.

Making It Work With Email Marketing

While there are good times of the day and good days of the week and so on, you have to give your emails the very best chance of being opened. So optimising is as essential a timing. The following best practices will ensure your emails have the very best chance of success with open rates:

  • The first words of the email have to be carefully chosen. Spend time testing and re-testing, until you have a clear idea of what works in this area.
  • Keeping emails short and to the point always makes sense. Ensure that they are free of waffle, and focused on the most straightforward version of the message you are trying to send.
  • Always, always, keep an eye on the times of day that suit the particular segment you are working with. This may change, and there is nothing worse than an immediate drop in engagement due to errors over monitoring send times. Remember they can change, but it’s your job to know when.

While there may not be a cast-iron secret code to when the best time for sending emails is, your quality of testing and monitoring will determine how close you get to know when your segments will open their mail. Continue to optimise your emails so it is the best possible messaging you can have, and you should find that email becomes one of your brand’s best tools for building customer loyalty and other sales.

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