Retail is a tough business, as many will know. It has been for many years. It most likely will continue to be. All because of rivalry, whichever area you are in, is fierce. There are many competitors. To stand out in your field, you have to make sure that you are distinguishing yourself. Don’t let your rivals get ahead of you. Making sure that you are not only setting new trends but satisfying your customers.

This takes a lot of effort. A lot of that effort can be removed if you have the right automation processes in place. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has done a lot for retailers. Helping them to make sure they reach their audiences and engage them in the most effective way possible. We are going to take a look at how Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes retail that little bit easier. Through both offers and sales, but making sure that the customer is always at the focal point of success.

The retail sector is massive for Salesforce. Bringing in billions of dollars every single year and having one of the highest accounts of jobs compared to any other industry apart from Financial services and manufacturing.

Perhaps the first thing that really makes a difference for retailers when using Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the unitary experience. Everything you could possibly want to do in of regards marketing to your retail leads and customers is completely serviced by the marketing cloud. It really has everything you need. On top of all of that, the unified nature of all the resources you require means that there is much more ease of use then you would expect. There is no running around, trying to find other apps or areas to locate information or carry out processes. The whole thing is done in one place. This is easily one of the most important aspects and one that makes retailers happiest.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

On top of that, it’s also important to remember that the Salesforce nature of understanding the customer is very much a focal point in marketing cloud. Using technology, you can quickly get to know each of your customers. On a very personal account as well may we add. Understand where they are coming from, and produce personalised, feature-rich engaging messaging that makes customers more loyal. They’re more likely to stick with you on the continuing buying journey. This leaves you with more sales and makes the customer happy at the same time.

The platform is also multichannel too. This means that the messaging that you create can easily be sent to customers across several different channels and platforms. Not to mention in any region as well. From text messaging to email. The service allows you to get to your customers where they are most frequently to be found. The upshot of this is that you don’t miss a trick as a retailer. You are always in a position where you can talk to your customers and give them what they need as regards messaging. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing. It’s more flexible. It’s more respectful of your customer and also their needs.

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Retail Compared To Online Selling

However, retail is very different from online selling. Or e-commerce as many now know. Salesforce marketing cloud makes it a whole lot easier for retailers to feel more in control by empowering the staff in the stores. All the data and the insights that Salesforce marketing cloud provides is delivered to retail staff. This gives them the same kind of overview as an online seller might experience. The outcome here is that the retail team can understand their customers more, even as they are walking around a real-world store. It just empowers staff and ensures that retailers can provide a complete experience both on and off-line. By doing this, each one will be easy to capture.

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This is easily the key differentiator and selling point for retail customers. Once they know that they can connect their online and off-line worlds through one single platform, it makes much more sense to unify those two different areas. This means less stress and struggle around data, and connecting customers in both their online and off-line activity. It also means a more joined up experience, and a more engaging experience overall for the customer. They know they can experience the same kind of customer care and support both on and off-line.

Superb Customer Support

Every retailer knows the value of good customer service. Salesforce marketing cloud allows you to use any channel at all, and this means that you can quickly and easily communicate with and support customers with problems and queries. There is a vast level of choice here, and this is important for customers. If they know they can communicate with you on any channel, this makes it easier for them. It’s all about making your customer feel comfortable.

People involved in customer support with your business can have access to all sorts of information while they’re delivering that support. That’s part of the ability that salesforce has to knit together all the data. It makes sense to the people who need it the most. Having information about customer orders and preferences while you are dealing with a problem is invaluable. Being able to do this on any channel the customer wants to work on makes it much more engaging for customers. More importantly, it keeps them happy.

The single view approach really helps here. With a customer service agent able to have a full view of the history of the customer they are working with,  problems and queries are dealt with almost immediately. They will know the customer and their purchase history inside out. This means there is less frustration on the part of the customer. It also means you deliver the seamless experience that customers expect.

Amazing With Email

Salesforce has a big reputation for serving clients with excellent email offers and deals. However, not everyone thinks about retail in the real world, actually having a significant presence through email online. But that’s how it is; retailers are using email more and more to keep track of their customers. This serves them with better and more pleasing engagement. Salesforce helps in this regard in a massive way. With the seamless approach that marketing cloud offers, retailers can now easily send out information to leads and customers where needed. This could be about new products to their customers via email. This is also driven by audience segmentation, which means that email is highly targeted and therefore much more effective in pushing sales.

In a highly fragmented marketplace, retailers must reimagine the very foundation of their brands and business models to stay close to their customers. Find out more from Salesforce’s Youtube Channel.

Email is also used for news delivery. If a retailer has a new store opening in the neighbourhood or some changes happening in a local store. Email is often the quickest way to let customers know about this. Again, this can be done through audience segmentation. So truly personalised emails get delivered to people who will benefit from them the most.

This all works incredibly well with discounts and offers. Retail customers will share their email address with retailers if they know that they are going to get something in return. Salesforce allows for quick and responsive delivery of messages and offers. All tailored to the customers’ particular needs and background. In other words, emails are personalised, and it goes a massively long way towards making the whole experience more engaging and rewarding for customers.

A Complete Solution

While retail may be a genuine struggle at the moment, for various reasons. Salesforce marketing cloud allows for that unique one platform approach to be aimed at. Using its celebrated AI as well as support for clean customer targeting and message delivery. Retailers are finding that the Salesforce marketing cloud allows real communication with customers. As well as an outcome of dedicated customer loyalty. Customers won’t buy unless they know that retailers understand them, and Salesforce marketing cloud is allowing that to happen.

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