Structuring an automation team is a complicated process. Finding a marketing team that is going to be able to follow the strategy that has been implemented as well as hitting your targets is so tricky. So what’s the right way How To Structure Your Marketing Automation Team?

Do you have an existing online marketing team? Or, do you think your current unit needs to be restructured based on a new strategy? Or increased goals for the year?

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Your online marketing team, or marketing automation team, has the potential to be a strong asset to your company. Based on how you organise your side, you can play to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that every job has a stable owner who’s responsible for all the moving parts. With a solidly structured team, you’ll be sure to meet your marketing goals for the year and increase your sales and revenue.

Here are some of the most vital roles that you should consider for your marketing automation team. This may not represent a full team, especially for a more prominent company. But it’s a start, especially if this team structure is new for your business.

Operations Manager

An operations manager, to direct and supervise all other roles and make sure work is delegated appropriately. Make sure that the right goals align with the available staff.

Analytics Specialist

An analytics specialist is a vital part of your marketing automation team. They’re responsible for tracking data and leads over time. They are also making sure that your campaign dollars are well spent in certain areas or markets and tracking ROI. An analytics specialist takes care of the results of each of your campaigns and ensures that your company is paying close attention to what’s working and what’s not. As well as which consumer bases they need to tap into, and any trends in the data that are important to consider for future campaigns or goals.

Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist can focus their time and energy on creating campaigns, tracking new areas of the business to tap into, and designing, writing and developing content for each campaign, whether it emails, web or social media-based. A more prominent company might have several marketing specialists to take care of the amount of work that this position requires. Still, at least one is necessary to ensure that your company’s campaigns are well taken care of.

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Web Specialist

A web specialist, to be tasked with creating individual landing pages for your campaigns, to design and develop content for web forms. To also ensure web content is kept up to date and fresh. If your company is more significant, you’ll probably have an entire team tasked with these assignments. But if smaller companies should have at least one web specialist. If your company is sending out an email campaign for shoe sales, you’ll need to have a web-based team member to design the landing page that the emails lead to. So, this is a vital role for your team.

These key roles can be built in many ways. These are examples of a core team to help manage your company’s marketing automation goals. You can expand on this team structure by adding email specialists, social media specialists, content writers, managers and other roles to make sure that the job is done well. But, this is an excellent place to start, especially if your system is getting off of the ground.

Just a few ways on How To Structure Your Marketing Automation Team!