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The Number #1 CRM Platform for Managing Relationships Across the Whole Universe.

Ensure you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time with Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite applications to dominate your competition and become the very best in your industry.

Marketing Cloud

Journey Builder

Create 1-to-1 customer journeys across all of your channels and departments.

Email Studio

Build and personalise email campaigns with the world’s #1 platform for email marketing.

Audience Studio

Capture and activate data from any source and audience that you desire.

Data Studio

Enforce your data with the largest data ecosystem that is currently on the planet.

Social Studio

Have the ability to listen, engage and communicate across your social media.

Advertising Studio

Target the correct audiences to acquire and engage new and existing customers.

Mobile Studio

Personalise mobile interactions with customers, including SMS & notifications.


Unite both marketing and sales on a single platform for B2B marketing businesses.


All your data, investments, KPIs and decisions in one single Salesforce platform.

GA 360

Get the most out of marketing insights while keeping track of all engagement.

Get the Most Out of Marketing Cloud Right Away.

We get it; you’re a busy bee, you want to get where you’re going right away. We have you covered. Please navigate through our information panels to find what you’re looking for when it comes to Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud
Build Relationships with Marketing Cloud

Start engaging in a two-way conversation with all consumers and customers to have the ultimate control over B2C & B2B companies alike.

Marketing Cloud
Our Marketing Cloud Services & Support

We offer a range of packages regarding Salesforce Marketing Cloud from implementation to support we can help extensively at every single moment.

Marketing Cloud
The Latest News on Marketing Cloud

As Trailblazers ourselves, we love to keep up to date with the latest news and events. Visit our channels to stay up to date with the newest Marketing Cloud news daily. From Blog posts to social media, we can keep you informed.

Marketing Cloud
Be Consumer Focused with Marketing Cloud

Be focused on every individual consumer as you can start building 1-1 journeys and campaigns to capture those leads every time based on the applications that we can offer.

Marketing Cloud
Our Packages for Marketing Cloud

We offer a range of packages and options when it comes to Marketing Cloud. Options and specifications available. Refer to our packages guide to see the available options.

Marketing Cloud
Read up on FAQs About Marketing Cloud

We get that the answer might not be so simple. If you can’t find what you are looking for, have a peek at our FAQs to see what we get asked the most.

Marketing Cloud
Integrate Touchpoints with Marketing Cloud

Use every touchpoint and application in Marketing Cloud through advertising, marketing, commerce, sales, and your business services.

Marketing Cloud
Book An Audit with Marketing Cloud

We get that grass is not always green. Sometimes it’s hard to get the best out of applications. Book An Audit so we can access your Marketing Cloud model and see how it can be improved.

Marketing Cloud
Contact Us About Marketing Cloud

At the end of the day, if you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us. We are always on the end of a phone call or email. Get in touch with us, and we can fix and support or implementation issues.


Start Building Key Relationships & Consumers with Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Gravitai.

In this day and age, businesses and companies need to be consumer-centric. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its capabilities, you will be able to get as close as possible to each and every customer to make sure that they can be converted.

Marketing Cloud
Start gaining loyal relationships.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud in mind, you can effectively and efficiently interact with all of your customers across various channels, promoting brand loyalty to help you build closer and healthier relationships.

Personalise interactions & communications.

Personalisation is what brings customers and companies together. Through artificial intelligence, you will be able to produce and distribute personalised campaigns and journeys every day.

Engage through every customer journey.

Sending out personalised and constant communication to consumers and clients can really help your identity. You will also be able to harness the power of Einstein to deliver that content at any touchpoint dynamically.

Consolidate data through a robust engine.

With a robust engine, together we can understand what your customers really want and more importantly need. Build upon consolidated data by combining various sources within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Become a Fully Consumer-Centric Business to start powering 1-to-1 journeys to attract and obtain leads.

Your business should always put the consumer and customer first. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will be able to leverage the applications and intelligent marketing AI to get the upper hand on each lead.

Marketing Cloud
Predictive scoring in Marketing Cloud.

With predictive scoring, Gravitai can help you predict any customer’s likeliness or lead opening an email, engaging with certain CTAs, and making purchases when it comes to products and services.

Measure and analyse consumer impact.

One of the biggest challenges is visibility around ROI. With Marketing Cloud, you will be able to measure the impact through every action. Through Pardot & Google Analytics, you will be able to track email opens and more.

Utilise Marketing Cloud to Its Full Potential by Integrating Touchpoints Through all Applications.

Marketing Cloud utilises a range of applications and clever automated AI (artificial intelligence) to make sure that you can connect with customers at any point within a given journey or campaign with Gravitai at the helm.

Marketing Cloud
The very best automated communication.

Automate some of the most time-consuming processes like audience segmentation, data upload, and lead processing. You’re also able to personalise email journeys, push notifications through a funnel.

Segment and grow your audience.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will be able to integrate third-party data sources such as DMP that will directly connect to CRM. Through this, you will be able to get a comprehensive view of the customer at each stage.

Make customer interactions exceptional.

Customers now expect interaction at every single moment. Through every single channel like Email Studio, Social Studio, and Mobile Studio, you can distribute and align content that is personalised to your company.

Operate with complete ease.

Utilise every part of Marketing Cloud to its full potential. Leverage and build templates, streamline messaging, and through mobile apps, you will be able to produce and execute cross-channel campaigns.

Our Services Regarding Marketing Cloud

At Gravitai, we offer a range of services around Marketing Cloud from implementing the Salesforce applications to supporting you with the software when it comes to you wanting to get the best out of it.

Marketing Cloud

Looking to Implement Marketing Cloud after just buying it? We can help you and your business to start using Interaction Studio.

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Implementation Services

Dedicated Support

Hourly Implementation Rates

Aftercare Support Options & Services

Flexible Packages Available

Marketing Cloud

Already implemented Marketing Cloud but need support in building campaigns, tracking users, and building up your business?

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Dedicated Support Services

Consultants & Specialists on Demand

Hourly Support Rates

A Range of Support Options Available

Flexible Packages Available

Marketing Cloud
Training & Upskilling

Want to upskill your team when it comes to Marketing Cloud. Gravitai can help your team to be compliant with Marketing Cloud.

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Team Upskilling

Team & Indervidual Training

Competitive Hourly Rates

A Range of Training Options Available

Flexible Packages Available


B2C Journey Management

Marketing Cloud
Power & Define Customer 1-to-1 Relationships

Harness all of that customer data from any source such as attributes, browsing behaviour, or purchase history to build and make every interaction count. Adjust and market based on your customer’s behaviour.

Marketing Cloud
Align Your Messaging Across Every Channel

Layout customer journeys and communicate seamlessly across email, SMS, push notifications, ads, and landing pages. Unite marketing, commerce, and service to make sure your customers are being engaged.

Marketing Cloud
Adapt to the Needs and Wants of Customers

Set and maintain clever automated journey logic for customer engagement and decisions. Random journey splits and delivers complex or simple journeys to take action on changing industry trends.

Audience Studio

Marketing Cloud
Source Data to Make Relevant Experiences

Capture all of your consumer data to segment your audience more precisely and accurately. Reach out to your customers no matter where they are and activate your data to inform your strategy at every touchpoint.

Marketing Cloud
Identify New Audiences all Through Data

Gain important insights and drive those results to understand customer journeys. Time those journeys to perfection and analyse billions of data signals across all customer attributes and actions to target new audiences.

Marketing Cloud
Leverage the Most Trusted Data Sources

Identity and locate reliable data sources to discover proprietary new audiences that will allow you to leverage peer-to-peer data sharing. Apply algorithms and let AI uncover segments to those audiences.

Email Marketing

Marketing Cloud
Create Segments Based on Profile Data

Using intelligence, you will be able to automate everything and become more efficient. Reach your ideal audience and target them with your ideal content across all of your business email channels to directly target them.

Marketing Cloud
Produce Sophistacted Engaging Messages

With responsive design, you will be able to target and reach any customer while building your messages with customisable templates. Deliver dynamic messages that engage and attract customers.

Marketing Cloud
Send 10 Messages Or 10 Million, Your Choice

Automate each email journey and produce them with confidence to increase your team’s efficiency. Build 1-to-1 customer relationships and fine-tune as you go to measure business performance and engagement.

Mobile Studio

Marketing Cloud
Build & Distribute Targeted Messages

Send captivating SMS and MMS messages through custom templates. You will be able to build and complete user profiles by capturing preferences, behaviours and attributes during messaging. Start messaging now.

Marketing Cloud
Send Messages Based on Customer Preferences

Target your audience and trigger sends so that they reach the audience at the right moment. Automate those triggers and mobile marketing, so you don miss a potential opportunity to track and analyse performance.

Marketing Cloud
Unite Channels with Location-Based Technology

Promote your brand to your nearest and local customers. You will be able to deliver constructed messages deep with rich content. Using Bluetooth, you will be able to draw attention to specific offers at all times.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Cloud
Analyse Key Conversations From any Source

Gather crucial market intelligence across marketing, sales and service campaigns. Create topic profiles and watch for fresh topics and trends from customisable dashboards, so your marketing activities are relevant.

Marketing Cloud
Respond & Manage Your Business Community

Manage engagement on an alarming scale. You will be able to streamline your process and get a view of every single customer across social media, email and other digital channels to manage customers securely.

Marketing Cloud
Create and Approve Content for Social Media

Social media is everything in this day and age. Manage content across internal teams so that you can collaborate on campaigns. Your be able to analyse your performance and grow your audience accordingly.

Digital Advertising

Marketing Cloud
Drive Your Google & Facebook Advertising

Activate your data across the Marketing Cloud platforms, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to help and shape your advertising. You will be able to protect your customer data as it always stays in a safe environment.

Marketing Cloud
Integrate Advertising with Your Marketing

Find new customers with lookalikes as you will be able to align email and advertising campaigns. Re-engage those inactive subscribers to reconnect with those that are no longer engaging with your organisation.

Marketing Cloud
Drive-Up Powerful Lead Generation

Connect directly with Pardot and Sales Cloud to enhance your acquisition and nurture strategy that will coordinate your advertising with lead scoring, email nurture campaigns and your sales teams.

Interaction Studio

Marketing Cloud
Deliver Key-Value to Each Consumer

Use decisioning to ensure relevant interactions are being orchestrated contextually towards consumers and customers desires. Prioritise the best experiences and control campaigns on a large scale across channels.

Marketing Cloud
Synchronise Engagement with Consumers

Guide consumers across your owned channels to put them on the most appropriate path, triggering interactions as they go along. Ensure that your message is consistent and is engaging at every stage.

Marketing Cloud
Increase Adoption and ROI with Solutions

Trigger events and communicate with real-time tracking across marketing, sales and service: drive-up your adoption and quick focus on tracking events on every system using click driven instrumentation.

B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing Cloud
Start Speeding up the Sales Cycle Right Now

Close more deals with intelligent lead nurturing and automatically send emails, perform marketing tasks and user interactions. Use Data to personalise customer experiences and targeted promotions.

Marketing Cloud
Fill Your Sales Funnel with Quality Leads

Drive engagement with landing pages and forms as well as delivering email marketing with confidence that will put you above any competitor. You can also attract interest in webinars and events across marketing.

Marketing Cloud
Understand Your Customers Actions

Understand how the impact of marketing is changing your revenue as you will be able to explore your data and track your deals with lifecycle reporting. Act on your insights and make data-driven decisions.


Marketing Cloud
See Growth & Results from Investments

Drive ROI and growth with cross-channel analytics and insights across all of your email, social, sales and service platforms. Your be able to optimise leads, conversion and pipeline growth with reporting.

Marketing Cloud
Market with Complete Ease & Scope

Utilise the world’s biggest marketing-focused API library to integrate your data. AI, automation and marketing expertise to put you in the driving seat when it comes to your marketing data and how to use it.

Marketing Cloud
Get Deep Insights From all Your Data

Study and capitalise on your insights and see what is working and what is falling under the mark. Automate modelling while looking at day-by-day recommendations to keep your KPIs performing everyday.

Read Up On FAQs From Salesforce Marketing Cloud

It can be sometimes hard to find a solution to each problem. Browse through our FAQs to see if you can find the answer to your question. Can’t find the solution? We are always on the end of an email of a phone call. Contact Us.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud acts as a customer relationship management platform, also known as CRM. The platform allows both clients and marketers to manage marketing relationships and campaigns to appeal to customers better. By integrating solutions into journeys that are planned and built sectors such as email, mobile, social media, personalisation, advertising, content production, and data analysis can be manipulated and exploited in the best way possible.

How can Gravitai Help with the Implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Gravitai is a registered partner of Salesforce. This means we have both the best resources and dedicated support to deal with your, Marketing Cloud concerns. We have over 100+ blue-chip organisation implementations ranging from a series of applications and situations that are related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

How will Salesforce Marketing Cloud Help my Company?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the ultimate tools when it comes to customer relationship management and getting ahead of your competition. Having the ability to see a 360-degree view of every single one of your customers gives you incredible power to market your services and products. You will be able to engage and interact with your customers and prospective customers. By having more intimate and connected relationships with your customers, you will understand them in a more profound light and know, more importantly, what they want.

I Keep Hearing About These "Journeys" What Exactly are They?

A journey usually refers to a process or series of events related to your current customers or prospective audience. It is a journey built by us to touch all actions and impressions from interactions with your customers. This ranges from visits to your website, interactions with your products and services such as purchases and actions across multiple platforms such as email and mobile. We can guide and push customers down a marketing path through a cross-channel process and marketing strategy to make sure your audiences combine with your products and services in the right ways. Make your journeys not only relevant to your customer base but also personalised and timely.

What Implementations Have Gravitai Completed?

We have built and produced over 100+ blue-chip implementations for a range of companies in multiple sectors. Some of the world’s largest companies have requested our services, such as Manchester United, United Nations & Maersk, to name but a few.

What Channels can Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed to apply to all applications and channels. You are not only about to target all your desired audiences through cross-channel platforms but also engage at the exact right time. Having the ability to strike through email, mobile, social, advertisements, and digital marketing streams gives you the ultimate leverage. You will be able to map out and plan the right actions for your customers during each stage based on both single events and audience behaviour and actions.

How do Gravitai Price Marketing Cloud?

Each journey and implementation is priced differently. This all depends on your needs and the companies individual needs. No matter your company’s size, big or small, we provide solutions to everyone covering all applications. Our Sales team will help you get started to tailor an implementation that is suitable for your needs. Download our Marketing Cloud Packaging Guide for more information on pricing and options available.

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