Have the ability to Social Listen and engage through an extremely powerful social media tool. Tackle and own channels of communication. Unite marketing to capture those sales and leads.

Like all of the other tools and platforms on Salesforce, Social Studio is very helpful and efficient. There are ways to get even more out of it for your teams though. In this post we thought we would dig a little deeper into the software, and see what it can offer when it is optimised.

So What Is It?

Social Studio is very much a ‘one stop’ solution for a brand that is aiming to develop and grow a presence on social media. It’s got a lot going for it due to the fact that it has plenty of potential if used correctly.

A screenshot from Saleforce’s Social Studio. Here you can see the functionality on offer from the application and how it can be used for you and your organisation.

The basic functionality lies in the ability to monitor the progress of social media campaigns. The platform looks at your work on social. Then monitors, identifies engagement, and even suggests post content going forward. It also has a ton of other elements. This include ad management, which isn’t available in other platforms of a similar type.

Basically, if your brand is on social, Social Studio helps to make all the work easier and more efficient.

Want to learn more about Social Studio? Take a look ‘here’

The Social Listening Thing

One of the biggest steps any brand can take with it’s social media is to move towards ‘social listening’. This is where a social media management team in the company can monitor mentions and comments etc. that involve the brand on social media. It’s impossible to do manually. However with a good platform, you can effectively keep an eye on all mentions and conversations about your brand and your industry.

However, even if social listening becomes part of a brand’s activities. It needs to move into the next stage if it is to prove truly useful.

Reports can be developed through Social Studio. These reports can be customised. They then fit the needs and concerns of various stakeholders in the company. Then, because the reports are bespoke and immediately useful for the stakeholders, they can help develop action.

This ability to develop custom reports for the various teams in a company allows for important, actionable data to be shared. For example. The team behind a certain product receives Social Studio data that tells them there is one feature in a product that is proving to be difficult to access. The team then gets to work to make patches (in software for example) or an update that addresses the problem.

By generating reports using Social Studio. Reports that dive deep into a department and the products associated with it, a company can use the intelligence found on social to improve products and services.

The beauty of Social Studio is the ability to tailor reports. The vast amount of information on social is easily digested and then made usable by teams.

Topic Profiles

Anyone who uses Social Studio knows what Topic Profiles do. They allow you to choose a large number of keywords to create profiles around topics a team wants to monitor and engage with.

This helps with social listening. It also allows for other things to happen. The use of keywords in content can be monitored. For example. Knowing which keywords are creating the best conversations helps to build campaigns.

For a team that is active on social, having well-built topic profiles allows them to be engaged in conversations that are important to the brand, and the customers.

Using topic profiles in this way ensures that a team is never locked out of important conversations. These in turn, makes their conversations on social more relevant.


Here, users can pull up conversations and posts that are key to the brand. Assign them to other teams and people to follow up. The beauty of Engage is that ability to identify posts and threads that are great, and all in real time.

Analyse Dashboards

This is the key aspect, the final ‘top down’ view. Everyone needs to be aware of this. The analyse dashboards feature allows you to see key social data over time. This is important because you can see how the posts you are creating are doing in the long-term.

However, one of the key areas here is sentiment. Knowing just what users think of your posts and how they engage is vital. You can always be one step ahead of trends. Carry out firefighting (for poor performing posts) and even identify the keywords making you pop to your leads.

Social Studio is great for monitoring, social listening, and producing great useful reports for the stakeholders in your organisation. Social media is fluid and quick. More importantly Social Studio helps you to keep on top of it all.

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