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Email campaigns

Every company uses emails; it's a given in today's age. We can help adopt success around driving engaging emails and customer journeys while using data on large scales from any source available in Salesforce Email Studio.

Together in Salesforce Email Studio, we can start to build up campaigns and processes to ensure that you are utilising the correct functionality and features in Email Studio.

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Use tools within Salesforce Email Studio and their drag-and-drop segmentation to reach your ideal and targeted audience while promoting and personalising emails directly. Have the ultimate power over emails with Gravitai and Salesforce Email Studio.

Targeting your ideal audience

Messaging is always relevant, and that comes down to targeting the right audience. Filter through millions of results and customers to get instant metrics to target.

Automate an efficient email strategy

Via Email Studio, schedule personalised communications and messages, customer data, reports, data imports and campaigns so you can focus on creating great content.

Engaging templates

Design is everything when it comes to email. They need to be visually pleasing, conform to responsive design, and be dynamic across devices. Ensure your emails are optimised for both mobile and desktop to increase your reach. 

Using blocks, you will be able to customise templates quickly and populate email designs at a rapid rate. With Gravitai at the helm, we can ensure best practices. 

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Email Studio & Einstein

Via both Email Studio and Einstein, you will be able to recommend unique content that targets and identifies highly engaged customers, increasing conversions. 

Use first-party data across channels

Push segments via your DMPs to utilise profile data across the landing pages, customer behaviour, target marketing and subscribers across all your company channels.

Trusted for Salesforce Email Studio by organisations and companies globally

Within Salesforce Marketing Cloud projects, we have provided expertise for Email Studio since its release. We are building templates, campaigns and content for companies and organisations globally across various industries.

Schroders Personal Wealth

Wealth & asset Management

Dedicated support 

Our consultants and developers have dealt with the most complex templates and emails. 

 500  +

Emails built and distributed for our stellar clientele.

Adding value to assets with Schroders Personal Wealth and Salesforce Email Studio

Schroders Personal Wealth decided to add value to their ever-growing personnel, focusing on investing in your future, children and retirement while taking the first steps on the journey towards securing your dreams. Together we have upskilled and drilled in a Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation while providing support with Email Studio. 

Email marketing

By scheduling your emails, you reduce the heavy workload and brand the way you desire by your customer base. Building 1-to-1 relationships with your customers are vital to maintaining those relationships over a long period. 

Set and run A/B tests regarding detailed reports to really determine what's working and what is not with campaigns and email journeys to keep your business on track. 

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Salesforce Email Studio Pricing Structure

We offer a competitive pricing model. Each campaign takes a certain amount of bricks to complete depending on the complexity of the campaign. The more bricks you purchase, the cheaper the brick becomes.

£ 925 /per brick

  • Implementation services
  • Dedicated support 
  • Hourly implementation rates
  • Aftercare support options 
  • Flexible packages available

£ 925 /per brick

  • Dedicated support services
  • Consultants on demand
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Range of support options
  • Flexible packages available

£ 925 /per brick

  • Team upskilling
  • Team & individual training
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Range of training options
  • Flexible packages available

Salesforce Email Studio offers a range of functionality when it comes to features, journeys and pathways. Via Gravitai, we can ensure the very best journeys to be built. 

Build lists in Email Studio

Set different attributes to your subscribers using built lists to represent a collection of subscribers while providing simple audience segmentation within a given list.

Store key data via structured groups

Build and handle filtered groups by profile attributes, measures and conditions. Fancy simplicity? These groups can be renamed, moved and refreshed.

Manage subscriber data

Via managing data correctly, create customer segments and send targeted emails to inspire great engagement and enforce long-term loyalty among your customers.

Create personalised & targeted content

Start providing real value to subscribers via the platform drag-and-drop functions, templates, and reusable content blocks to populate campaigns and distribute quickly.

Take charge of deliverability

Keep appearing in spam folders? Let's change that. It could have massive harm to your business and affect click-through rates, bounce rates, and email opens.

Enforce deliverability best practices

Improve email deliverability via enforcing best practices across emails. Manage unsubscribed, subject lines, data captured, and transactions are flowing correctly.

Test your emails before the final send

Testing your emails is vital. We can't stress that enough. Use tools like A/B testing to target a small subset audience and track higher open rates and click-through variables.

Adapt your campaigns with data

Thanks to Einstein AI, Email Studio has become one of the most data-enriched platforms available. Take advantage of AI and data to act on adaptations to your emails.

Capture data for improvements

Capture how many emails have been forwarded and how many new subscribers you have with Email Studio so you can adapt ahead of time and improve.

Real-time performance via workspace

Email Studio provides a tracking workspace where you, as the owner, will be able to check on the performance of all your emails to compare high-level metrics and campaigns.

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