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One of the main goals in marketing is to reach the right customers and clients at the right time. Customers are likely to interact with companies that reach out to them with personal based techniques. Introducing Salesforce Interaction Studio, aimed at providing real-time consumer experiences. The #1 app when it comes to keeping a close eye on customers. Let us show you the pros right away.

In June 2018, Salesforce introduced and announced Interaction Studio, a powerful addition to Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud big toolkit. Interaction Studio allows you to visualise, track and engage at the right time. Make sure your customers see you and make the next step in communication. Salesforce Interaction Studio has an extremely sophisticated engine that you will use to ensure the relevant interactions are being made in every step of a journey or campaign. This is what makes Interaction Studio such a crucial tool when it comes to building up and connecting with audiences.

Frequency capping and business rules can also be used to ensure that each interaction and journey is relevant to each customer. The best way to use Interaction Studio is to tailor interactions with customers and prospects. This increases loyalty, engagement and conversions across your business. According to Salesforce Research, less than 25% of marketers are delighted with their ability to deliver the right message, in the right channel, at the right time. The same research finds the more than half of the consumers surveyed say personalised engagement based on past interactions is significant to winning their business.

In today’s blog, we take a look at Interaction Studio as an application. As well as learning how you can start implementing personalisation into your everyday business with it in mind. We aim to put you on the next steps to make sure that you are connected to every single customer.

So What Are The Benefits Of Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Is there a need for Salesforce Marketing Cloud in you’re business? Let’s take a look at how you can use the app and how we can help you use it right away on a more important matter.

Interaction Studio, which comes under the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tree, is a core component of the 360-degree view that Salesforce provides. What are the pros, however? Let’s take a look.

– A good knowledge about the customer: It does become possible to then connect data from all different sources and devices with this platform, to obtain a single unified vision of the customer. You will also, be able to capture and activate first, second, and third-party data within the app.

– Customisation with artificial intelligence: Marketing Cloud allows the mix of data with the Einstein tool so that interactions can be organised and planned with the help of AI. Therefore, the platform enables customised communication and chit chat with customers, based on their relationship and history with the company.

– Create interest across the journey: The Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform builds up attention and awareness during the whole process (a two-way engagement in real-time), which provides insights to offer every customer the best action for them going forward.

– Impact analysis: Marketing Cloud performs all customer journey measurements through different channels and devices, using AI and the digital tool Google Analytics 360.

Are Customers Typically Loyal?

Let’s explore if customers are actually loyal to brands, companies or organisations. You might be shocked by what we found out, so let’s take a look!

The challenge and task is clear and difficult. Typically based on data consumers, clients or customers depending on what sector you are in are more loyal to experiences and interactions that you make compared to the actual brand or organisation. According to a recent study, 52% of B2C customers stated that they would actually switch brands if they felt they were not getting a personalised experience that catered towards them. 52% of people, thats a lot of customers, more than half of your customer base. You need to make sure that you are putting a focus on those customers. We forget that customers are humans. You have to consider and think, passion, the evolution of the consumer, age, distractions and interests.

People always have different preferences, which we always need to bear in mind with personalisation. Just because groups of people work in the same city, industry, or age and gender group, it doesn’t always mean that they will like the same things.

If you think about it, stronger loyalty to customers is always a good thing. They will most likely spend more, and you can offer certain benefits to those that do. It leaves the customer happy and you with higher profits and larger sales. It could also mean repeat sales. Some reports state that if you can get a customer to keep coming back to your brand, then that’s where the money is made. A report was taken last year, which focused on a US-based brand which worked with shopping carts. The repeat business cart was around $52.50 on average while new customer carts were $24.50 on average.

What Is 1-1 Personalisation?

Personalisation has gone beyond the realms of segmentation. Being personal is so important to make sure that you have your customers on side.

In recent years, personalisation has been the practice of tailoring your marketing or branding to a person’s preferences. This is based on knowledge or information that has been fetched from the person. By evolution over the years, this has changed as uniform experiences have been implemented to ensure that each interaction is a personalised one.

1-1 personalisation takes the advances in technology including things like artificial intelligence (AI). This is to present bespoke individuals with the content or offers and experiences. These are uniquely relevant to a certain person whenever they are interacting with your company, for example, a welcome email that says “Hey Joe, thanks for signing up with Gravitai” and so forth. According to a recent survey, customers now expect this type of personalisation which puts companies in a tricky situation if they don’t do it. According to a recent study, more than 84% of people like being treated like a person compared to a number. Who knew? In all seriousness, you can benefit from personalisation massively through real-time personalisation, managing your customer interactions, relationships, increasing loyalty, conversion rates and driving up more organic business.

So What Is Salesforce Interaction Studio?

Let’s take a look at the application itself. While to might be a little hard at first to use, we can teach you how to get a handle on it.

Salesforce released Interaction Studio last year after acquiring evergage to fill the gaps and increase personalisation. The application was introduced into its Marketing Cloud suite and looked to become the go-to application for personalisation to help users visualise, track and visualise real-time consumer experiences.

Interaction Studio reacts to consumers’ real-time behaviour as they interact with a brand’s own channels, including online through sources of email, social media, and mobile. Companies today are held back by using multiple siloed channels and solutions for personalisation which Interaction Studio offers this all in one hub. You will be able to expand on cross-channel experiences that are provided with Marketing Cloud and Journey Builder.

Interaction Points In Interaction Studio

Start measuring & capturing user activities. Data is such a powerful tool that you can start to use right now if done right.

Interaction Studio givers every user or visitor to your website a TID that tracks every consumer activity and customer in real-time. Interaction Studio will be able to establish the path of a given user based on touchpoints that are created. Touchpoints are things such as your mobile or your website for example. With these touchpoints in mind, you have specific places within these pages that provide interaction with the user in question.

– Activity capture points: these are touchpoints within the page that capture activity that the user has completed, such as a click or a scroll to capture the said user’s activity. It is about what the user is doing in terms of actions or behaviour. Don’t forget that these can be set up anywhere, social media, web, or email.

Real-Time Management In Interaction Studio

Offering the next best offers for consumers. Take charge and make sure that you are using RTIM in your company to get the best out of real-time actions.

Real-time interaction management is also known as RTIM is an essential tool for marketers to allow for companies to increase their chances when it comes to capturing insights and increasing personalisation marketing techniques across their brand.

Customers, as established now, want more and more personalised experiences. Companies need to adapt and make sure that this is being achieved. Marketers and companies alike can coordinate interactions across all of their channels for flawlessly connected interactions. Consumers and customers will be able to receive the next best offers in exact moments that are bespoke to them and personalised. Customer and consumer profiles achieved through data are no longer made up of just demographic and location-based data collected and recorded. RTIM can also help when it comes to offline and online touchpoints within Marketing Cloud and Interaction Studio. Data can be collected based on behaviour from customers as well as actions.

Salesforce and Interaction Studio allows for limitless opportunities when it comes to real-time management with consumers.

When it comes to consumer and customer profiles, it shouldn’t just be about what they have previously purchased or what they have searched for. That is far too one-demential, while with RTIM, you will be able to capture data across multiple channels that provide real-time relevant insights on each customer’s actions and interactions. The aim is to gain that data but put it to good use, you can make your customers feel special, and that helps you with a possible sale!

Use That Data

Take advantage of the customer data to plan and capture each customer. As we said, Data is power!

Use that data you have worked hard to collect and implement that next action that will help that conversion. For example, something like a CTA button or a personalised specific offer, content, and personalised message are good examples of how you can use RTIM to an advantage. Data is your best friend at the end of the day. Knowing when and how you can capture your customers is so powerful.

Keep your eye open, however. There are somethings that you need to consider. Each customer is different ultimately, and you need to try and capture that person based on their channel of choice. Different people like different channels of communication at the end of the day. Marketing is always evolving, meaning that you will always need to adapt and change your plan of action. You also need to consider that while people also change so do trends so you need to make sure that you are keeping up to date, so that you and your brand stay relevant.

Campaign Orchestration

Start getting the best out of the Interaction Studio engine. Plan and launch those campaigns today!

Using Interaction Studio’s clever engine you will be able to control campaigns on a large scale. For instance using features such as frequency capping and certain conditions to make sure that each journey, message or campaign is personalised and relevant to each customer. Based on a consumer or customers actions and behaviour you can guide them to certain products all through campaigns. In other words via channels such as web and email.

The key to making sure that your campaign or journey is good is to plan ahead. Think about it. If you have a journey that is only built so you can track where a user is going then what’s the point? You need to build up your journeys so they are not only packed with info at each stage but also aim to capture each lead that comes through those.

Lifecycle Insights

Use metrics and stats to your advantage with Interaction Studio. Have the upper hand on your customers.

With analytics and visualisations, you can understand trends based on engagement and actions that will improve marketing experiences to the next level. Marketers can also visualise how consumers have interacted with different touchpoints or channels, such as email or a commerce site. You will be able to gain insights into how consumers operate and move in terms of behaviour and actions. This can all be achieved through lifecycle stages. A really good way of keeping track of what your customers are doing and up to.

What Does Interaction Studio Offer Any Business?

Interaction Studio provides personalisation as you have never seen before. Really get to know customers and make sure that you capture them.

Interaction Studio is a 360 customer view in real-time that allows us to have cross-channel consumer insight. This allows you to view consumer activity in each channel and allows for many personalisation options. Interaction Studio allows you to monitor how individuals are progressing across touchpoints on all of your channels. You can easily monitor how individuals determine the eligibility, prioritisation, and validity of the content. You can then offer consumers the best interaction possible. Interaction Studio allows you to improve the consumer’s experience by emphasising special offers and messages. Pause irrelevant interactions and offer through suppression.

For example, if a customer clicks on a link from your website and then logs into the app, Salesforce Interaction Studio will update that individual’s engagement profile with that information. From there, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can continue to provide relevant and targeted promotions, discounts or other content.

What Can Interaction Studio Offer You With Metrics & Results?

Let’s take a look at how the app can transform your business, so you can take the next steps to be more than a brand to your customers.

Interaction Studio Covers The Personalisation Basics
– Try to increase marketing campaign performance to get the best conversion, metrics and close those deals or sales.
– Increase relevancy and personalisation, to make sure that the customer feels they are valued by you.
– Increase engagement with consumers and customers. Send them an update, people like to feel in the loop.
– Improve relationships with consumers and customers so that sales are increased even further than before.

Interaction Studio Features To Put Your Business On The Map Permanently
Increase conversions with campaigns, personalised content, next best actions and next best offers.
– Onboard customers with lifecycle insights and optimisation.
– Increase the first-call resolution and decrease average call-handling with self-service customer care.
– Retain more customers with renewals, relevant and timely campaigns, and targeted next best offers.
– Create brand advocates with loyalty programs, improved customer experiences and proactive customer service.
– Boost lifetime value with new tools to cross-sell and upsell.

Strong Tips For Building Your E-commerce Business Through Powerful Digital Marketing

Cloud-Based Engagement

Cloud-based engagement that works with all your existing systems. Use Marketing Cloud to close that deal.

Interaction Studio is a cloud-based engagement layer that works with and across your existing systems. It won’t replace existing technology, and you don’t need to manage any upgrades. Interaction Studio integrates with Journey Builder, Email Studio, or any other systems of engagement. Interaction Studio also allows for A/B testing algorithms and experiences delivered on the web, in-app or any other channel. This is to ensure optimal and statistically significant results. Maximise conversations, click-throughs, revenues, and more. You can recommend products and content for each customer by using Einstein, which can factor in the customer’s unique characteristics and preferences. Interaction Studio can track clicks, actions and non-click behavioural patterns like active time on page, scrolling, hovering and zooming plus adding the context of what each visitor is engaged with.

How Can Gravitai Help With Salesforce Interaction Studio?

Gravitai, a certified Salesforce partner is the best solution to any support or implementation with Interaction Studio.

Gravitai is a certified partner of both Salesforce and the recently acquired Evergage. Evergage has now turned into Salesforce Interaction Studio and is the perfect solution to achieving more personalisation with your customers. Take personal communications to the next level through a 1-to-1 basis to understand and get to grips with their every wants and needs. Gravitai is the perfect solution to your Salesforce Interaction Studio support and implementation.

To learn more about e-commerce and how Gravitai can help with both your shipping, business and communication with customers, visit our Interaction Studio hub to learn more about the next steps. We offer a range of services and options with the app.

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