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Gravitai is one of London’s most prestigious Marketing Cloud & CDP labs. Colliding together marketing leading strategy with unparalleled technical expertise, we provide intelligent automation for top organisations.

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Our integrated structure enables us to humanise automated marketing so that it connects with the main prime audiences that are unobtainable. Specialising in implementation, optimisation and management of Marketing Cloud and CDP programmes. Our reputation puts us amongst the best marketing automation agencies both here in the UK and Europe. As registered partners of Salesforce, Acquia (Mautic), Tealium, Exponea & Evergage we have a full arsenal of resources at hand to deal with any situation. We are constantly thriving to provide the best customer experience for you.

Vendor Agnostic Pioneers

While we have multiple partners and act as a vendor agnostic agency our implementations and dedication to each one does not change. We aim for consistency at a high level to produce the best results whatever the application or software maybe.

What can we offer as agnostic application vendors?


Delivery is key when it comes to journeys. Gravitai not only has the resources but has the knowledge to deliver each campaign efficiently.

Customer Focus

The customer always comes first. Focusing on you allows us to make each journey as personal as humanly possible.


As being vendor agnostic we are able to adapt to each situation and journey individually to make sure the right results are achieved.


Gravitai constantly strives to achieve the best results with the best practises out there. We are constantly adapting.

Predictive Content

Timely & Relevant

Predicting your leads at the right time.

We provide automated marketing solutions that deliver timely, relevant and personalised communications that will make you customers sit up and take action with the aim to make alien automation human once again.

Multichannel Campaigns

Communicational Channels

Effective communication across all platforms.

Commercial and transactional marketing campaigns spaced across all channels of Email, SMS, Web and Social on all platforms. Fully GDPR compliant communications no matter how complex the problem has become. We aim to fix and cater to your every Marketing Automation needs.

Lead Management

Sophisticated Journeys

Create meaningful journeys for all your customers and leads.

Nurture and qualify your prospects and leads along vastly sophisticated communication journeys, Spend more time with your customers who are interested, able or willing to buy. Give your subscribers the power to control the frequency preferences and channels of your communication.

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We pride ourselves in the dedicated support we can offer to every journey and campaign that is put into our hands. If you either have a current plan with us or are looking for information you can get in touch via our support.

Give us a call : +44 (0)123 380 1330

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Challenge yourself with careers at Gravitai.

Careers At Gravitai

Join a multi-purpose dedicated team, expand your knowledge. 

We are always looking for the next dedicated team memeber to add towards our fleet! We aim to provide the best results and commitment across all campaigns. Think you have what it takes to become an astronaut? Blast Off!

Check on our current vacancies at Gravitai.

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