It’s that time of year again. Like all holidays, Halloween offers plenty of opportunities to market and grow your brand. But it isn’t always clear on where to get started, and how. There are several ways you could market however email could be the best bet.

With email marketing, it is a lot simpler than you might think. As long as you keep a few principles and ideas in mind with your email marketing, you should find that Halloween is easy to plan and manage. Take a look at the following ideas to boost your chances of making the best of Halloween, from an email marketing perspective.

Take this email as an example. A great way to offer a discount and interact with your customers. Allows you to offer up a range of deals and prizes while also increasing sales in products and services.

Email marketing is a great way to publish yourself and organisation as a stable and business using all avenues. Should you be using Email Marketing. As a short answer, yes, you should. As another benefit, it can be the channel that could offer you the highest ROI currently out there. Email Marketing Is used by thousands of businesses across the globe. Here are 10 ways you could enhance your email campaigns at Halloween this year.


The first and most obvious way to offer something of value to customers is to start thinking about special giveaways you can offer for Halloween. This is the most effective and practical way to bring incentive for action, as well as to build upon customer loyalty.

This works best when a part of your service or product is something that can be offered as a free ‘add-on’. For example, a SAAS may give customers a temporary upgrade for free as part of the service. Or a retailer may offer a free accessory if a certain clothing item is purchased. Theme the giveaway according to the Halloween holiday, and it will be both fun and rewarding to customers.

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This is a key area and does bear plenty of consideration. Arguably, Halloween demands more sophisticated segmentation than Christmas does. It is an interesting time of year, and there are several layers attached to it as regards your audience.

For example, parents will have different product and service needs around Halloween compared to singles. For one segment, it will be all about preparing and managing children’s parties. The other segment will be thinking about going out to parties, dressing up and having a more grown uptime. So while you have parents with kids who want treats and games, a single adult will be focused on preparing for going out for a special Halloween theme party. These are elementary examples, but they illustrate how a brand will have to segment it’s marketing very carefully if it is to make the most of the Halloween season. Transfer that thinking to whatever it is you offer, and you can understand how Halloween segmentation of audiences may not be that simple.

3.The Subject Lines For Emails

This is where some brands do fall at Halloween. It is one of the few times of the year where jokes and puns are more than welcome. So break out the humour and consider carefully how you can make email subject lines ridiculously cheesy.

You have your audience’s permission on this. A subject line or two that is awful and cringe-worthy, but completely in the spirit of Halloween will win your audiences over and come across as warm and relatable. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a bit of fun with your subject lines.

4. Run A Flash Sale

This is a relatively new technique in email marketing, but it has immense power when it comes to conversions. A flash sale is something that you can keep running throughout the month; perhaps, ensuring that you gain more sales as well as build up customer loyalty. Flash sales are great for loyalty because your customers love a treat.

Obviously, keep it Halloween themed. You need to be able to make it fun as it runs for a short period of time. Break out whatever templates or artwork you have and ensure you create a fun Halloween flash sale. You will be pleasantly surprised at the ROI.

5. Email Design

This is perhaps a little obvious, but you would be surprised how many brands don’t know how to get this right.

Get spooked this Halloween with an edition of Feedback Friday from Email Monks on some spooky based emails that could do with a little help in scaring their customers in sales.

Take the time to build out email designs that use every aspect of your toolkit. You can have email templates that are spooky and fun, but it doesn’t stop there. Your subject lines can include Halloween emojis, and your emails can have lots of little touches to them, such as small graphical touches here and there (pumpkins anyone?) that really liven up the email and get customers in the mood.

6. Inspiration

If you’re going all out for Halloween and want to bring your customers something extraordinary, focus on something outside of your particular industry.

Sometimes everyone in your field will be doing the same thing. It is just the way it is—same ideas, same subject lines and so on. To differentiate your brand, consider looking further afield, at what companies in other industries are doing. This may seem a little strange, but if you work in travel, for example, take a look at a brand in retail. By doing this, it should spark a few ideas on how to make your Halloween work stand out in your industry. Inspiration may well grab you, and result in you having a different campaign to those of your competitors.

7. Oh, And Just In Case…

It’s important to remember that you don’t actually have to dive deep into Halloween as a brand unless it suits what you do. Many brands fall over backwards, trying to create elaborate Halloween campaigns when all they really should be doing is putting out a couple of subtle emails that bring attention to Halloween in a small way.

This is all about your audience. If your audience is perfect for Halloween, bring out the party atmosphere. If it isn’t quite right, dial it back a little.

And if it is completely ill-suited for Halloween, then just don’t get involved. Part of good marketing is knowing your audience. And you can stand out at Halloween by showing your respect for your audience.

8. Get The Copy Right

The copy in your emails has to be very carefully thought through before you send them out. It has to be well-written, fun and engaging.

Email copy is so important when it comes to getting the right message across. Make sure that you are writing to engage your audience further to maximise sales and profit.

People expect to see a different level of quality around holidays, and Halloween is no different. Brush up your copy skills, and make sure that your audience gets truly sparkling, engaging content that makes you look professional. It really matters.

9. But Don’t Write Too Much

Your audience will not appreciate it if your copy is too dense. Take the time to refine the (excellent) copy so that it is even more effective.

Cut out waffle, set up the offer quickly and concisely and then present the offer or call to action. A fun subject line should have pulled in your audience. When you have them, struck them with a piece of concise and compelling copy that does not waste their time.

In other words, have the copy edited so it is not too much to take in. Get to the point, entertain your readers, and then convert.

10. That Call To Action

It has to be the most visible thing on the page. Essentially, like all calls to action in email marketing, the more attractive and visible this one is, the better.

You have permission to make it cool too. There are hundreds of spooky fonts and styles you can use to make that call to action fit in the Halloween vibe, while also being extra visible. In other words, it’s a way to have fun with a CTA, as well as make it extra powerful.

If we were to offer any further advice here, it is always to bear your audience in mind. Know who they are and prepare appropriate messaging.

Oh, and have fun…

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