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Advertising in any business can be a hard nut to crack. Not to mention with a in-depth expert platform like Marketing Cloud Advertising as well. Looking to gather some essential support?

Companies On Average Will Spend 13% of Revenue On Marketing Efforts/Adverts


Best to ensure that you have all the best practices in mind before spending.

Optimising Salesforce Advertising For Sales

Let's be honest, advertising is all about sales. And Salesforce Advertising Campaigns all in is no different. Every penny is crucial.

Our Salesforce experts are on hand to assess your current org set up to ensure all your ads are bringing in the sales they should.

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Companies are seeing uncertain times due to reduced budgets and bigger targets to hit. Struggling with Advertising to your audience? 

Check for pain symptoms

Check out our 'Salesforce Pain Symptom Checker' to see if your business is at critical risk. 

Possible symptoms:

Legal complaints or fines, data breaches or security incidents, inaccurate or incomplete privacy policies, difficulty in obtaining customer consent, non-consensual personalisation for ads, lack of records or consent, ineffective age verification, non-compliant ad content, misleading ad claims, failure to comply with industry-specific regulations, third party data sharing or inadequate employee training?

Advised treatment:

Compliance is a super important topic when it comes to both consent across all activities you perform in advertising but also within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising. 

We often find customers struggling to obtain consent or dealing with the symptoms above across concerns with compliance.

Have you experienced any of the key symptoms relating to compliance? Find out further information, and book a FREE CONSULTATION with our expert team right away.

Possible symptoms:

Low opt-in rates, high unsubscribe rates, ineffective consent request mechanisms, struggle to deal with managing consent preferences, inadequate use of preference centres, consent across channels, limited personalisation options, seeking renewed consent, inconsistent ad relevance, limited use of dynamic advertising and unclear consent status.

Advised treatment:

You're putting all the hard work in when it comes to your killer advertising campaigns within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising and then all your customers unsubscribe. It can be painful. We know. 

Lucky for you, we are pretty much experts when it comes to preference centres and also ensuring that you keep on top of your customers with engagement. 

Enlist in a support retainer or bespoke training with Gravitai to ensure you're learning the right practices. Get help from our experts to take a look at your opt-in / unsubscribe rates.

Possible symptoms:

Slow campaign setup, limited use of advanced features, inefficient ad creation, struggles across target audience selection, inconsistent ad messaging, high error rates, key limited knowledge or reporting and analytics, adopting to new features, frequent need for critical technical support, inability to optimise campaigns, limited A/B testing, personalisation worries, reduced campaign scalability or resorting to manual processes?

Advised treatment:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising is no easy platform to understand. Our experts are experts for a reason. It can take years to master.

You don't have to go through it alone. There is a reason why we are one of the top partners for Salesforce in UK&I.

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to get in touch with a dedicated Salesforce Partner who can help you treat your training concerns or assist in setting you up on a scheduled plan.

Possible symptoms:

Low click-through rates, high bounce rates, inconsistent messaging, limited conversion rates, low engagement on social media, reduced customer loyalty, inefficient use of data for customers, high ad fatigue, ineffective cross-selling or up-selling, limited use of content which is dynamic, inadequate audience segmentation, difficulty in implementation offers of personalisation, lack of personalisation recommendations or struggles or inability when tracking personalised success metrics?

Advised treatment:

Personalisation is critical to any advertising. It can make or break your campaign.

We offer professional assistance in setting up  personalisation within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to identify the root cause of your difficulties and provide customised solutions.

Possible symptoms:

Low click-through rates, high bounce rate, inconsistent messaging, limited conversion rate, low engagement on social media, reduced customer loyalty, inefficient use of customer data, high ad fatigue, ineffective cross-selling or up-selling, limited use of dynamic content, inadequate audience segmentation, difficulty in implementing personalised offers, lack of personalised recommendations, limited personalisation for mobile or even the inability to track success for personalisation metrics in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising?

Advised treatment:

Personalisation in general can be a real problem if you are struggling to hit the mark across your whole Salesforce org. 

If you're struggling to find that balance, a deep dive consultation with our team can help you gain a second perspective on your personalisation strategies. It's critical in this day and age due to the critical growing complexities around Marketing Cloud, digital marketing, marketing automation and Salesforce marketing.

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 and learn more about optimising your personalisation efforts.

Possible symptoms:

Inaccurate targeting, low conversion rates, high bounce rates, inconsistent profiles across customers, limited personalisation, difficulty in segmentation, unreliable reporting, wasted advertising budget, negative customer experience, ineffective lookalike audiences, limited use of customer insights, mismatched ad content, difficulty in data integration, reduced repeat business or challenges in GDPR Compliance?

Advised treatment:

We can even remember the amount of companies we have seen with poor data. Not to mention the long term effects it has on your company or organisation and the harm it can cause. It causes disruption within your Salesforce org.

Contact us today to learn more about data cleansing and assessing the quality of data.

Possible symptoms:

Low click-through rates, high bounce rates, inconsistent messaging, limited conversion rates, wasted advertising budget, negative customer experience, difficulty in the audience around identification, unsuccessful lookalike audiences, challenges in ad relevance, limited personalisation, difficulty in niche marketing, inefficient use of customer insights, advert placement being mismatched or limited retargeting success. 

Advised treatment:

Every marketers dream is to know their audience or client inside out. Know their wants, the desires and how you can ultimately capture them.

Before diving into the complexities of Salesforce, take a very close look at your in-house processes to see if your team is equipped to handle the challenges. It's something that is often over looked around Marketing Cloud, Salesforce marketing, digital marketing and also marketing automation.

If not, partner with us to upskill your team and ensure they have the support of dedicated experts to diagnose and address any issues that arise with advertising segmentation.

Possible symptoms:

Stagnant performance metrics, missed opportunities, high cost-per-click (CPC), relevance being low across adverts, inefficient budget allocation, ad fatigue, inaccurate scheduling for ads, unresponsive to audience behaviour, failure to adjust ad formats, ineffective A/B testing, reduced ad visibility, lack of responsive creatives, negative impact on ROI, struggles to monitor competitor activity or inconsistent messaging?

Advised treatment:

Your customers demand security. Period.

Many symptoms as you can tell above effect this from the relevance of your adverts, to the failure to try and implement A/B testing. They can all have a negative impact.

Contact us today to book a FREE CONSULTATION and learn more about securing your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising instance, for real-time marketing not only now but for the future. Don't be the one to neglect it.

Possible symptoms:

Stagnant performance metrics, inconsistent ad performance, limited insights regarding customer preferences, uniformed ad copy decisions, wasted advertising budget, failure to identify optimal ad variations, low conversion rates, inadequate understanding regarding ad placement, missed opportunities for optimisation, lack of insights when mentioning campaign scaling, ineffective landing page optimisation, inconsistent engagement across audiences, limited adaptation to market changes, difficulty in identifying key metrics or the reduced ability to refine targeting.

Advised treatment:

​Testing and experimentation when it comes to advertising is critical. You need to adjust and tune to your audience and your ability not to do that could effect your campaigns.

Our team of experts can provide ongoing training and support to ensure that you and your team are equipped with the knowledge and resources to make the most of your SFMC instance. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve Salesforce success.

Possible symptoms:

Limited audience insights, inaccurate audience targeting, lack of personalisation, limited behavioural targeting, ineffective ad messaging, challenges in lookalike audiences, limited use of customer insights, difficulty in segmentation, inconsistent customer profiles, limited competitive analysis, inadequate performance tracking, inefficient budget allocation with your team, difficulty in data-driven decision making or ad attribution?

Advised treatment:

​For advertising, you need data. Otherwise your ads are going to miss the mark.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve success across key Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising data strategies. We can work together so you can obtain even more data, leaving you to market more and ultimately sell more.

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