Understanding Our Cookie Policy

Delving Deeper into Our Cookie Policy: Comprehensive Insights into Privacy Practices and Empowering You with Control Over Your Online Experience


                    ​Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. As you delve into this policy, you'll gain not only an understanding of how cookies operate but also insights into the measures we take to safeguard your personal information. 

                    Welcome to Gravitai, where transparency is ingrained. This Cookie Policy extends an invitation to unravel the workings of cookies, revealing their role in your online experience. Explore our commitment to transparency and user understanding.

                    This policy is a guide to understanding cookie utilisation, empowering you to make informed choices. Navigate the intricacies of your online journey with confidence, equipped with knowledge that puts you in control.

                    Delve into this policy for insights into our measures to safeguard your data. By exploring our practices, you gain an understanding of how we prioritise and protect your privacy on Gravitai.   

                    What Are Cookies?

                    Cookies are small text files stored on your device. They play a vital role in enhancing website functionality, providing a personalised user experience. Cookies enable us to tailor your journey, making interactions seamless and efficient.

                    They enable features such as remembering login details, language preferences, and shopping cart items. Without cookies, these personalised features would be impractical, impacting the overall user experience. .

                    They help us understand how you interact with our site, allowing us to optimise content, improve navigation, & tailor offerings to your preferences. Cookies are a fundamental element in creating a user-friendly environment.

                    Cookies allow us to tailor your interactions. Whether it's recognising you upon return visits or customising content based on your preferences, cookies play a crucial role in making your experience more seamless and enjoyable.

                    How We Use Cookies

                    Our use of cookies at Gravitai is designed to optimise your online experience. We leverage cookies for various purposes, including analysing website traffic, customising your interaction, and understanding user behaviour

                    They help us analyse website traffic patterns, identify popular pages, and enhance overall functionality. This information allows us to continually improve and refine our website to better serve your needs. .

                    They provide insights into how visitors navigate our site, allowing us to understand which pages are most visited and how users interact with different elements. This helps us make decisions to enhance your browsing experience. . 

                    Central to our commitment is the understanding of user behaviour. Cookies enable us to track your journey, adapt to evolving preferences, and ensure the content you encounter aligns with your interests. 

                    Types of Cookies We Use

                    At Gravitai, we deploy various types of cookies to enrich your browsing experience.  Essential cookies are indispensable for basic website functionality. They enable core features like page navigation, secure login, and transactions.

                    Analytical cookies are employed to gather insights into user behaviour. By collecting data on visits and interactions, we enhance our performance & usability. These cookies are instrumental in improving your overall experience. 

                    Functionality cookies contribute to a personalised experience. They remember your preferences, such as language settings, and enhance usability by tailoring content. These cookies empower you to navigate Gravitai with efficiency.

                    In collaboration with third-parties, we utilise third-party cookies. These cookies fall under the governance of the respective privacy policies of the service providers. They expand our services & enrich your experience on Gravitai.

                    Empowering you with control over your online experience is central to our values at Gravitai. Here's how you can actively manage your cookie preferences for a personalised and secure browsing experience on Gravitai.

                    You have the option to manage cookies through your browser settings, putting you in the driver's seat of your online privacy. Most browsers offer controls to block or delete cookies, allowing you to tailor your preferences.

                    It's crucial to understand that blocking essential cookies may impact the full functionality of our website. These cookies are the backbone of core features such as secure login, page navigation, and transactional processes. 

                    If you have questions or need assistance with your cookie preferences, feel free to contact us at hello@gravitai.com. We're here to address inquiries, provide guidance, and ensure your experience on Gravitai is informative and seamless.

                    Changes To This Policy

                    At Gravitai, transparency and communication are fundamental to our commitment to your online experience. Our Cookie Policy is a living document, evolving to meet the dynamic nature of technology and privacy considerations.

                    Our Cookie Policy is designed to evolve with the digital landscape. As technology advances and privacy expectations shift, our policy adapts to ensure that you are always aware & feel confident about your online interactions with Gravitai. 

                    We conduct periodic reviews of our Policy. These reviews help us align our practices with legal requirements. Your privacy is our priority, & these proactive measures reflect our dedication to provide a secure & transparent online environment. 

                    When changes are made to our Cookie Policy, we want you to be the first to know. Updates will be posted on this page. This ensures you have easy access to the latest information, allowing you to stay informed about our practices at all times.

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                    Your questions and concerns are important to us. If you need further clarification or have inquiries about our Cookie Policy, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us at hello@gravitai.com. We value your feedback!

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