Let’s take a Salesforce solution architect role as an example. Architects are big picture thinkers. They are also in-depth problem-solvers focused on providing the best solutions and journeys for all customers and clients.

If you are a company and you are looking to have a very good project or implementation of a Salesforce app then you will need an architect! Having one could be the change in a fail or pass for a project. You should already have one in mind to add to a growing team. Of course, the right people with the right skill are always needed. These traits can be easily seen with the right architects though. We will go through what makes an architect and why they are so vital to projects not failing.

Most companies that use Salesforce know that having a high-quality architect in their midst is a vital part of getting the best out of projects. However, it is needed to remember exactly what these highly-qualified people add. We thought we would take a look at how architects help to make a project a truly useful experience. Bringing value to the companies that use people with the certification.

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What Do They Do?

It’s easy to know a Salesforce Technical Architect. Simply because they tend to be the highest-paid people involved in a project. Meaning that they have the highest salary, usually in a team.

However, they have a really vast set of skills. Having these skills help to make a project a success.

An architect, put, helps to ‘remove the bugs’ in a project. That is a vast simplification. It does get to the heart of what they do. If something is wrong with a development project, they tend to be the people who remove the issue.

So all-encompassing and profound is their involvement in a project that it is often the case that if a project capsizes. The architect is the person who has to take responsibility for it. Meaning why an architect is paid highly and is often focused on preventing bugs and problems from occurring in the first place.

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Types Of Architects

While architects are super important the right credentials are needed to prove that you are hands-on with projects to get that right experience. Give your self that competitive edge.

Being an architect is more than a role or a credential….it is a mindset! In this session, you will learn about what habits should you follow to develop an Architect Mindset.

Application Architect – The Salesforce Application Architect has a perfect understanding of Salesforce features and functionality. Being for each application. There should be a focus on role hierarchy. Data models and the appropriate sharing of mechanisms should also be looked at.

B2C Commerce Architect – When referring to B2C Architects, they will have experience in designing global sites that support multiple brands and channels.

Heroku Architecture Designer – The Heroku Architecture Designer is for those Trailblazers that have knowledge and skills with scaling solutions. Deploying and managing applications and the workflow through the Heroku application through Salesforce should also be considered.

System Architect These breed of architect focus on off-platform systems and integration between securing systems. Based on managing the governance and testing capabilities. Both for deployment and on-going Salesforce modification requirements.

Technical Architect – The Technical Architect possesses broad and a vast amount of knowledge across all applications. Drawing across all their possible skill and experience. Making sure that high-level requirements are accomplished across technical solutions to make sure that the maximum potential is received.

So What Are These Architects Like?

All Salesforce certificated people, including the architects are truly valuable to an organisation. To sum up, the skills and experience they bring to a project, the following list illustrates their value best:

First up, they are leaders in the field they work in. A company will find that a Salesforce architect will have earned that certification in the field. They will have built up years of experience and will have spent some time being seen as experts and authorities in their area.

Perhaps the above goes without saying since they are filling a senior role, but architects do have the extra edge of certified experience in complex projects, and a leadership role within those projects. That counts for a lot.

Another critical aspect of an architect is communication. Dialogue skills that an architect has are considerable because they have been used (and will continue to be used) is hugely valuable conversations and discussions. Architects are expert at having teamwork together, through understanding how to bring separate team members together under the same umbrella cause.

For example, senior leaders and their ‘buy-in’ to projects rely heavily on an excellent architect to explain the value behind those projects. Without good communication skills, those senior leaders may not even be involved in projects, and indeed may not green-light them.

But then we get to one of the biggest reasons why architects are so valuable with any project.

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The Architect Journey

Becoming a Salesforce Architect requires dedication, experience and knowledge on all levels. Compromising of three tiers of certification that recognises the skill and level of each architect.

The Salesforce Architect Journey. From the specialisations that need to be achieved up to domain architect to achieve that ultimate technical architect title.

Designer Credentials – Validate knowledge and expertise in particular specialisations.

Application & System Certifications – These certifications confirm expertise and certain specialisations to make sure each architect is a valid example of knowledge and expertise.

The Salesforce Technical Architect (CTA) credential – At the top for certifications that can be achieved. A top certification for those architects that show all of the top skills, knowledge and insight to design and build the best technical solutions on the Salesforce platform and target the right audiences.

Organisation Skills

That’s right; architects have many organisational skills, which is, actually, there for that reason. One of the critical skills in an architect’s toolbox is the ability to plan projects fully, so much so that every step of a project may well be laid out in front of them before any work gets done. It’s deep-level thinking that makes architects so valuable. Their expertise allows them to think two steps ahead, seeing problems before they arise, and to plan ways to manage them or avoid them entirely.

However, this ties into the dialogue skills aspect very neatly too. Deep thinkers can also convey very effectively. Making them vital to any project, and very important when team members and senior executives get updates on a project.

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The Vital Need Of Content Marketing In Organisations

Content marketing is not a new thing. It has been around since a company uploaded the very first commercial blog post. Ever since then brands have found content to be a great way to entice in leads and customers.

Problem-solving is a big part of this. Be organised. It is what they bring to the table. When a client wants an incredibly complex project completed, a problem-free job is much more enjoyable than one where snags come up.

Alongside the above skills and abilities, an architect is always adaptable, an architect knows how to get their head around a new project, and it’s scope quickly. Not an easy skill to develop. You’ll find that the architect tends to show vast levels of adaptability. While also showing displaying skills and approaches more often than not. Leaving them to offer their ability to quickly pivot and manage a project.

Being A Natural Leader

Let’s get one thing right. Being a leader and being a manager are two distant things. You will need to take the lead on your own projects from start to finish. Put the focus on small projects to start and the work towards building up your portfolio you have led on and built up.

Communication Skills

The most vital skill you can have. Communication. A critical trait of an architect and a successful one at that! Having the ability to see and hear what your client wants is so crucial as you will need to relay ideas to your team to ensure that they are finished and with value. You’re also going to need to help resolve customer issues when they occur.

Passion For The Skill

Salesforce is always going to be a growing body and will continue to grow and grow. Having a passion for Salesforce apps and anything Salesforce is still going to come in handy. Make sure you are up to date with practices and have a passion for learning for apps. Make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

Having A Problem Solving Mindset!

We have talked about having logistic skills, but to be an architect, you need to have those vital problem-solving skills that make you distinct at what you do. Every project matters, big or small. You’re going to have to have the talent to solve issues and at a moments notice as well. Your skill here is where you will section you apart from yourself from others doing the same role.

Be Adaptable

As you act on more and more projects, your ability to both learn and manage will increase and become key. You’re going to have to adapt to altered clients and projects. This means that you could be working in short periods with other teams and forces. You have to be fluid!

How Can Gravitai Help?

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