Trailhead is a learning platform open to all those interested in learning about Salesforce.

You can login with your own email if you don’t necessarily want to associate the account to your work email. You can also login via Linkedin, which allows for your progress to show up on your Linkedin account.

Once in, you can choose the platform you’re most interested in and go on Trails, which are themed courses. You can see how many points they will add to your score, and how long they take to complete. You can also favourite them with a heart (❤️).

If you read the short documentation and complete the tests correctly, you accumulate points and badges.

If you acquire enough points and badges you ascend in the Ranks:

You can also create your own trails, and even create a MyTrailhead for your business, to adapt the content to the learning needs of your team.

You can use Trailhead not just for training, but also to refresh your memory, update your knowledge and maintain your certifications!

If you need help setting up your Trailhead, let us know!