Developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Einstein acts as Salesforce’s AI product. Einstein was produced to give customers and sales greater insight and depth into prospects.

Most companies know the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They know that it has something important to offer to their operations. The awareness is there.

In marketing, there is still plenty of confusion around AI. But it is there, and it is making things happen. Perhaps this is most notable in Salesforce, and in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The world’s smartest CRM. Saleforce’s Einstein allows for diverse communication and flexibility with all of Saleforce’s services on offer.

Salesforce Einstein is AI for CRM. Simply put, it is a set of technologies that are AI-driven, which help marketing get smarter, better informed and more focused on results. And the best thing is, it grows with the team. The more it knows about the work the team does, the more it adapts and improves.

How It Is Helping Businesses

Businesses are interested in the bottom line. If a business knows that something is increasing revenue, it will pursue that thing. Einstein in the Marketing Cloud helps with the customer journey.

Einstein uses the AI to help personalise a customer’s experience. It can read what a customer is doing over time and predict what appeals to them, and how that customer’s behaviour can be guided and supported. This results in customers receiving, over time as Einstein understands them better, a completely tailored experience. The marketing messages a customer will receive over time will be perfectly focused on what the customer wants to see and do. This builds relationships and makes the brand a reliable partner.

That’s where things get really exciting with Einstein. It does an amazing job of predicting customer behaviour and need. This means that it constantly refines the customer experience through the marketing messages that customer receives.

Let’s take a look at Einstein’s impact on the customer journey.

Predictive Scoring

Einstein uses machine learning, so it takes data that comes to it, and uses it to help marketers make decisions. This works in an incredibly fascinating way. Let’s take predictive scoring asan example. Einstein can take a look at customer behaviour and engagement and then make actual predictions around marketing activities.

This becomes incredibly valuable. Einstein helps by predicting whether or not a customer will open an email based on previous data and AI input. This instantly empowers marketers. Tweaking a message so that it has the highest chance of being opened can be a long and sometimes very costly process. The extra help Einstein brings (and, to be honest, the speed at which it does this) is phenomenal.

Predictive Audiences

This is where the real value comes in. Predictive scoring does a good job of making sure that teams can get to know their customers better, and also serve them better in the future. Predictive audiences takes it one step further, and ensures that teams can group customers with similar predicted behaviour into segments.

How does this help a business? It helps streamline marketing messages even further. It’s more efficient, giving whole groups of customers what they need all at the same time. And if behaviours are common within an audience segment, it’s much easier to build in engagement for the future. If I have a group of people who buy one thing every year at the same time, I can know exactly when to push for an up sell. That up sell will be much more effective because my segment has been built with machine learning.

A Major Source Of Support

Bigger than it first looks (Einstein covers all areas of Salesforce support, not just the marketing areas), Einstein brings true AI to business operations. However, with it’s predictive features, you have a system that allows marketers to literally take an informed decision on what a customer is likely to do next.

At it’s very least level of impact, it can help marketers produce messages that gain opens and engagement. At the best level, it allows teams to build segments of solid customer knowledge, and strengthen customer relationships for years to come.

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