In this day and age, trust means everything. You might at first have trouble adjusting to the new Salesforce trust site. Give it a chance. It’s worth it. Trust Status is critical, after all.

The Marketing Cloud site where we used to check the server status. It will soon be absorbed by the Salesforce Trust site, on April 4th, 2019.

Welcome to Salesforce Status! Have a look at how Salesforce is providing Trust Status services to all customers and leads.

The new Salesforce Trust site can already be browsed to get familiar with the new look and feel. The actual server however will have its status information migrated on the 4th April.

Salesforce Trust has been designed following feedback given by customers who demanded features like:

– System status history

– Forward-looking maintenance calendar

– Trust Notifications

Localized content

– Security and Compliance information

The new site will also separate Marketing Cloud databases into additional services, providing complete transparency into the status of specific Marketing Cloud services such as Marketing Cloud Login, Marketing Cloud Core Service, Marketing Cloud REST API, and Marketing Cloud SOAP API.

So update your bookmarks, and give feedback! That’s the best way Salesforce has to learn what the user experience is being. The new Trust site will have a Feedback option on the upper right corner, or you can also post on the Official Salesforce Infrastructure group in the Trailblazer Community.

Also, if you aren’t subscribed yet, sign up for Trust Notifications to learn more about them. Trust Status is key. Want to read more about Salesforce? Have a look at our blog posts ‘How Can I Prep For My Salesforce Certifications’ & ‘Getting The Best Out Of Social studio’