There are a lot of ways in which companies and organizations market. Using personalization in your ideas could be the key to your success. Let’s have a look at these TOP TEN Personalisation TRICKS.

Like any software, from individual licenses to enterprise solutions, making it personal and bespoke can only ever be a good thing. And with a Cloud solution that can reach hundreds of thousands of prospects and customers. Personalization suddenly becomes one of the best ways to gain more ROI. If you make emails, for example, more personal to candidates, they’re much more likely to stick with you and eventually buy.

A screenshot from Salesforce’s Social Studio. Here you can see the functionality on offer from the application and how it can be used for you and your organization.

How It All Works

Probably the very simplest way in which we can understand personalized communications and experiences is the email experience. Everyone has too much email that comes through from companies and brands that are trying to sell them stuff. Tailoring emails so that they directly address and resonate with recipients makes perfect sense.

The general idea is simple. Using the data that a platform like Salesforce Cloud gathers as part of its regular operations, companies can create emails based around the lives and tastes of recipients. By doing this, the emails automatically feel less like some aggressive sales machine at work, and more like a helpful and pleasant conversation between the recipient and sender. The resulting ‘warming up’ of the recipient is how better relationships and better business outcomes happen.

So, for number one in our tips, we thought we would focus on the simplest way to start gathering data on your prospects.

Use Preferences

When a prospect subscribes to your newsletter, offer, or whatever you’re using, ask them to set some preferences as regards the delivery of information and the tone of the contact you have with them going forward. A great way to start the relationship, and it allows you to give the prospect of what they want. That is precisely how you build relationships and then loyalty.

Send Time

It is essential to give prospects and customers emails when they want them. Usually, this would take an enormous amount of time to organize. You would have to monitor emails and opens and then feed that into a data set. This would take time, and the resulting information would then have to be acted upon at precisely the right time.

That’s a headache for anyone.

Using Salesforce Cloud and it’s machine learning, once data about a prospect and their opens comes in, it can act immediately. This means that, as your database grows, you can trust the platform to send out emails at the optimal time. It’s another great way to personalize the experience, and it’s fully automated.

Know The Journey

Most sales come from the right insights, and Salesforce is positioned to give the most significant spread of customer data you could ever need.

Mostly, because Salesforce allows you to observe and assess all aspects of the customer journey, you can pull up a ton of information that should give you the conversational edge. Knowing the stage, they are at and being able to access info from earlier stages in the customer journey should automatically make each consecutive step on that journey more personal.

Twitter Functionality

If you know anything about Salesforce, you will see that it gives you a tremendous amount of control and monitoring on your Twitter account. Historically, people who have used Twitter for brands have found that it is impossible to track down and deal with any customer service issues that a user may post on that platform. Twitter functionality is a great top ten personalization tricks addition.

Twitter, being one of the most popular social media channels on the planet, is a fantastic way to engage with your customers and leads.

By using Salesforce to monitor mentions on Twitter and other possible engagement points, you can quickly jump into conversations about topics and ideas that give you valuable information as to what your customers care about.

Catch Those That Are Almost Getting Away

Another cool feature in the Salesforce Cloud arena is the ability to see a lack of engagement. This is where you have customers who have stopped interacting with your online real estate, and it’s been a while since they stopped.

It’s evident that if you don’t act soon, you may lose the customer. But what if you didn’t even know they had stopped?

Salesforce can alert you on the issue. This way, you get notifications from customers who could soon become long lost. And you have the chance to communicate with them. You are hopefully bringing them back. And because you care enough to notice, it boosts that personal touch.

A/B Testing

Another facet of providing a personalized customer experience is A/B testing. Here, you can run an email campaign or short series of emails, and you can monitor key metrics like open rates, conversions, and so on. That’s why A/B Testing makes it on to the top ten personalization tricks list.

However, a ‘level up’ from this happens when you start to look at both sides of the test. As we know, not everyone is the same, and using the data from the testing, you can work out who likes certain elements and who doesn’t.

If a recipient never opens your ‘funny’ emails and you discover this through A/B testing, don’t send ‘funny’ emails to them. If ten customers don’t convert even though you’re offering 20% off via an email conversion, you can work out whether this is because it was too small a discount or they simply don’t like sales pushed into their faces.

Survey Time

There is nothing like a good survey for being able to start a personalized journey for customers.

You can develop and send a survey via Survey Force, and this allows you to craft questions. This will enable you to make later interactions more meaningful for the customer. For example, asking a question like ‘what did you like about______’ means you can start fine-tuning customer experiences more efficiently.

Salesforce Identity

This is one of the neater aspects of Salesforce. Salesforce Identity allows for a unique and safe login experience for customers.

However, by doing this, it also allows for a lot of data to be collected. This again allows for plenty of tweaking and adapting to a customer’s experience online. There is a perfect chance that Identity isn’t being used effectively by your team right now. You might want to take a look. It can add to data and subsequent personalization of customer experience.

Want to learn more about Social Studio? Have a look at ‘here’ at the services Salesforce has to offer.


Although it was named after a scientist from way, way back, Einstein allows for incredibly efficient voice control through and across the Salesforce Cloud. Einstein is a brilliant addition to the top ten personalization tricks.

However, what’s most remarkable about Hey Einstein is that it allows teams across a company to use features through voice quickly. And what that all boils down to is the ability to turbocharge the customer experience, so that commands and questions are handled quicker and more efficiently.

When it comes to marketing and sales, it doesn’t take long for teams to understand how Einstein makes data management and decision-making quicker. And that allows those same teams to start having a conversation with prospects and customers too.

The only problem is that this amazing technology. One that helps you to manage all aspects of marketing twice as fast is currently in Beta. But those who have used it have found it intuitive and lightning quick. That means that the conversation you want to jump in on via Twitter. For example, it will be accessible even faster.

That means super fast customer service, for one thing.

Stay In Touch With Personalisation

Our last trick involves ‘Stay In Touch.’ The feature that allows you to send a summary of customer data to the actual customer. They can then edit or amend those details online, which gives them control and then feedback to you. It’s a neat personalization trick because it puts the power in the hands of the user.

So there are just 10 of the ways you can make the customer experience more personal. There are a ton more. Which just goes to show how the platform is committed to nurturing customer relationships. Graze over the top ten personalization tricks and see how many you can use.

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