The future of marketing automation is building and building. Marketing Automation is not going away any time soon. It’s only getting bigger.

Everyone wants to stay on top of trends, marketing tactics, and the latest technology. This is so they can convince customers that they’re on top of their game. And, keeping up with the latest trends keeps your company fresh and relevant, and makes your competitors work even harder to keep up. So, when it comes to marketing automation, what’s ahead for the next few years? What should you expect to look out for and prepare for when thinking about your brand’s goals for the future? Let’s take a look at our best guesses for what’s down the road for marketing automation.

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Being Personal Is The Future Of Marketing Automation

Hands down, this is the most straightforward prediction we’ll make. The more personal, more unique content that’s tailored to the user’s specific experience, and more ways to connect with the buyer so that they feel like you know them better than their own families. More likely than not, you can use your current marketing automation systems to create a tailored experience for your customers. In the future, you’ll probably be able to tailor their knowledge down to the click. You are making sure that your website, social media, and email campaigns are relevant to their every need. The systems are going to get better and better at personalizing experiences for customers over the next year, as the technology improves and as systems learn that marketing is a personal experience that should feel like you’re just speaking, one-on-one, with your buyer.

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Fewer Forms!

Every customer’s dream is not to fill out any more forms on a website just to get to what they want. But, as you know, those forms are how you capture their information and keep track of who’s getting to that step on your site, and what steps they’re taking next. We predict that systems will find more and more ways to lessen the number of forms that take up the
time and patience of customers.

AI is going to have a big hand in how marketing automation systems continue to progress and develop over the coming years. Predictive modeling has the potential to unlock the behaviors and motives. This relates to your customers, and AI can only make those systems better. Imagine the ability to predict which of your website visitors will make a purchase, and which won’t. Imagine if you didn’t waste an email campaign on someone who is never going to revisit your site—especially anyone who happened to be there by accident. Predictive modeling will be able to help make sure that your campaigns are well spent on those who are likely to become loyal customers, or even just one-time customers, and less on those who aren’t ever going to put a penny your way.