Now deep into 2020, the days have gone celebrating the new year. Put down them champagne bottles as regulations for the new year are already coming into play, and you should be aware of them!

This year has a bucketload of exciting stuff coming up in the world of digital marketing, so much so that we could spend time creating ten posts for you on the subject of the year ahead. But we don’t have that kind of time. Take a look at these regulations for the new year!

Instead, we will focus on just a few aspects of the year that we think are important, and one, in particular, that is important.

Let’s start with that one…


The 1st of January this year saw the implementation of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). It’s a big deal for marketers.

It adds an extra level of protection for customers and clients in California. It won’t come into effect until July, but it might be worth getting ready now if you have customers in that state as a regulation for the new year.

Businesses have to fit a set of criteria in order to be affected by the new regulations (namely have over $25 million in annual revenue and receive 50,000 items of info annually) and consumers can request:

  • What businesses know about them
  • How they intend to use any customer info
  • Who else a business may have given info to
  • A full deletion of their info from the files a business has

Like the GDPR, none of this means that taking user info is wrong or illegal, but taking it without permission is if that makes sense.

It’s a big deal because it’s a set of rules that is very detailed. And the regulations are also seemingly open to updates. In other words, know the rules as soon as possible, or start to see customer info begin to dwindle.

Personalised Marketing

We see 2020 having lots of changes, but perhaps one of the biggest is the move towards personalized marketing. Sure, you’ve been marketing on a personalized level for a while now, but it’s going to become more critical as the year progresses.

Want to read more on personalization? Take a look at a couple of our installments on Salesforce ‘Personalisation Through Marketing’ or ‘Hello %%FirstName%%: Why Personalisation Matters’

With chatbots being everywhere, and marketing becoming perhaps a little less ‘authentic’ than we would like it to be, we must make our marketing touchpoints more personal.

To get a feel for how this should be, check out Amazon next time you make a purchase there. You’ll see an experience that genuinely makes you feel like you’re famous, and that the company knows who you are and what you like. If you want to start with the basics, aim for email marketing that is less frequent and as close to ‘handwritten’ as possible.

Video, Or Else

You aren’t on top of digital marketing if you aren’t mastering video. But it’s about to get a whole lot more dangerous.

Video marketing is perhaps the one ‘must-have’ strategy in your digital toolbox. In fact (and please try not to get too panicky about the next point), video is guaranteed to drive more than 50% of organic search results this year. It was at 50% in 2018.

The solution? Get video into your marketing approach. Or else.

Marketing Influencers

This train is not stopping. Influencer marketing may well peak in 2020. That is a real possibility. Whatever happens, it does mean that this trend will bring in even more money and engagement for brands for months to come.

What some brands are finding out, though, is that Influencers don’t have to cost thousands. The rise of ‘micro-influencers,’ with smaller followings that are more engaged, means that every brand can have a shot at it. Expect 2020 to have more ‘authentic,’ more minor Influencer work going on as a critical regulation for the new year that could take effect.

Voice Search

Suppose you didn’t already know this. Voice search is significant. This year, with more and more take-up of Alexa, Siri, and everyone else, it’s only going to get bigger.

107 Million adults in the U.S. used voice assistants on a regular basis in 2018. (source)

This is no big deal if you can ensure that your voice search is built into your offering. Make it easy for customers to find what you offer when they use voice search. Generally, make critical aspects of your online offering more conversational when it comes to search. As a massive regulation for the new year, stay in touch with improving or upcoming technology that could be hitting the markets.

Want to read more on Alexa? Take a look at our blog post here ‘Alexa, Read My Emails’

A big Year

It will be. Make sure that you watch that pesky data compliance if you sell in California. And take heed of the trends we’ve outlined here. It could mean the difference between a great 2020 and a so-so year. Take these regulations for the new year into account!