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10 Ways To Standout This Halloween With Email Marketing
It's that time of year again. Like all holidays, Halloween offers plenty of opportunities to market and grow your brand. But it isn't always clear on where to get started, and how. There are several ways you could market however... Read More
When Is The Right Time To Send Marketing Emails?
Email marketing is such a powerful tool. It allows brands and companies to connect with prospects and customers, build engagement and increase customer and client loyalty. So let's get right into it. When is the best time to send marketing... Read More
Introducing AMP For Engaging Emails
AMP for email is an alternative way for marketers to leverage the speed of the accelerated mobile pages framework. AMP email is far less constrained than your traditional forms of email. They are increasing further levels or productive engagement for... Read More
Alexa, READ My Emails
Last year, Amazon released the Alexa update that allows it to access and read your emails, through Gmail and initially, with more email clients expected to be added to the list soon.Just by saying "Alexa, read my emails", the... Read More
Deliverability Never Ends In .com
As email marketers, we strive to produce great content and work to build emails that drive brand awareness and engage our customers to entice them to interact with us. Emails that generate positive interaction and engagement can boost your Sender... Read More
Email Tips & Tricks
Personalisation is not just about throwing personal data here and there. It's more about showing the customer you are aware of their lifecycle, or in other words: showing the love.... Read More
Building Up Your Email Marketing Team
So, you need to send emails. Sounds easy, right? It is! If you have the right team, of course. But what is "the right team"? How many people does it take to send an email? Let's look at the basic roles... Read More
5 Email Marketing Questions
Over the years there are a few questions that keep popping up amongst email marketing users. After careful consideration, and without wanting to get into one of those endless lists, we have reduced to it to the most pressing five. Those... Read More
Email Accessibility And The Standards In Email Marketing
We live in a world where communication and the technology that surrounds it, isn't always readily available to everyone. For many people with impairments or disabilities, such as blindness or hearing loss, staying connected can be incredibly challenging.... Read More
Better Optimise Your Email Campaigns This Christmas!
If there is a time to capture your audience, it’s now! Thousands of companies decide to use digital marketing as a key strategy to market their products and services. However, what makes a holiday-themed newsletter or email campaign that little... Read More