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Driving Powerful AI To Be Equality Ethical
It's hard to deny that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a huge part to play in our daily lives. It runs a lot of what we do, and when it comes to marketing and the teams who run marketing campaigns, it... Read More
A Little Introduction To Automation Studio In Salesforce Marketing Cloud
With Automation studio, you can sell at a faster and smarter rate towards your customers and leads. The powerful toolkit is used to optimise your marketing funnel at every single stage of the journey and process. ... Read More
Investing In Data Management Platforms
Marketers and marketing teams don't have it easy. There is a lot of data available on prospects and customers. That means the data has to be organised, understood, and used in the right way. Without an organised system that collates,... Read More
How Duplicates In Marketing Cloud Affect Your Business
Your lists with all of your consumer data and information is one of the most valuable parts of your business. Without those lists, you couldn’t send out successful campaigns, keep track of your consumers in the market, and develop new... Read More
What Really Is Marketing Automation?
If your business has customers of any kind, or is trying to gain customers and increase revenue, then chances are you need a marketing automation tool of some kind. So, what is marketing automation, and why do you need it?... Read More
Email Tips & Tricks
Personalisation is not just about throwing personal data here and there. It's more about showing the customer you are aware of their lifecycle, or in other words: showing the love.... Read More
Salesforce’s Growth Over The Last Decade
Salesforce has always been a very impressive company. A strong cycle of Admins, Developers and Consultants has driven them to become the best in the cloud sector but how have they developed over the last decade?... Read More
CDPs & DMPs: Demystifying Data Management For Marketers
Data solutions. THE number one form of technology being implemented into companies. Companies, implementing this technology, experience a further 30% growth. With data driven marketing strategies, they are 6 times more likely to be profitable than competitors in their industry.... Read More
How Can B2B Companies Learn More From B2C Experiences
B2C companies have become exceptional at using sophisticated data sources and DMPs (Data management platforms) to sell their services and products to customers alike. B2B has become stale relying on old marketing techniques such as cold calls and email follow-ups... Read More