Email marketing strategy can be the base point for every single successful campaign. In order to bring something to life so it can thrive, planning and strategising on what to do next can be all more than helpful.

Coming up with the right email marketing strategy falls under your overall marketing strategy and therefore should be synchronised with it.

We can all agree email is the most effective channel, but how do we harness all that power? How to align the possibilities it offers?


In order to bring your ideas to life, you need to first come up with the strategy, divide it into tactics and spread those into actions.

Email is the best channel to start a marketing campaign because:

  • You can reach every customer and partner up with other brands to have even further reach.
  • It’s really easy to start – but start small, don’t walk before you run!
  • It’s scalable: takes the same effort to send 1 email or 1 million emails.
  • You can personalise, target and segment right from the data source
  • The risk and cost are so low they make the ROI soar

Make sure you align your marketing strategy with your data and keep all the stakeholders in the conversation. Can Content keep up with the offers created by Marketing?

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New and Improved

If you are already an expert in email marketing and have been sending for a while, you can try renovating your strategy with this easy steps:

  • Offers: send different discounts, urgent offers with a real-time countdown or offer exclusivity with a pre-sale access or a special coupon.
  • Visual: refresh the look of your font, your CTA, the layout.
  • Themes: align the visuals with your product lines, your campaigns or even the season!
  • Content: have you tried video email? How about sending a blog post preview or a quiz? Innovate with your content strategy and keep track of what your customers are clicking into.
  • Email: make sure you send different types, such as informative newsletters, sales-oriented or emails that speak to the customer (Birthday Campaigns are a great example) or about your own brand (Anniversary Campaigns).

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