Let’s get cracking with today’s blog on SQL or also know as (Structured Query Language). SQL today is the standard referring to querying data in relational databases, but what relation does it have to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

SQL is one of those things that you will come across very quickly in IT. It is also something that has a huge role to play in marketing. We thought we would take a look at SQL and understand what it does and why it is so incredibly vital in today’s marketing landscape.

Here we can see an example of SQL queries. This knowledge can also be applied to other similar languages such as SOQL but we will touch on that later on.

So what is SQL?

It isn’t that complicated, but at the same time, it isn’t incredibly simple either. If we look at it from the point of a business that uses data, we can understand it’s importance while also being able to grasp the basic concepts around SQL. A company like Twitter, for example, has data on millions of users. To handle that kind of data requires a particular database, one that is huge and constantly changing. To access that database and all of the continually changing information inside of it, Twitter could use SQL. SQL is a programming language that allows these vast repositories of data to be communicated with, managed and used effectively.

Looking at the term itself, ‘SQL’ stands for ‘structured query language’. This is the programming language that allows quick management of vast amounts of data.

A Key Programming Language

SQL as a programming language is relatively new when compared to other languages like Python and Java. However, it has quickly become an indispensable part of database use. For example, Facebook has vast databases and uses the data it holds continuously. It couldn’t do this without the support of SQL. For as long as the information is used on a large scale, from social media users to email marketing lists, SQL helps to make the job a lot easier than it could be.

Web apps and mobile apps may be programmed in various languages, but databases are not configured to understand these particular languages. Instead, using SQL helps a company to operate data on massive levels. SQL becomes quite complicated as the amounts of data increase. Still, SQL manages this with a wide variety of commands that enable all aspects to be addressed, from tables to the columns inside them. This ease of use shows how Facebook, for example, can manage data on user preferences, location and other essential information so easily and quickly.

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How This Works In Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud being such a vast and varied entity, SQL fits in neatly with its core functions. The whole thing revolves around queries.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a user can employ the SQL Query Activity to find and retrieve a range of information. This information includes a whole host of aspects of the Marketing Cloud. Remember that the Marketing Cloud makes use of an extensive database, and you should see then the potential of SQL Query work.

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Queries using SQL can cover several areas, all of them vital to the implementation of high-quality marketing campaigns.

The opens of emails in the last 30 days. This is an absolute essential when running an email campaign, and allows you to dig deep into the success of the emails you have delivered. Data such as this has a direct impact on the direction of such a campaign.

Equally as important is the ability to find subscribers with no clicks or opens. Again, this is a decisive action, able to cover the activity (or lack of movement) of thousands of email recipients.

The good news is that these kinds of queries can all be set up to be automated through Automation Studio. This way, that vast wealth of information is managed automatically, making campaigns richer.

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SQL Is Here To Stay

SQL isn’t going away. We hope this post gave you an insight into how SQL drives much of what a high-quality marketing automation platform does as well as helping you to understand how a mastery of SQL and Query creation can add multiple layers of sophistication to your marketing efforts.

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