Salesforce has become one of the essential pieces of software for any Digital Marketer! With new tools and applications being built into the software every day, have you got the right skills to stand out from the crowd?

It’s hard to think about a world without Salesforce. As a one-stop solution, it quickly helps teams to manage complex sales environments. So easy that it sometimes seems intuitive rather than contrived. However, even the best pieces of software and SAAS products have one or two key features that make them perfect.

Salesforce has become pioneers in the Digital Age through software and applications. These include Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales Cloud, Interaction Studio, Audience Studio, Social Studio, Commerce Cloud and Advertising Studio!

We think they are the essential Salesforce elements, and we think they look like this…

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Using Email Notifications

This is something that makes sense to a sales professional. A right level of efficiency and focus around email notifications will lead to a better overall experience. Sales team members will find out what is happening quickly, as will all other people involved in the Salesforce experience in a brand.

However, that doesn’t emphasise enough the absolute importance of having high-quality and efficient notifications. The sheer speed at which marketing needs to pass on to sales as regards lead means that emails are popping up at precisely the right moment makes perfect sense.

Optimise your notifications process, and watch how it makes things happen. Just one thing you can do to improve your Salesforce Toolkit.


A brilliant skill to have is Apex or Apex Toolkit. This is a set of methods and classes that use a collection of the DocuSign eSignature API functionality. Allowing you, in addition, to integrate Salesforce and DocuSign into your Apex code that has been created.

A great tool to utilise within your systems as workflows and processes that have been created can be customised and automated. This compliments the functionality opposed by Apex Toolkit!

This applies to every person working in a company, but particularly the marketing team.

Marketing lives and breathes on analytics, and the data presented in is essential as regards decision-making. What’s more, it’s all there in Salesforce, so you’re not rooting around for the information. The analytics here allow all key stakeholders to make quick decisions based on accurate results. As a data analytics tool, it’s one of the best we have seen.

Salesforce Live Message

Yep, this one is a definite essential. With the rise of mobile messaging and the need for clients to stay connected to your brand, live messaging facilities are very important.

Live Message allows you to fine-tune your customer service delivery. It makes it personalised and super-effective because it will enable for that immediate contact that makes the client feel listened to. And the whole thing can be completely individual, tied into the message client your customer uses. Another thing you can do to improve your Salesforce Toolkit.

Social Studio

If you’ve ever posted anything on social media, you’ll know that the whole process has to be seamless. If your social media experience as a customer isn’t ‘joined-up’, you experience a disconnect and a feeling that you’re far away from the company.

The beauty of Social Studio is that it allows a brand to create, manage and approve new content for social media platforms. Subsequently, this is so carefully woven into the marketing process; it’s almost scary. You can create and publish all in one place because you’re using a Salesforce product. It allows you to focus on your essential branding messages while moving at lightning speed. Social Studio is a brilliant tool to add towards your Salesforce Toolkit!

Use Social Media Data For Individuals

In summary, we’ve discussed the great stuff Salesforce lets you do with social media; hence one of the most important features is the ability to view social media profiles within the dashboard. This is where real marketing and selling takes place. Being able to focus on the profile of a prospect in such incredible detail (and we mean incredible) allows you to connect.

So there we go. The above areas are the essential parts of the Salesforce Toolkit. This will allow you to personalise contact, and stay on top of your game at all times.

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