Personalise interactions with rich client profiles centred on personal goals and pivotal life events. Go deeper relationships by staying in touch with proactive tracking and event alerts that remind you to reach out when clients need you most. Learn about Financial Services Cloud right now!

There are many different aspects to Salesforce, and it is often the case that companies can gain a lot from it apart from the marketing and sales aspects.

First Thing Is First. What Is It?

Financial Services Cloud is an instrumental part of Salesforce, and it can be used by any organisation that has an interest in servicing clients as regards money management. Used to its full potential, the Financial Services Cloud allows for a complete understanding of assets and options and helps to make client relationships more positive.

A screenshot from Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud, showing the features and channels that can be used with the application.

The beauty of the Financial Services Cloud is that it combines a CRM with comprehensive, powerful wealth management tools. If your organisation offers clients support and guidance with any aspect of wealth management, this set of tools is invaluable.

As a company that offers client support, the pairing of CRM work with wealth management means that Financial Services Cloud also facilitates sales opportunities and networking.

However, with this particular platform, the CRM focuses on giving you in-depth client information, cutting down lag time usually spent trying to gain a fuller picture of client goals and history. The CRM takes that part of the process out of your hands and develops a rich profile for each client.

So, by taking the CRM approach to wealth management and financial advice, the Financial Services Cloud helps you to be more productive.

So How Do We Make It Happen?

Your first step is to get a few concepts in place for your team. Initially, you’ll have to make sure your team is comfortable working with Lightning because the Financial Services Cloud was one of the very first apps built for Lightning. If your organisation are a little hazy on how to get the best out of Lightning, now would be an excellent time to get moving.

You will also have to make sure that the Financial Services Cloud meets your company and client needs. This means preparing for it, and working out which (if any) customisations you need to implement before launch.

Consider looking at your client base and assessing their needs. It may be the case that you need a ‘set up and go’ version of Financial Services Cloud, or you may need one that has the most significant capability. Thankfully, the platform is very adaptable. But you will need to know what you have to have in place to deliver.

What Do We Get?

There is a lot inside this particular box. If we take a look at some of the basic stuff you get as standard, it should become clear that the customisable solution is something to get excited about.

Financial goal tracking is fundamental to any wealth management system. Within the Financial Services Cloud, you get easy to use options to allow for smooth, client-led goal tracking. The CRM underneath it all joins all the dots for you, so you can offer a comprehensive goal tracking service that will build trust and strengthen client relationships.

Take a deep look into Salesforce’s release of Financial Services Cloud. Watch this video to find out how the Salesforce Customer Success Platform is helping our financial services customers meet the needs of a new global market landscape. You can also find the application here

Life Event Tracking is also included, again as a way to accurately gauge how to help your client on a more active level. Significant events such as marriage and births are easily implemented into your work with a client, so you can offer personalised advice that resonates. This shows the power of the CRM that is at the core of the Financial Services Cloud offering.

Then we come to the Einstein bot integration. Making for a very effective way to boost and improve decision making. The Einstein system allows the platform to learn about clients and their needs and suggests actions based on that knowledge. It also takes into account the other information it gains from the CRM software. So mostly, you learn with better decision-making, and at a faster speed.

Alongside all of this fantastic functionality, you also have Chatter. Which allows for quicker and more effective communications within the team. Chatter is still very much under-used by some companies that run Salesforce. That is a shame because it offers an incredibly quick communication option.

You also get all of the functionality you expect from Salesforce including workflow automation, task management and full email integration.

So How Does It Benefit Us?

One of the most significant and most essential features of the Financial Services Cloud is the Client Profile. As you would expect from Salesforce, a lot of valuable information is here. More importantly, all of that information is instantly accessible. From financial statements to tear-sheets.

This vast amount of information in one place ensures that you can work with clients more effectively. Being able to offer advice and support at any time.

Across 100+ metrics, 40+ dashboards and 20+ datasets Financial Services Cloud will be able to cover all your needs, journeys and channels.

You can do this anywhere too. No longer is it the case that financial services need to be location-based. The mobile app is as accessible and as quick as the work on your desktop. And the cloud aspect means you won’t miss a beat when offering advice. Everything is there in front of you, no matter where you are.

Compliance is a necessary part of what you do. The Financial Services Cloud allows you to manage all aspects of agreement more effectively. Full and secure access to data and history allows for full compliance with lightning-fast information flow.

You can also use the Financial Services Cloud to secure more business. working with the platform, you can access a wider network, and have the tools to take advantage of such a network at your fingertips.

Getting To Grips With Financial Cloud

It’s vital, as we stated earlier, to ensure that teams know what they require from this platform. As well as being comfortable with Lightning. These two elements are crucial if any transition from another solution is to take place. It is also vital that teams are comfortable using a CRM solution in the cloud.

Play with it. Make sure that you get the system you need before you start working with clients (it may need adding to with other Financial Services and CRM components). If you should find that Financial Services Cloud has everything you and your team needs.

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