Offering a Marketing Automation Solution, Pardot offers a solution to the needs of B2B companies. Ensure that you will always be on the tip of the iceberg of marketing technology with Pardot.

Sales and marketing are two distinct areas of a company that need to work together. Because if they don’t work together it can be, at best, a disorganised mess that causes problems further on down the line. At worst, a lack of synergy can mean immediate impact on your bottom line. So in addition what questions should you ask yourself when handling Pardot and the application?

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An example of Pardot’s application

Talk to any sales department for long enough. Above all Unless they’ve been on top of things, pretty soon the grumbling will begin. Because a sales team can be as proactive as they want to be, but if they aren’t talking to marketing, opportunities will be missed.

Follow up on Sales

Sales needs to follow upon nurtured leads created by marketing. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. If a marketing team spends months nurturing and preparing a highly engaged lead, it needs solid follow up.

With the Pardot dashboard, this is easy. A sales team simply looks at campaigns generated and maintained by marketing, the details of which are on the dashboard. Sales can look at engagement. Simply identify the prospects that have engaged strongly with campaigns delivered by marketing. The dashboard brings a wealth of information too, in addition sales knows the nature of the engagement however this has a clear idea of the potential the engagement can bring. Because the dashboard chronicles all engagements and highlights the interactions and the stage of the buyer’s journey a prospect is on. It’s easy for sales to pick up a prospect and move towards finalising a sale. A brilliant tactic you can implement using Pardot sales dashboard.

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Now we have got the Pardot basics down, do you reckon you could handle these 5 Questions on Pardot? Test yourself. Tackle the 5 Questions on Pardot below.

Calling all Pardot users!

If you're using one of Pardot's features, the Engagement Studio, how much do you actually know?

Test your knowledge by taking on these 5 taxing, quick fire questions focusing on the engagement program and prospects within the Pardot Engagement Studio.

No pressure, there's no time limit... but, it doesn't mean you're not being timed!

If the Engagement Program is paused for 6 days and a prospect has begun the first day of a 5 day wait step, what happens to that prospect when the program is unpaused?
How many Engagement Programs can run simultaneously?

Once an Engagement Program is running, Prospects can not be added to it.

What happens when a prospect is removed and then re-added to the Engagement Program?
How do you save Engagement Studio changes you have made?

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