Salesforce to make changes towards US and CA partners and traffic

If you own or have access to a United States and/or Canada SMS Short Code, you probably received a notification to explain that Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be moving their US and CA 3rd party SMS aggregation services from a legacy SMS aggregator partner to their current Tier 1 aggregator partner.

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What is an SMS aggregator?

Salesforce is supported by a select group of aggregators globally which allow their customers to deliver SMS campaigns to their pre-determined contacts. An SMS aggregator acts as the technical bridge between the Salesforce messaging platform, MobileConnect, and the carrier networks around the world.

In order to send a message to a customer you need to have connection to each of the mobile carriers in the country/market you are messaging.

In any market there can be a myriad of carriers and trying to set up and manage a platform integration for each is not a scalable option. That job is left to the aggregator that works to abstract Salesforce from this technical complexity. The aggregator also provides the commercial terms of service for A2P SMS traffic – SMS rates, code lease, set up fees, etc. – as well as consulting and local market expertise.

Each aggregator partner has been selected based on their technical strengths, regional support and preferable commercial terms. This arrangement allows Salesforce Marketing Cloud to focus on its core competences which is to provide world class cross-channel marketing solutions that make its customers successful.

What is changing?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be implementing SMS routing changes to most of the US and CA SMS traffic that is facilitated through the current Aggregator partner. The migration of traffic will be performed over the next 90 days in a phased approach. As it phases out delivery with the legacy partner, US and CA Carriers will recognise their new aggregator partner as the delivering party.

What does this change mean for you?

There will be no visible and effective disruption. The migration will be seamless and overlap across partners, across carriers and therefore incurring no downtime.

What action do I need to take?

None really. The backend 3rd party change broadly will take care of itself.

When will this change occur?

SMS Codes will be curated in batches and submitted to carriers for request of migration. The project will resume in Q1 and is proposed to end in late Q2.

In the coming weeks or months, Salesforce will follow up with a notification when your Short Code(s) are slotted for migration. This will occur 2 weeks before Salesforce submits requests migration of traffic to wireless carriers.

Why is Salesforce making this change?

Salesforce is focused on continually helping improve thru-put, speed to market (activation), partner costs and customer satisfaction. Partnering with a new Tier 1 Aggregator provides the following advantages:

– A more performant and stable SMS platform for future growth.
– Provided ability for Salesforce Approved Partners to acquire and activate codes directly with customers, giving Salesforce customers more flexibility and choice when needing to acquire and activate US and CA codes
– Ensured success for future roadmap products that scale multi-channel, journey messaging