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Mautic is the world’s only Open Marketing Platform. It allows companies to deploy full automated campaigns (Email, SMS, Web, etc through a powerful yet very friendly user interface with Mautic.

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 It’s incredibly easy to build nurture programmes, personalised content and execute A/B tests. It simplifies the processes of launching intelligent marketing content and everything can be done in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks. Mautic allows for the highest levels of productivity out there.

(These are some of the common questions that clients ask us when they reach out to us….)

Registered Mautic Partner

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How can Gravitai help with my implementation of Mautic and support me?

Gravitai is an authorised Mautic partner (one of the first, actually), we have a fully specialised team ready to help you to seamlessly implement Mautic and configure throughly.

Eccentric Elements

Determine your business with all of Mautic’s elements.


We can help you define elements within Mautic during the enablement phase to get the best out of Mautic.

We will work together with you to determine your business case for Mautic. Elements such as Goals, Audiences, Channels, Content as well as any other success criteria to be defined during the enablement phase.

Ionised Systems

We have the needed resources to achieve any journey.


How does Mautic work and do I need any training to use Mautic or learn how it operates?

Our developers can fully support you with any integrations you may require. whether you need to connect Mautic with some of your internal or external systems, we’ve got your back.

The Enablement Calls

As well as providing support in Mautic as a partner, we aim to get you and your team up to light speed in training and knowledge around Mautic. Have a look at our packages we offer for features within Mautic and training we can offer.

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Domain Setup



Custom Fields


Contacts & Companies




List Hygiene




Landing Pages

Dynamic Content







The Mautic Workflow

Build as you learn with Mautic’s open source platform.

During each onboarding session, you’ll learn about Mautic and develop skills to build pieces of your first campaign within Mautic. Your then be able to publish the mock launch and go live with the campaign before then going through a deep QA process.

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Mautic FAQs

We constantly get asked questions about Mautic on a daily basis. From detailed implementation questions to generalised questions such as ‘how can it help us?’, have a look at our FAQs below to see if you can find your answer.

Can’t find what your looking for? Visit our contact us page.

What is Mautic?

Mautic acts as an open marketing software platform allowing the user a high level of marketing activity and integration to manage audience intelligence giving you the upper hand to marketing. Have the ability to create personalised emails, bespoke creative landing pages and intelligence workflows to help and improve your customer experience and skill to market towards your audience! Mautic is aimed to save time, eliminate those complicated errors and marketing tasks. Mautic allows the clients to make the software bespoke to their own needs.

What are the key features to Mautic?

Mautic offers a range of features that aims to automise the journey of obtaining leads from capture tactics such as landing pages, forms, emails, text messages, web notifications and social media monitoring.


– Tracking Leads & Contacts

Have the ability to easily keep track of your contacts as they are displayed within the CRM. Perfecting the process of nurturing leads and prospective customers based on workflows of actions and triggers you have created in your campaigns gives you the ultimate edge against you competition in your sector.


– Journey Workflows

Automation within a campaign is critical to success. With Mautic you will be able to map and plan workflows that not only suit you but also your customers and leads to predict and guide them through a series of custom actions and triggers for your products and services.


– Social Media Control

Social Media should be at the fore front of every business or organisation in this new age. With Mautic you will be able to integrate all your social media platforms into the CRM with Mautic’s API functionality. With social networks you will be able to promote and brand both your products and services for both B2B & B2C companies and organisations.


– Landing Pages

Mautic comes with several pre-loaded landing pages at your disposal. With Mautic’s drag and drop feature the whole process of building landing pages becomes a thousand times easier. You will also be able to not only monitor statistics and traffic to your landing page by also implement downloadable assets for your prospective leads.

What is Acquia?

Acquia is Mautic’s parent company. After being acquired in May, 2019 Mautic has gone on to become one of the best open source Marketing Automation platforms currently on the market. Acquia is an open source digital experience company. Acquia believes in powering the community and giving the customers and clients the freedom and right to build on their own terms.


Together with Mautic, Acquia aims to provide an alternative too expensive, closed marketing clouds and platforms. Customers are now able to take the platform into their own hands and have a much better array of innovation, integrations and flexibility with what they are building.

What does Mautic offer in terms of Marketing Cloud?

Mautic allows for a fully operational and managed SaaS platform called Mautic Cloud. Customers and clients will never need to manage the maintenance of the software. This is all take care of. The benefit it Mautic Cloud is that premium features become accessible which are not accessible in the open source version. This includes features such as hosting which is optimised, performance enhancements and enterprise grade features.


Mautic also offers Maestro. Maestro is a marketing automation and management platform that allows customers on saving time by increasing efficiency by accessing all of their marketing campaigns in one single place. Mautic aims to offer the best practices across the entire board.

Who is Mautic aimed towards?

There are brilliant Marketing Cloud platforms out there however Mautic offers a different perspective to most. Those looking for a more less expensive more flexible tool have hit the jackpot. Mautic provides a much more affordable alternative to Marketing Cloud platforms such as Salesforce.

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