Originally being announced at Dreamforce in 2014, Journey Builder has been a massive product for Salesforce in the previous years. With each user being able to automate customer targeted actions with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a wealth of opportunities to make the marketing of your products and services a lot easier. However, some key features help the software to stand out from the crowd. Journey Builder is one of those features. It is an instrumental piece of equipment on your journey to understand customers.

Every marketer and sales expert knows what the ‘customer journey’ is. That set of stages a prospect goes through before finally being ready to purchase. It involves several steps. Also, a real focus on the touchpoints a candidate interacts with at each stage.

In other words, it’s complicated.

Enter Journey Builder. If a marketer were asked which part of the Cloud is most useful to them, they would most likely mention Journey Builder, only because it makes their work a lot easier and allows them to serve their future clients better.

Journey Builder allows for pinpoint accuracy when it comes to identifying where a customer is on the journey. But it also does a lot more.

How Journey Builder Works

The true beauty of it (and the real payoff for marketers) is the accuracy it brings to their understanding of the point their prospect is on. It does this by literally tracking the journey via the touchpoints the marketing team has established. Suppose they’re monitoring website visits and activity, which can be part of the Journey Builder. If they’re opening emails, this could lead to them being tracked by Journey Builder.

One key feature is, for example, the ability to track customer engagement with marketing elements in real-time. Meaning you can know quickly and comprehensively how a customer is interacting, and therefore make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

It’s only fair (and sensible) to deliver marketing touchpoints and messages to prospects at the right time, on a personal level as possible. Crucially the Journey Builder allows marketers to provide content that maters to opportunities in the way they want to see it. Add to this the kind of accuracy that helps you deliver content precisely when they want to see it, and you have a potent marketing ally.

You Get To See The Bigger Picture

Journey Builder also integrates perfectly with the other aspects of the Salesforce journey. This does a great job of ensuring that all parts of the Salesforce experience can be knitted together more effectively so that marketers save time and prospects get the fullest experience possible.

Right even if you haven’t spent 100 hours painstakingly learning all, there is to know about Salesforce (as some true Trailheads have). It very much plugs and plays, allowing you to jump right in and create value immediately.

Drag & Drop Perfection

Like much of the Salesforce suite, you can drag and drop marketing elements into a single journey. While doing this, the platform will be making decisions about what to deliver content-wise (using the assets you have) and will help build the journey.

Here you can see a screenshot from Saleforce’s Journey Builder, which displays the drag and drop movement described. As well as a small demo of how Journey Builder can be used for you and your organisation.

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It even allows you to take a prospect off the journey, again obeying parameters you have set up. It’s that kind of intricacy that will enable you to set up a customer journey. ‘only if’ they sign up to a newsletter, for example. Once they sign up, they are placed on the tour, and drip-fed emails at the right times in the journey, nurturing the prospect over time.

Because it’s automated, integrated, and also dynamic, you don’t lose leads by turning them off with spam. Or waste time and money chasing prospects that haven’t engaged much at all.

It’s a great piece of software. It offers maximum help to marketers out there.

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