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How can you’re customers benefit from Salesforce Interaction Studio?

Through personalisation, you can finally conquer what your customers want. Make engagement the focal point and deliver relevant real-time personalisation and interaction through deep AI and cross channel experiences. Interact with your customers at any point in a journey!

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Interaction Studio

Gravitai being a certified partner of both Salesforce and the recently acquired Evergage that has now turned into Salesforce Interaction Studio are the perfect solution to achieving more personalisation with your customers. Take personalisation to the next level through a 1-1 basis to understand their every wants and needs. Gravitai is the perfect solution to your Salesforce Interaction Studio support and implementation.

Interaction Studio

(These are some of the common questions that clients ask us when they reach out to us….)

Unified Statistics

Helping customers with their data one by one.

Behavioural Data

How can you help us capture data, statistics and results for each customer, lead or user that we come by. We find it hard to keep everything together.

We can help you capture in-depth behavioural data and synchronise external attributes whilst keeping everything in a single unified profile for every visitor, customer and account that you have to deal with.

Lead Engagement

Capture every lead and customer out there.


How can we capture our leads and customers movements? We want to be able to track their actions so we can gain a better insight on how to attract them.

Interaction Studio intelligently tracks clicks, actions and non-click behavioural patterns like active time on page, scrolling, hovering and zooming plus adding the context of what each visitor is engaged with (category, tags, price, etc.) That can be used to determine real interests and intent.

Interaction Studio
Interaction Studio

Effective Experience

Test and design each campaign right now.


How are we able to design and produce campaigns to test different experiences around our audience and leads?

Interaction Studio allows users to design their own personalisation campaigns, test different experiences using built-in A/B and multivariate testing techniques, and target specific audience segments.

Granula Communication

Improve your channels of communication.


How can we take our real-time data to improve our channels of communication to our clients and customers to get the best experience out there?

Monitor results in real-time to continually optimise both online and offline channels, as well as to improve the overall customer experience. We want you to be able to offer your customers the best experiences out there.

Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio Professional Services

At Gravitai, we offer a complete range of services to support our clients on every step of their Interaction Studio journey. Including (but not limited to) implementation, campaign deployment, integrations, managed services and training.

Interaction Studio


Gather rich customer insights by integrating your internal and external systems to maximise the value of using Interaction Studio.

Interaction Studio


Present each visitor with the ideal promotion, banner, offer or experience with the highest probability of further engagement.

Interaction Studio


Capitalise on in depth behavioural data to deliver contextually relevant and personalised emails at precisely the right time.

Interaction Studio

Unified Profiles

Access comprehensive insights on each person or company that interacts with your digital assets so you can gain vital data and information.

Interaction Studio


One to one customer recommendations designed, configured and managed by your internal marketing teams so you can act upon them.

Interaction Studio


Present surveys to collect specific data from prospects and customers, and then utilise responses to improve their experiences.

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Interaction Studio FAQs

We constantly get asked questions about Interaction Studio on a daily basis. From detailed implementation questions to generalised questions such as ‘how can it help us?’, have a look at our FAQs below to see if you can find your answer.

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What Is Interaction Studio? (Formerly Evergage)

Interaction Studio enhances the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, giving you more ammunition to tackle your audiences, customers and prospective leads. Expand with your real-time personalisation as you will be able to tailor interactions to increase loyalty, engagement and conversions through your company, business or organisation. Just think how many customers and leads you could close further with meeting them at the right point within a given marketing or sales journey towards your products or services. With a solid awareness of consumer interactions, your be able to deliver a streamlined experience with the ability to track customer behaviour and capture that Sale!

Evergage now Interaction Studio was firmly a CDP that has now been acquired with Salesforce’s customers in mind. Gravitai formerly a partner of Evergage and also a partner of Salesforce Interaction Studio has critical ties and the extensive knowledge in implementing and supporting the application further.

Solving Customer Issues with Interaction Studio, Can This Be Done?

With Interaction Studio in mind, you will no longer need to worry about batch data when you interact with customers, as you will have all the data you need. Your organisation or company will be able to customise interactions and behaviour to put them along the most appropriate path to your product or service.

Can Customer Service Scripts Be Scrapped?

With today’s consumers and clients wanting to do most of their research on their own accord, before contacting support, Interaction Studio can help in communication with brand delivering and personalised experiences to reach ours for support. Almost 70% of consumers want their experience to be managed and not them explaining to different support channels such as across email and phone.

Can In Store Activity Be Captured & Recorded?

The simple answer is yes! When it comes to digital activity it can be sometimes hard to see the full journey, twist turns that the buyer has been through. Interaction Studio allows for better insight and visibility into the buyer’s journey allowing the customer to have a less disjointed and incomplete experience.

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