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Interaction Studio

Use Real-Time Interactions to Build up Loyalty with your Customers in any Industry.

Value and engage with your customers on a daily basis, when it comes to Interaction Studio and getting the most out of your potential leads to sell more, engage more and interact more.

Interaction Studio

Get the Most Out of Interaction Studio Right Away.

We get it; you’re a busy bee, you want to get where you’re going right away. We have you covered. Please navigate through our information panels to find what you’re looking for when it comes to Interaction Studio.

Interaction Studio
Engage Customers with Interaction Studio

Make sure your customers know what they mean to you. Build your campaigns and listen to your customers to understand their needs and wants.

Interaction Studio
Our Interaction Studio Services & Support

We offer a range of packages regarding Interaction Studio from implementation to support we can help extensively at every single moment.

Interaction Studio
The Latest News on Interaction Studio

As Trailblazers ourselves, we love to keep up to date with the latest news and events. Visit our channels to stay up to date with the newest Interaction Studio news daily. From Blog posts to social media, we can keep you informed.

Interaction Studio
Key Personalisation with Interaction Studio

Personalise every customer’s experience with branded content that seamlessly adjusts to behaviour patterns and personas, all with Salesforce Interaction Studio.

Interaction Studio
Our Packages for Interaction Studio

We offer a range of packages and options when it comes to Interaction Studio. Options and specifications available. Refer to our packages guide to see the available options.

Interaction Studio
Read up on FAQs About Interaction Studio

We get that the answer might not be so simple. If you can’t find what you are looking for, have a peek at our FAQs to see what we get asked the most.

Interaction Studio
Increase Business ROI with Interaction Studio

Increase ROI through Interaction Studio as you will instantly drive up your sales and make sure every lead and customer is tracked individually.

Interaction Studio
Book An Audit with Interaction Studio

We get that grass is not always green. Sometimes it’s hard to get the best out of applications. Book An Audit so we can access your Interaction Studio model and see how it can be improved.

Interaction Studio
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At the end of the day, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us. We are always on the end of a phone call or email. Get in touch with us, and we can fix and support or implementation issues.


Ensure That you are Controlling Campaigns & Customers with Interaction Studio.

Your customers should understand their value to you. Make sure they are aware of how much you care with loyalty schemes, scaled campaigns and personalisation. Listen to your customers wants and needs and achieve results with Interaction Studio.

Marketing Cloud
Make sure that every interaction is relevant.

With Interaction Studio’s impressive engine, you can take real-time relevant experiences within a customers journey and give them experiences that are personalised to them. Close in on every sale.

Have the ultimate control over every campaign.

Make sure that every campaign aimed at your customers has a purpose. You will be able to prioritise particular messages, promotions, offers and implement a structure to ensure you are putting customers first.

Provide the best experiences every time.

With Gravitai’s support and planning, we can ensure that each message, journey and campaign is relevant to your customers. Make sure you are capturing every possible lead with Interaction Studio.

Listen to your customers directly.

Through real-time, you can listen to consumer, leads and customers across all of your channels to make sure that you are meeting every single need and want that should be delivered to your customers.

Make Sure That you are Engaging With Consumers on a Daily Basis with Interaction Studio & Gravitai.

Engaging with your customers is so important when it comes to owning your communication channels and making sure that your message is relevant throughout each journey, campaign and experience tailored to each customer.

Marketing Cloud
Own each of your communication channels.

You will be able to guide and orchestrate the lead, customer or consumer along with a series of paths and journeys through preferred channels, triggering interactions and communications when needed.

Go above and beyond for every single customer.

You will be able to make sure that the customer comes first every single time with Interaction Studio. Taking online interactions and connecting them to offline ones through channels such as call centres & store branches.

Make consistent interactions with consumers.

Ensure that each message or communication that is forged is relevant to each customer and personalised to them and only them. This allows for a more bespoke and personal experience when dealing with your brand.

Personalisation with Gravitai support.

Interaction Studio, combined with the implementation and support from Gravitai, can give you the ultimate experience of personalising each journey and campaign to each customer.

Get the Very Best ROI & Return On-Time to Make Sure that all of your Communication is Focused on Consumers & Customers.

ROI is one of the hardest things to achieve when it comes to sales and marketing. With Interaction Studio and the support of Gravitai, we have seen increases of over 60% when it comes to Interaction Studio and increasing conversions.

Marketing Cloud
Trigger events in real-time.

With Interaction Studio in the palm of your hands, you can trigger certain events and communication in real-time with marketing, sales and service teams to make sure that everything is inline and where it should be.

Relieve focus and pressure with adoption.

Interaction Studio makes your job as easy as possible for driving adoption and making sure that everything is taken care of. Trigger and plan when it comes to campaigns and journeys.

Our Services Regarding Interaction Studio.

At Gravitai, we offer a range of services around Interaction Studio from implementing the Salesforce application to supporting you with the application when it comes to you wanting to get the best out of it.

Interaction Studio

Looking to Implement Interaction Studio after just buying it? We can help you and your business to start using Interaction Studio.

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Implementation Services

Dedicated Support

Hourly Implementation Rates

Aftercare Support Options & Services

Flexible Packages Available

Interaction Studio

Already implemented Interaction Studio but need support in building campaigns, tracking users and building up your business?

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Dedicated Support Services

Consultants & Specialists on Demand

Hourly Support Rates

A Range of Support Options Available

Flexible Packages Available

Interaction Studio
Training & Upskilling

Want to upskill your team when it comes to Interaction Studio. Gravitai can help your team to be compliant with Interaction studio.

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Team Upskilling

Team & Indervidual Training

Competitive Hourly Rates

A Range of Training Options Available

Flexible Packages Available


Reporting And Analysis

Interaction Studio
Measure Benefits & Campaign Personalisation Investments

We can help you track and analyse the effectiveness of your current and future campaigns with Interaction Studio. Together we can see if your goals are being met and understand the impact of results.

Interaction Studio
Gain Insights from Dashboards & Reports

With Interaction Studio’s sophisticated and easy analytics, metrics and attribution reporting, we can help put the right information at the tip of your fingertips to get the best out of Interaction Studio.

Interaction Studio
Uncover the Right Opportunities & Issues

We can help you automatically monitor and visualise campaign performance and review thousands of metrics to deliver proactive suggestions that will directly benefit your business right away.

B2B Detect & Tracking

Interaction Studio
Enhance ABM & Experiences for High-Value Targets

By presenting the right content to your consumers and targets, you will improve account-based marketing through messaging, images and CTAs to critical prospects and leads for the best ROI.

Interaction Studio
Apply Rich Firmographic Data to Attributes

With Gravitai, we can help you determine vital organisational attributes such as company name, industry, location and technologies that use data to help deliver real-time relevant experiences for everyone.

Interaction Studio
Algorithmic Targeting & Dynamic Experiences

Using driven AI, make sure that you deliver the best content and promotions to consumers through campaigns and journeys. Learn about your customers, then take action to make sure that they are captured.

Behavioral Analytics

Interaction Studio
Understand Each & Every Consumer

With Gravitai’s help, we can capture and process in-depth behavioural and contextual data, combining them with additional cross-channel data to determine individual and personalised preferences.

Interaction Studio
Measure Intent Beyond Clicks & Consumer Actions

With Interaction Studio we can help you factor in active time spent, actual engagement, purchase and browsing history as well as many other data points to target consumers with better accuracy.

Interaction Studio
Deliver the Most Relevant Experiences

With Interaction Studio, we can help you factor idle time spent, actual engagement, purchase and browsing history, and many other data points to target consumers with better accuracy.

A/B Testing & 1-1 Personalisation

Interaction Studio
A/B Testing Across Every Channel

Together we can use A/B testing capabilities for experiences in web and mobile apps, inside emails, via call centre agents and even in person when it comes to launching A/B tests and results in Interaction Studio.

Interaction Studio
Optimise Each Experience with Personalisation

You will be able to view results in real-time to identify the best performing experiences and implement them using the same solution. Maximise your results with “targeted testing” for the best strategies.

Interaction Studio
Relevant Personal Recommendations Every Time

Take into account your consumers behaviour and preferences through their history across your channels to drive meaningful communication and relevance in your email campaigns and journeys.

Mobile SDK

Interaction Studio
Track Behaviours of iOS & Android Users

With Interaction Studio and the help of Gravitai your be able to determine their affinities and in intent in real-time all through iOS and Android app users to make sure their profiles are enriched every time.

Interaction Studio
Deliver Mobile App Personalisation Campaigns

Together we can send personalised push notifications and in-app messages and drive data campaigns to make sure that they are tailored to your users. Driving engagement is key to winning over your consumers.

Interaction Studio
Connect Cross-Channel Data with Interaction Studio

Together we can combine mobile app and cross-channel data so you can have insight and picture of each and every individual customer to fuel personalisation whenever that user is completing an action.

Read Up on FAQs From Salesforce Interaction Studio.

It can be sometimes hard to find a solution to each problem. Browse through our FAQs to see if you can find the answer to your question. Can’t find the solution? We are always on the end of an email of a phone call. Contact Us.

What is Interaction Studio? (Formerly Evergage)

Interaction Studio enhances the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, giving you more ammunition to tackle your audiences, customers and prospective leads. Expand with your real-time personalised content as you will be able to tailor interactions to increase loyalty, engagement and conversions through your company, business or organisation. Just think how many customers and leads you could close further with meeting them at the right point within a given marketing or sales journey towards your products or services. With a solid awareness of consumer interactions, you can deliver a streamlined experience to track customer behaviour and capture that sale!


Evergage now Interaction Studio was firmly a CDP that has now been acquired with Salesforce’s customers in mind. Gravitai formerly a partner of Evergage and a Salesforce Interaction Studio partner has critical ties and extensive knowledge to implement further and support the application.

How can Gravitai help with Interaction Studio?

Being a certified partner of both Salesforce and the previously acquired Evergage, which has now turned into Interaction Studio, we are in the perfect position to help with the implementation, optimisation, and support of Interaction Studio. We can take your personalisation to the next level through a 1-to-1 basis to understand their every wants and needs. Gravitai is the perfect solution to all of your Interaction Studio problems.

Solving Customer Issues with Interaction Studio, can this be Done?

With Interaction Studio in mind, you will no longer need to worry about batch data when you interact with customers, as you will have all the data you need. Your organisation or company will be able to customise interactions and behaviour to put them along the most appropriate path to your product or service.

Can Customer Service Scripts be Scrapped?

With today’s consumers and clients wanting to do most of their research on their own accord, before contacting support, Interaction Studio can help in the communication with delivering relevant and personalised experiences to each person. Almost 70% of consumers want their experience to be managed and not explain different support channels such as across email and phone.

Can In-Store Activity be Captured & Recorded?

The simple answer is yes! When it comes to digital activity, it can be sometimes hard to see the full journey; twist turns that the buyer has been through. Interaction Studio allows for better insight and visibility into the buyer’s journey, allowing them to have a less disjointed and incomplete experience.

How do Gravitai Price Interaction Studio?

Each journey and implementation is priced differently. This all depends on your needs and the companies individual needs. No matter your company’s size, big or small, we provide solutions to everyone covering all applications. Our Sales team will help you get started to tailor an implementation that is suitable for your needs. Download our Interaction Studio Packaging Guide for more information on pricing and options available.

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