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Let your customers directly know how much they mean to you. Increase loyalty schemes, scaled campaigns and personalisation, so your customers know they are being listened to when it comes to their wants and needs.

The customer should always come first. Together with Gravitai and Salesforce Interaction Studio, we can ensure that you love your customers and they love you. 

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Ensure 1-to-1 engagement is the primary focus for all your customers across all touchpoints to deliver relevant communications using Salesforce's #1 leading real-time personalisation and interaction tool. Start delivering on cross-channel experiences.  

Gather data and gain heavy insights

Bring in meaningful data from any source via connectors, API or JavaScript integrations so you can bring in data from customers via sources like personalised surveys. 

Plan for your customer's moves & actions

Together, we can monitor your customers' behaviour, including inactivity, clicks and movement for offline stats to understand each customer inside out. 

Engage consumers

Engaging with your customers is essential when owning your communication channels with Interaction Studio. Ensure interactions are relevant through journeys, campaigns, and personalised experiences.

Taking online interactions and connecting them to offline ones through store branches and call centres which then provides massive benefits to all your customers.

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Control the algorithms and processes

Customise, alter and master set algorithms around personalisation to help advertise to your customers and apply your own rules to govern the process.

Map and build communications

Interaction Studio is a powerful real-time segmentation AI tool to deliver personalised and relevant experiences that inspire customers to communicate further. 

Trusted for Salesforce Interaction Studio by organisations and companies globally

Within Salesforce Marketing Cloud projects, we have provided expertise for Interaction Studio since its release. We are building communications and interactions for millions of customers across the globe in multiple industries and sectors.


Largest Family Owned Automotive Business (UK)

Dedicated support 

Our consultants and developers have dealt with the most complex journey campaigns. 

 1 bn +

Interactions initiated across support and implementations.


Forging pure natural beauty and communications with Sanderson Design Group

Sanderson Design Group signed up for Salesforce Interaction Studio to increase their communications and interactions regarding marketing towards their extensive and luxury customer base. Portraying celebration of iconic design, famous florals and countryside inspiration, together we have established Salesforce Interaction Studio.   

Offline interactions

Connecting online experiences with offline interactions is crucial to ensuring your business succeeds. Focus on interactions with personnel, in-store company branches and ATMs. You will constantly be communicating with your customers to ensure you are serving their every desire.

Track customer behaviour and trigger planned personalised messages, product recommendations and promotions. 

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Salesforce Interaction Studio pricing

We offer a competitive pricing model. Each project takes a certain amount of bricks to complete depending on the complexity of the project. The more bricks you purchase, the cheaper the brick becomes.

£ 925 /per brick

  • Implementation services
  • Dedicated support 
  • Hourly implementation rates
  • Aftercare support options 
  • Flexible packages available

£ 925 /per brick

  • Dedicated support services
  • Consultants on demand
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Range of support options
  • Flexible packages available

£ 925 /per brick

  • Team upskilling
  • Team & individual training
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Range of training options
  • Flexible packages available

Salesforce Interaction Studio offers a range of functionality for features, interactions communications and algorithms so you can start connecting with customers more.  

Uncover the right opportunities

We can help monitor and visualise performance with campaigns while reviewing thousand of metrics to deliver proactive suggestions that will benefit your business.

Measure campaign investments

Let's track and analyse the effectiveness of your current and future campaigns with Interaction Studio. We can see if your goals are being met and understand the impact.

Algorithmic targeting & experiences

Using data-driven AI, make sure you deliver the best content and promotions to consumers through campaigns and journeys to learn more.

Apply rich firmographic data to attributes

By determining vital organisational attributes like company name, location and technologies, we can deliver real-time relevant experiences for potential customers.

Measure clicks and consumer actions

We can factor in idle time spent, actual engagement, purchase and browser history, as well as many other data points to target consumers with better accuracy.

Understand each individual customer

We can capture and process in-depth behavioural and contextual data, combining them with additional cross channel data to determine personalised experiences.

Deilver mobile app personalisation

Let's send personalised push notifications and in-app messages as they drive data campaigns to make sure they are tailored to your users to drive engagement.

Track behaviour of iOS & Android users

Determine your customers' affinities and intent through real-time interactions through iOS and Android app users to make sure their profiles are enriched every time.

Optimise personal experiences

View results in real-time to identify the best performing experiences and implement them using the same solution. Maximise results with 'targeting testing'.

Relevant and personal recommendations

Take into account consumer behaviour and preferences through history across channels to drive meaningful and relevant communications in campaigns and journeys.

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