Oh, are you struggling with your sales and revenue again? It can be hard finding not only the right method to improving your sales but making sure that they are continually keeping your business afloat is a different business. So, how do you improve your B2B marketing sales?

Your B2B sales need to be improving consistently; what this does mean is plenty of hard work. But you know it needs to be done. However, the B2B space is jam-packed with companies like yours, all of them clamouring for the same business. If you’re going to win this particular game, you have to make sure you are covering all the right angles. In this post, we will help you understand how to make your B2B sales better (in all respects), and how to keep improving your entire B2B sales process.

From Your B2B to B2C companies, what are the best ways to earn revenue through a funnel of attracting customers? Look for awareness and interest and try and market with the intent to complete the purchase.

Make It A Conversation

Sales in the B2B space are often more than just one-way conversations. There is always more than a simple landing page or presentation to digest, and the very best and most productive sales experiences in B2B happen when both sides are talking and sharing thoughts.

It’s now more important than ever that brands can offer deep conversations and support to prospects and leads. When a possible customer asks about a feature on your product, offer them the PDF. You can also request to jump on a call so that they can be talked to by a real human being. By doing this, two things can happen. It allows you to make personal contact, but also add more to the sales experience. It could also enrich the sale, and leads to a better experience overall after that comes customer loyalty.

Lean On Twitter

A much-misunderstood platform still, and until brands get to grips with how it works and the benefits it can bring, it will remain a frustrating aspect of social media lead generation.

The best way to look at Twitter is as a listening tool. The most successful brands use hashtags and alerts to make sure they know when conversations in their space are happening. They also make sure they are aware of when their brand name is talked about always.

With this knowledge, good brands then engage in the conversation, which is a slow process. It will only start bearing real fruit when conversations develop over time. The biggest mistake happened when Twitter got abandoned too early. Used well as a sales tool, it can make a difference.

Push On Marketing Automation

The best marketing in B2B locked on automation. Gathering email addresses of leads is fundamental. With a high-quality marketing automation platform in place, companies can pull together email addresses and automate all of the critical marketing automation.

Please, please, please don’t pester your, customers, with enough interest and right marketing your, be able to attract any customer or lead. You don’t need to send 10000000000 emails trying to capture that lead.

Meaning real lead nurturing takes place. When point nurturing takes place, you have customer care happening. Over time, with appropriate and timely marketing email campaigns, all automated, you have the development of high-quality customer relationships, and more revenue as these relationships bring sales.

Automating your marketing helps this to happen, as B2B sales often occur after lengthy and data-driven campaigns. It can only really happen after full marketing automation has then been put in place.

Develop An Understanding Of The Buyer’s Journey

In the B2B space, buyers are different from B2C (business to consumer) in many ways. We have already discussed how sales take place over a longer time duration. Mainly because budgets are involved, and this means plenty of communication between departments and different levels of decision-makers.

Therefore, it’s important to know where your buyers are in the buyer’s journey. The journey is mapped out as follows:

  • Awareness. A stage where the buyer recognizes they have a problem in their business that needs solving through purchasing a solution.
  • Consideration. At this stage in the buyer’s journey, after recognizing a problem is there. The buyer identifies the solution and is now thinking about which solution provider to purchase from after making one correct decision. After researching solutions, the buyer is currently deciding which offer to buy and from who.

During the sales process, once you know the stage of the buyer’s journey, the prospect is at, this can directly inform your marketing. Too many brands pitch their marketing ineffectively, by offering pricing information, for example, to a buyer who is still at the awareness stage.

Learn the journey to make your marketing more appropriate and effective.

Never Forget The Value Of Face-To-Face

When a buyer is on that journey, there will be numerous stages where they would benefit from face-to-face contact. With video calling becoming so easy, the best brands are using face-to-face contact consistently throughout the sales process.

Buyers respond to people they have met, and being ‘the face’ of a company someone wants to buy from will benefit you as purchasing decisions are made right there and then. If a buyer is deciding between you and another seller, if you have made a couple of helpful video calls during the process, your face will ‘stick’ and may well influence a final buying decision.

There is no excuse now, and video calling means that you can make a more significant, more personal impression even if you are on the other side of the world.

Commit To Real Sales Tracking And Analysis

Understanding the granular information behind every sale adds massively to your effectiveness as a company. There is now a vast amount of resources available to your company when it comes to sales analysis.

With a high-quality sales and marketing platform, you can pull together data around every transaction, from lead times to sale amounts. Using all of this information means you can identify what is working and what isn’t. You can then make informed decisions about what needs to change about your marketing and selling process.

If you’re using a social media strategy that tends to bring you twice as many leads as the one you used last quarter, analyze the work you did and see how you could improve it even more, which could just mean scaling it up and doesn’t have to be complicated.

The difficulty comes when you don’t analyze sales data, and therefore are unaware of what works and what doesn’t. With current marketing automation technology, there is no reason not to be fully informed at every stage, and every outcome then learned.

Commit To Every Lead

Not all leads work out as being worth following right from the start, which makes common sense. Any company that has been in business for just a few weeks will know that leads come in all shapes and sizes.

We’re saying commit to every lead. Now, this does not mean chasing down every point until you’ve wasted six months on someone that does not want to buy. That’s idiocy. No, instead, we’re saying commit to learning the full story on every lead, every time.

5 Tips To Closing More Sales – (Source: Sales Insights Lab by Marc Wayshak)

Too many leads thrown away because the contact details are not trustworthy, for example. Or they are dismissed because the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t ever seem to want to talk about buying from you.

Use every lead as the valuable resource it is. Most marketing platforms now include reliable lead scoring so that you can spend your time wisely. But make sure you know the full story on a lead before you discard it. That person who does not ever seem to want to talk about buying could be waiting for the right moment, and in just a few months, could genuinely be ready to buy.

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All of the above ideas should allow you to build in further improvements in your sales, so you see better results and better ROI. Remember that selling is sometimes a long and potentially frustrating process. But also remember that the process ends with a sale.

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