We know getting sales is the most difficult part of any business. It’s the heart of any business. It’s how a business runs.

Looking to take your company to the next level? Or, maybe you’re just hitting a rough patch and struggling with figuring out how to tap into a new consumer base?

If you want to make sure that your business is seeing increased revenue and a steady stream of loyal and new customers, you absolutely want to consider a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation is an easy, reliable way to keep track of your leads, automate email campaigns, and develop personalised web experiences for consumers. It’s hard to imagine a scenario when you won’t increase your sales using a platform. Here’s the top three ways that marketing automation can help you increase revenue and attract and retain happy, loyal and also more engaged customers.

Looking to increase your sales? First you are going to need to need to get the most out of your marketing automation ‘Best practises when buying marketing automation software’ Your also going to need a team. ‘How to structure your marketing automation team’

Making websites personal to users

Most marketing automation platforms will help you transform leads into loyal customers. Personalised websites can help you increase your conversion rate and personalise landing pages for visitors. So, for example, if a customer has spent a day or two browsing online for shoes, and they hit your website, the first page they see might be a page with shoe selections.
The system knows that’s what’s on the customer’s mind, and by presenting it to them first, they see exactly what they want right off the bat.

These platforms are able to analyse behaviour and help customers make decisions quickly on a site that’s tailored to their specific needs. It’s a great way to turn leads into loyal customers, and to make sure that you’re catching all interested leads from their first click onto your site.

Email triggers

Marketing automation platforms offer the capability for businesses to follow up with customers in a personalised way, in a time span that’s soon enough after they visited your site, but not too late that they already forgot about their experience on the site. So, if your customer that’s searching for shoes visited your site, put shoes in their cart, and then left before making a purchase, your marketing automation platform can send out an email trigger in the next 12 hours to remind them about what they had in their cart. Instead of letting the customer just leave the site, your platform can give them a nudge and remind them that they liked what they saw on the site, and then maybe even offer then 10% off their purchase. Trigger emails are one of the most reliable ways to capture customers and encourage overall brand loyalty.


One of the most valuable benefits of a marketing automation platform that helps you increase your sales is their analytics and ROI tracking abilities. Without these, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not your campaigns and marketing efforts are working, where you should seek out new customers, where you’re losing current customers, or any other details that basically keep your business afloat. Through the analytics capabilities that any marketing automation platform offers, you’re able to adjust your efforts accordingly and make sure that your business is modifying itself and changing depending on the results that it’s getting. Without this data, you might never know what’s working and what’s not.