Marketing Automation helps businesses save time and increase revenue. Automate repetitive tasks based on predefined parameters. This can help businesses focus on only targeting good potential leads. You will be able to define rules based on previous marketing campaigns.

Nucleus found that marketing automation boosts productivity by around 20% on average. Marketing Automation uses a single platform to manage every aspect of every campaign. This is all done from one place. Including but not limited to email and social media marketing, mobile messaging, and managing ads. According to Social Media’s Today 2019 State of Marketing Automation Survey report, 75% of all companies already use at least one kind of marketing automation tool.

Mautic can provide a wealth of Marketing Automation services. When it comes to marketing towards your leads, trying to capture them and getting sales through the door.

So if we take the concept of Marketing Automation and apply it too Mautic, how can a newbie or someone new to the world of Marketing Automation benefit from both? Let’s have a look at how you can progress further in the marketing automation world.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is all about marketing your company or organisation through software to automated channels. This is channels such as email, social media posting and advertising campaigns. You can provide a much wider personal experience for each customer while having a 360-degree view of their activity. Focusing on what they are doing in terms of interaction.

Marketing Automation platforms allow companies to view and analyse visitor behaviour; from this, you have the ability to create 1-to-1 cross-channel journeys. This leads to a personal experience for the customer. This improves the efficiency of a sales funnel, quickly turning a large group of leads into happy customers by using a combination of rules. By viewing all of the customer’s information from previous leads, marketers can dive into the knowledge of the customer. They will be able to help them deliver better-targeted campaigns which will produce better results. Back in 2016, Bold Digital found that more than 480,000 websites were already using marketing automation technology, this would have almost certainly increased since.

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Focusing On Strategy

In this modern-day marketers are under constant pressure to come up with new ideas and campaigns that can draw in new customers. Marketing automation platforms help free up more time for them to spend on working on new campaigns. Less time can be taken up on manual day-to-day tasks. Automating the process of sending emails, for example, frees time up to spend more resources on other projects or analysing leads that have good potential.

Enhanced Analytics

By using a marketing automation platform such as Mautic, it can provide a more detailed view of the behaviour of potential customers than manual methods. Some platforms such as Mautic allows A/B testing, which can also provide detailed analytics on which version is providing more leads. For example, you could A/B test a form on a landing page and then view the information captured on Mautic which can provide you with a better understanding on which version is performing better.

Optimising Your Marketing Automation

If you are looking to implement some advanced strategies or marketing automation into your business, you should consider these pathways.

1. Work Out Your Message Before you commit to a marketing campaign, you must set out a target of what you want to achieve at the end of it. Otherwise, the campaign is unlikely to generate many leads. Whether you want to attract more visitors to your website, generate new leads, boost sales, or increase market share, a marketing automation platform such as Mautic can help.

2. Personalise Your Content Generic emails aren’t going to generate as many leads as personalized emails. Customers want to feel appreciated by the brands they purchase from.

3. Focus On Your Customer Experience Ultimately, the success of automation depends on how your customers react to it. The best way to generate successful campaigns is to gather meaningful data to plan the campaign. This allows you to make tweaks to your campaign. It’s important to note that automation is only beneficial so long as you see good results with a higher number of leads. If you do not see the analytics, you’d like, mix things up and try different campaigns.

Setting up a lead capture form can be the first step to success in getting those sales through the door. Easy to implement through a WordPress website a great way to to start your lead capture process to start off your Marketing Automation journey.

Mautic is a free, open-source marketing automation platform that focuses on lead nurturing and tracking, marketing campaigns, drip flow programs, landing pages, forms, social media monitoring and much more. Over 200,000 companies are using Mautic to build smarter marketing campaigns that would usually need a large in-house marketing team. With Mautic; your organization can constantly build complex automation campaigns faster and simpler than ever.


Monitoring allows you to watch and track what visitors do and interact with on your site as well as elsewhere. This can easily be done within Mautic by adding a simple HTML tracking code into your site. When tracking visitors, there are two types, anonymous and known. Your goal is to convert anonymous visitors to known; this can be done in Mautic by using forms and landing pages to collect the visitor’s information.


Campaigns are the workflows you create to nurture leads by using triggered and/or timed events. Your target here is to provide value to your leads to improve your relationship with them. SocialMediaToday asked marketers what their most important strategic goal of marketing automation was, to which 61% responded ‘lead generation’. 

When it comes to generating traffic, generating general traffic and leads becomes a top priority over ROI and managing other company assets.

Invespcro found that 77% of companies saw an increase in conversions thanks to lead nurturing through marketing automation. Other important strategic goals for marketing automation included lead nurturing (57%), sales revenue (47%), improving customer engagement (36%), marketing productivity (29%) and improving campaign measurability (28%).


Emails are one of the primary communication channels in Mautic (Mautic allows you to choose your mail service provider). 

With Mautic, it’s simpler than at any other time to build multi-contact, multi-wave campaigns, customize messages, execute A/B tests, and measure results. By streamlining marketing for everybody in your team, it wipes out the need to employ extra staff to execute your campaigns. Thus, with your group ready to execute campaigns in minutes, not days, you get additional time to work on other projects that may need finishing.

So those were some great features of Mautic that have great potential to grow your business efficiently. Using these Mautic features eliminates the tedious tasks that slow you down in your business. Hence simplifying your daily jobs, giving you more time to focus on tasks that give better results.

Can Marketing Automation Fail?

It all depends on the company, of course. Without a steady flow of leads, the process is going to be slow. Suppose you don’t have a big pool of leads to draw from then you’re going to need to start building that up. Companies can often spend too much time figuring out how to market towards the leads they already have while their competitors try to market to the other 99% of leads that are still out there.

While it could fail, Email Marketing provides one of the highest ROI rates in the marketing sector. 300 billion emails are sent daily meaning that it becomes one of the most effective marketing channels.

Determine your existing leads and plan your revenue goals accordingly. Your need to determine how much of your database is filled with quality leads and how much of them leads can be converted into customers.

When Should You Invest In Marketing Automation?

This is always a difficult question. Again it is always going to depend on your the flow of your leads, both new, organic and current leads that you already have in your database. It would help if you determined when the right time is to scale your efforts. How many of those leads are going to turn into paying customers. Ask yourself these questions in the future.

– Are you generating a steady flow of leads through an email marketing list or a general list of leads that can be contacted. You need to make sure that your automation is being invested wisely.

– Has Marketing and Sales agreed on what conversations should happen to try and capture these leads. You’re going to need to communicate when it comes to coming up with a strategy.

– Have you got a content strategy mapped out to make sure that the write audiences are being captured. You don’t want to start targeting the wrong audiences.

– Have your previous marketing scale strategies worked. Can they be scaled up further?

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