How many emails have you received that took you for the wrong segment of the population, misjudged your gender or, the worst possible offence, spelled your name wrong?

Few things put customers off more than being misidentified, and that’s why personalisation has consistently been the top concern when it comes to Email Marketing. Few things bring you closer to the customer than showing them you know all about them (in a totally GDPR-compliant, non-creepy way).

Personalisation Vs Customisation

But knowing is not enough: you also need to show them you care. Offer your customers a preference centre, so that when they sign up to your department store’s newsletter they don’t get ads for dog food if they (sadly) are not dog owners. Or perhaps create a recommendation engine that will generate more business. Take a look at our Just Eat case study to know more about this specific product.

Use your CRM

Personalisation drives revenue, generates conversions and maximises loyalty. From the more general approach of seasonal campaigns, such as Christmas, give that bit of added value in the shape of a Christmas discount based on the last purchase value or that year’s amount of orders. Don’t fret if your data is not top-notch-state-of-the-art fancy: whether it is through profile attributes or by creating a specific segment off your CRM data, it’s all about tapping what you have to make the most out of it.

Get Creative

Come up with different campaigns depending on the customer’s sign-up entry point: did they arrive to you from a landing page? From that refer-a-friend offer you ran last month? Social media? Organic search? Make sure your dynamic content adapts to their different customer lifecycles, their browsing history or their type of device.

Live weather block

The imminent new SFMC release also brings the much-awaited Live Weather Block. It allows providers of weather-dependent goods or services (airlines or ski gear manufacturers) to target specific audiences on the fly according to the temperature in their subscribers’ localisations. Read more about the release in our previous blog post.

I feel seen

Birthday campaigns are a matter-of-fact email campaign that all customers expect. What they need now is a reminder letting them know their credit card is about to expire. Or that they will probably soon need another printer cartridge. The difference between making them feel special to making them feel unique.