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Hays Recruitment, a provider of excellent recruitment services for over 50 years, undertook the formidable task of rolling out Salesforce Marketing Cloud across nine business units that incorporates CRM & Marketing teams spread over multiple countries.

Almost a year since initial deployment, Hays Recruitment has achieved a rapid global implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with effective utilisation of many of the platform’s core system functionalities.

From the bespoke integration with Hays’ sophisticated recruitment data schema, to a revamped email template with modular and dynamic components, Gravitai and Hays Recruitment worked together to maximise the system capabilities and bring about measurable results in customer engagement. We accomplished this by optimising the use of core system features and processes, including:


  • Email Templates & Components Blocks that empower the marketers to easily build and deploy emails in a more timely fashion.
  • Lead Scoring of Candidates and Clients.
  • Einstein Intelligence for capturing web activity and lead scoring, predictive content.
  • Journey Builder for automating communications and workflows.
  • Landing Pages for lead capturing and Event Sign-ups.


In a year where Hays Recruitment helped place over a quarter of a million candidates in both temporary and permanent roles, it is arguably a fantastic achievement that the company was also able to support an enormous undertaking while maintaining its business-as-usual to such high standards.

Hays Recruitment’s appetite to learn and to be self-sufficient in deploying and maintaining their Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance is truly inspirational. Through onsite support, training workshops, and constant collaborations, Hays Recruitment’s IT and CRM Teams worked seamlessly together with Gravitai to accomplish the shared goals of delighting the customer experience with tailored communications.

The teams’ collaborative approach is a testament to the success of the project. As their in house knowledge continues to grow, the Hays Recruitment  IT and Marketing Team’s continue to take on greater responsibilities and expand further their utilisation of the platform.

At Gravitai we understood the enormity of the task and dedicated over a thousand hours of our team’s blended skill sets to cater to all the requirements, both planned and unexpected, that came up along the way.



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