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Operating Smarter

By working smarter via accessing all of your client data in a second, you can provide the financial guidance you rely on and trust. Spend less time tackling administrative tasks and focus on client relationships and your customer base.

Drive and enforce critical collaboration within your firm or business to help manage compliance and access to secure client profiles and data at all times. 

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When it comes to finances, loyalty and reliability mean everything to customers. Via sharp, intelligent insights and engagement tools, you can help deliver personalised advice anytime and, more importantly, anywhere with Financial Services Cloud.

Grow your business and knowledge

Take advantage of more visibility in existing and upcoming opportunities to get a managed view of assets and the ability to track and transform referrals.

Drive-up customer loyalty

With features like valuable alert reminders, you can target customers and impress them at the right moments as you work together on their financial aspirations. 

Customers' dreams

Have the ability to achieve the dreams of customers. Sounds good, right? You can create deeper connections by personalising interactions via rich client profiles centred on individuals' goals and personal life events.   

Via FSC, you can ensure that customers are given the best. Built on only the best tools from giants like PwC, Yodlee, Deloitte, ASI and Accenture, all provided approval. 

start chasing your customers' dreams

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Match the needs of insurance users

Ensure better experiences for everyone via the insurance value chain using omnichannel implementation across multiple platforms like social web and email. 

Create flawless banking experiences

Via accessing rich customer data across all profiles, products and business lines, your bank can access innovative insights to identify new opportunities.

Personalised financial advice to bring customers' dreams closer for SPW

Financial experts Schroders Personal Wealth is one of our most prestigious clients. Over 400 years of banking with Lloyds Banking Group, they have achieved 11 regional hubs across the UK, all powered through Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Schroders Personal Wealth

Wealth & Asset Management

270+ Financial advisors

A large heap of resource located across the United Kingdom, all using Financial Services Cloud. 

 £14.2 bn

Across funds under management (June 2021)

Fueling the rocket for Schroders Personal Wealth and Financial Services Cloud

From protecting you and your family financially, investing for your future, planning for your retirement or passing on your wealth, Schroders Personal Wealth is an expert in advising on financial matters. Gravitai has had a long and deep partnership with SPW to provide Salesforce Financial Service Cloud retained support and services across the business.  

Built for success

Built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, FSC has a range of enhanced features for your disposal:

- Financial goals, household life events and groups

- Social media compliance, security and archiving content

- Business and engagement opportunity dashboards

- Lead to client conversion 

- Wealth management and household data model

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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Pricing

We offer a competitive brick pricing model. Each project takes a certain amount of bricks to complete depending on the complexity of the project. The more bricks you purchase, the cheaper the brick.

£ 925 /per brick

  • Implementation services
  • Dedicated support 
  • Hourly implementation rates
  • Aftercare support options 
  • Flexible packages available

£ 925 /per brick

  • Dedicated support services
  • Consultants on demand
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Range of support options
  • Flexible packages available

£ 925 /per brick

  • Team upskilling
  • Team & indervidual training
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Range of training options
  • Flexible packages available

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud offers a range of functionality for loyalty, transactions & wealth management. Via Gravitai, we can ensure it is installed correctly.  

Sales & Service Cloud features as well

With FSC, Sales & Service Cloud features are included, so you can track the sales cycle from opportunities and leads while optimising your wealth management needs.

Construct 'household' relationships

Construct households and relationships between unrelated entities or individuals. The relationship map provides an excellent summary and fills a gap.

Actionable Relationship Center (ARC)

The holy trinity of relationship data allows users to traverse hierarchy levels and see details within each record so you can investigate further.

Access both B2B & B2C data models

Define rules across B2C customers and B2B customers so you can align with your business needs. Flexibility is everything, so keep your data clean.

Customise matching & duplicate rules

Like all other Salesforce org's, FSC comes with a standard set of matching and exact rules for accounts and contacts so that duplicates do not riddle your essential data.

Guided loan applications

Offer customers a seamless journey when applying for loans via step-by-step instructions to capture relevant data during the application process.

Dashboard KPIs via customer data

Via FSC, get views of your customer data and ensure teams are collaborating seamlessly so you can act on real-time insights to convert more leads and customers.

Replenish pipelines

By accessing real-time insights, reporting and forecasts, you can get closer to opportunities and leads to identify and hone down on sales to convert them.

Business growth with digital banking

Connect every part of your business with complete visibility into your customers to keep up to date with growing trends and demands within your industry.

Digitalise and excel business processes

While meeting regulatory compliance, you can minimalise inefficiency with actionable insights at your disposal to focus on business essential decisions.

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