What is Exponea and how can we implement it?

It is built from the ground up. Exponea has become one of the industries leading CDPs. Its platform enables companies to implement actionable Single Customer View (SCV) programmes.

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Exponea connects all customer data with all customer touchpoints. Creating highly personalised experiences that continually increase revenue and loyalty. Gravitai is a Certified Exponea Partner. We’re trusted and qualified to offer our clients innovate solutions for the design and execution of fully automated cross-channel, data-driven customer journeys. Here are some of the area’s we can help with and allow you to get the best out of Exponea and maximise your ROI:


(These are some of the common questions that clients ask us when they reach out to us….)

Unique Viewpoints

Create selected Customer Viewpoints

Single Customer View

How can you help us to create a brilliant Single Customer View to adhere to any regulations or requirements we need to meet as well as integration with any external systems?

Data collection, integration and unification from any internal and external sources across devices, systems and channels. We’ll design the architecture of your Single Customer View to make sure it’s efficient, scalable and data protection compliant to match and adhere to any regulations out there.

Support Customer Journeys

Support planning and mapping directly.

Activation Phase

Are you able to support with planning, mapping and producing customer journeys to help with enticing leads and customers?

Once we have all the data ready and enriched, we’ll move to the Activation Phase, where we plan, design and deploy intelligently automated customer journeys, so you target the right audience you are aiming for.


Testing, Statistics & Metrics

We will be able to support you through optimisation.

Optimisation & Personalisation

Optimisation and personalisation are essential for us, are you able to support us in testing, statistics and metrics?

At the same time, with no need to wait, we can focus on channel optimisation and personalisation actions such as online testing (A/B and MV), surveys, recommendations, analytics, conversion rate and many other activities. Always with two goals in mind: increase customer revenue and satisfaction to get the best out of Exponea.

Exponea Professional Services

At Gravitai, we offer a complete range of services to support our clients on every step of their Exponea journey. Including (but not limited to) integrations, email, campaigns, optimisation and segmentation.

How Can Gravitai help with the implementation of Exponea?


Set Up

We’ll support you with the initial set-up and configuration of Exponea. For example, tagging your website or defining administration settings.



Our team will help you get your data into and out of Exponea through SDKs and APIs for real-time synch or through regular automated imports/exports.



Very few consultancies possess our knowledge on how to design and deploy email campaigns that deliver solid measurable results.



Abandoned cart, automated follow-ups welcome, trial, promotional, educational we can help you implement these and many other journeys.



From Ideation and hypothesis the deployment and tracking of online experiments on your website or email channels to cover all bases.



We’ll guide you through the steps of identifying your customers using both soft and hard IDs for a successful audience segmentation process.

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Exponea FAQs

We frequently get asked questions about Exponea daily. From detailed implementation questions to generalised questions such as ‘how can it help us?’, have a look at our FAQs below to see if you can find your answer.

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What is Exponea?

Exponea is a customer data & experience platform, also known as a CDXP. Exponea aims to focus on aspects of your marketing such as email marketing, journey intelligence, marketing automation, predictive data intelligence, personalisation and full cross channel platform automation. Exponea looks at your existing customer behaviour patterns and prospective customer behaviour patterns and creates actions that match with your products and services.

What features can Exponea give me?

Exponea has a range of features to help you create cross channel fully functional campaigns that are not only easy to edit but you can personalise each and every message making it easy to engage with those leads and customers of yours. You will be able to complete A/B testing while making sure that your platform is completely GDPR compliant with the rules on data collection for customers. Below is a list of features Exponea can offer but is not limited too.


– Tracking your customers and leads behaviour through integrations in the backend.

– Insanely advanced analytics of data from your customers. Data that is tracked and is powered by AI so you can predict your customer’s movement.

– Single Customer View. Exponea allows you to take personalisation to the next level by allowing you within the platform to analyse their every movement.

– Multi-channel communication through omnichannel automatisation by exploiting channels such as email, SMS, web layers and notifications.

– Exponea allows you to use custom conditions to personalise your communication towards your audience.

– Management across emails to design, send evaluate and optimise your email campaigns to get the very best out of the actions your leads are doing.

– A/B testing abilities across multiple channels for optimisation enhanced by intelligent AI.

– Exponea allows for easy integrations with APIs to link your best tools.

What is GDPR?

GDPR also know as General Data Protection Regulation acts as Europe’s digital privacy legislation acting around privacy for customers and data. GDPR serves as a set of rules and regulations aimed and designed to give customers and leads more control over their data. The reform of the policy has brung in-laws and obligations, including personal data and the privacy & consent of your data.

How can Exponea help with GDPR?

All cases of GDPR with clients can be different in many cases. As other size companies have different amounts of data stored, each issue provides a different solution. Exponea as a tool helps your company or organisation with GDPR. It can start from general principles such as Data Minimisation as well as gathering and managing consent of the data. Exponea can help you form the best practices around email campaigns as well as streamlining your GDPR compliance.

What are the benefits of Exponea?

Exponea has a range of tools and features from the ease of you and customer support to your value for money with the software and application. How can Exponea benefit you and trump other CDPs out there?


Through an Exponea CDP, you will be able to get an intensive view of each customer or lead that comes your way. Through data tracking and the unification of analytics, you will be able to see every single behaviour and action by leads that cross you. Through omnichannel support, you will be able to get the right blend of channels or all your customers. You will be able to deliver regular communications to your audience that will not only be constant by also efficient.


Through Web Optimisation across platforms, you can tune and perfect your platforms to the ultimate point. With the latest technology, Exponea and Gravitai will be able to offer you product recommendations by honing in on your real-time customer predictions. Using the best insights, you be able to get the very best out of all of your campaigns.

What channels can I reach with Exponea?

Exponea will give you the ultimate view of cross channel promotion to promote all your services and products. Through Email Marketing, you will be able to boost and grow your email communications and target the right audience by producing the right personalised content for each lead or customer. Work less and target more with automated methods of communication.


One of the most challenging tasks in marketing is targeting people you have left you cold. You will be able to re-engage visitors and customers who have stopped interacting with your communications. By targeting a big audience and honing on the right customers, you can turn your leads into customers and your casual customers into loyal, dedicated customers.


You will be able to conquer the mobile channel with Exponea. Through SMS (Text) Marketing your be able to speak and target the right customer by creating highly personalised SMS messages to interact with your products and services. You can reach your customers where ever they go by pushing content on mobile. By boosting your app engagement through CDP generated content notifications, you will be able to inform your customers about new offers, actual events to engage with them in a moments notice. In-app messaging will allow you to create customer segments and interact with your customers further. You can personalise your content based on the likelihood of your communications with your leads and customers.


With built-in integrations, you can connect them further to Exponea. With built-in integrations Exponea’s API which power your most critical applications to your organisation.

How can Exponea help with my Email Campaigns?

Exponea aims to focus on getting the most out of your Email Marketing by increasing efficiency and completing more in less time. By automating tasks such as sending newsletters and personalisation communications your save time on the most time-consuming tasks with email marketing. Dashboards and reporting will allow you to see the impact of the communications you are sending to your leads. By using customisable dashboards share your results with the relevant people. Within the dashboard, you are able to create complex workflows using the Visual Scenario builder that will be based on your leads and customers actions.


With Exponea’s Deep Audience Segmentation you are able to take Exponea’s dashboard and craft segments based on your leads and customers data based on actions such as behaviour, transactions and location. Be confident about sending the right communications. AI-powered predictions will help you understand your customers better when your emails are more likely to be opened.

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