How can you and you’re customers benefit from Evergage?

Evergage is one of the most advanced Customer Data Platforms (CDP) available in the market. It Truly enables companies to turn the dream of having a single view of the customer into reality by implementing Evergage.

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Gravitai is a Certified Evergage Partner, one of the first ones in the whole of Europe actually, meaning we’ve been trusted to provide our clients with quality solutions such as campaign strategy, design and development, as well as data integrations and managed services so they can run a scalable CDP programme.

(These are some of the common questions that clients ask us when they reach out to us….)

Unified Statistics

Helping customers with their data one by one.

Behavioural Data

How can you help us capture data, statistics and results for each customer, lead or user that we come by. We find it hard to keep everything together.

We can help you capture in depth behavioural data and synchronise external attributes whilst keeping everything in a single unified profile for every visitor, customer and account that you have to deal with.

Lead Engagement

Capture every lead and customer out there.


How can we capture our leads and customers movements? We want to be able to track their actions so we can gain a better insight in how to attract them.

Evergage intelligently tracks clicks, actions and non-click behavioural patterns like active time on page, scrolling, hovering and zooming plus adding the context of what each visitor is engaged with (category, tags, price, etc). That can be used to determine true interests and intent.

Effective Experience

Test and design each campaign right now.


How are we able to design and produce campaigns to test different experiences around our audience and leads?

Evergage allows users to design their own personalisation campaigns, test different experiences using built in A/B and multivariate testing techniques, and target specific audience segments.

Granula Communication

Improve your channels of communication.


How can we take our real-time data to improve our channels of communication to our clients and customers to get the best experience out there?

Monitor results in real-time to continually optimise both online and offline channels, as well as to improve the overall customer experience. We want you to be able to offer your customers the best experiences out there.

Evergage Professional Services

At Gravitai, we offer a complete range of services to support our clients on every step of their Evergage journey. Including (but not limited to) implementation, campaign deployment, integrations, managed services and training.


Gather rich customer insights by integrating your internal and external systems to maximise the value of using Evergage.


Present each visitor with the ideal promotion, banner, offer or experience with the highest probability of further engagement.


Capitalise on in depth behavioural data to deliver contextually relevant and personalised emails at precisely the right time.

Unified Profiles

Access comprehensive insights on each person or company that interacts with your digital assets so you can gain vital data and information.


One to one customer recommendations designed, configured and managed by your internal marketing teams so you can act upon them.


Present surveys to collect specific data from prospects and customers, and then utilise responses to improve their experiences.

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Evergage FAQs

We constantly get asked questions about Evergage on a daily basis. From¬† detailed implementation questions to generalised questions such as ‘how can it help us?’, have a look at our FAQs below to see if you can find your answer.

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Who are Evergage?

Evergage a partner by Gravitai, is a Salesforce company that aims to provide and build personalisation channels in real time to make sure the connection between the company and the client stays on a personal one to one basis. Evergage is a CDP meaning the application uses detailed analytics and advanced AI mixed with data to get a comprehensive detailed view of their prospective customers and leads.


Evergage’s main mission is to make sure that personalisation and interaction comes first. Evergage want to put marketers in the driving seat giving them the ultimate power through data, viewpoints of your customers and exact those crucial instincts. Building relationships with your customers is so important.

What is a CDP?

A CDP also known as a Customer Data Platform relies on data to provide an intensive insight into providing a unique view on your customers and leads. In a world were data has become one of the most important constructs, a CDP has become a crucial tools for any marketer. Managing data can be a handful at times so why not let a CDP manage your data for you while you can focus more on creating the right campaigns. With the main aim to bring together all of your customers data and stitch the customer profiles together so you can get a complete view of your entire customer base.

How could you benefit from a CDP rather than a CRM system?

CRM systems are built and produced to engage and interact with customers. That’s all good if you are trying to increase communication with your audience. While CRMs can deal with data, they are not great with huge amounts of data and information. This is where a CDP comes in. A CDP will be able to connect all types of data from your customers and leads. Your be able to build a massive backlog of data from actions and triggers to understand your customers in a better light in real time.


Your CDPs will also be able to store data from anonymous visitors which is massive in terms of collecting data. This means that you won’t need a lead to declare some personal information such as a name, email address or number.

I keep hearing about CDPs, how are they different from DMPs?

In a lot of cases both CDPs and DMPs overlap. A DMP typically collects data from third or second party sources collecting only non-personally identifying information such as customers and leads cookies, IP Addresses and the IDs of the devices they are using. A CDP on the other hand brings all customer data together, and this doesn’t depend on the data being first, second or third party data from random source. DMPs can provide you data however a CDP will give you a overall comprehensive view.

How can B2B companies benefit from a CDP?

CDPs are typically focused around B2B companies, especially companies and organisation who are dealing with issues around their omni-channel campaigns and processes. All companies care about understanding their customer bases so they can understand what they want and more important sell more of their services or products.

Can CDPs help with personalisation? I am struggling to personalise my marketing!

Marketing is all about trying to portray your products and services in a more appealing manner. Through communicating more affectively you will be able to deliver more and effective content towards your leads and customers. through insights and engagement you will be able to gain data and engage with your customers on a one to one personal level. Evergage have been working to improve companies and organisation personalisation methods since the platforms launch in 2012. Through personalisation you will be able to improve your marketing methods and tailor as well as fine tune your experiences and data that you have learned from each individual you are targeting.

How can Evergage help with e-commerce?

Evergage combines in depth behavioural analytics and customer data to track each visitor’s shopping triggers and behaviour both on your site and through mobile platforms. Your be able to understand them immediately through relevant offers, messages and timely incentives to deliver highly engaging marketing recommendations. Your be able to monitor individual preferences and conduct A/B testing to optimise your conversion rates.

What features does Evergage have in it's locker?

Through Evergage you will be able to get a distinctive view on each customer and lead through the CDP platform to gain the ultimate edge on marketing. Have a look at some of the features a CDP can provide.


– A prospective view

Maintain a single view of every customer and with deep insights into all your leads and customers. Your be able to gain better real time statistics and take advantage of personalisation methods.


– Insane Personalisation

Through machine learning you will be able to monitor and create personalised experiences on a one to one basis across multiple channels to gain the right opportunities and insights to gain the best analytics and data.


– Trigger tracking

You will be able to monitor your leads and customers based upon tracking and triggers that you will devise by looking at clicks from your customers and actions such as spent, inactivity, mouse movement, clicks, scrolling, hovering and general movement.


– Segmentation

Through insights from behaviour with both internal and external data sources to segment your visitors and leads all in real time.


– Real-time experience

Your be able to target your customers individually through personalised messages and experiences based on real-time segmentation through multiple platforms such as different pages, apps and emails.


– Testing

You will be able to conduct A/B testing across omni-channel platforms to provide the ultimate control for the best effectiveness across the board. Testing is important so make sure it is done to the best standard.

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