1# Personalisation, personalization, personalization. Personalization can be at the heart of every email, in fact, it needs to be.

Personalization is not just about throwing personal data here and there. It’s more about showing the customer or lead you are aware of their lifecycle and process. Or in other words: showing love and giving them attention.

Also, subject lines that speak to the specific user are usually more than always more useful. Go beyond that %%FirstName%% and perhaps think of these other strategies:

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Subject Lines

A cryptic subject line such as “Did you think we’d forgotten?” instantly incites curiosity. If what comes after is an explicit preheader, a high open-rate is almost guaranteed.

Past Purchase Data

The fact that this is an anniversary campaign makes it even more unique. Add wine or chocolates and bingo! You have a winning email.

You can use data on your customers’ buying habits to create new campaigns or predict future purchasing activities, average spending, high-value purchases, or even purchase frequency—a brilliant tool to add towards your Email TIPS and TRICKS.

That’s The Way They Like It

If you are looking at adapting your messages to your customers’ devices is also a great way of finding a more direct route to communicate with them. We know email marketing target users display entirely different actions on mobile and desktop, and these trends are ever-changing and evolving.

Create a call to actions that read well on small devices and make them clickable: that could be a deal-breaker between your target user clicking on it or not.

What’s Up, %%City%%?

Geolocation is looking to be critical in the building of AI, with fancy stuff such as live weather email updates now being used on Marketing Cloud. Still, there’s no need to get that complex: you can use it to push a campaign on a particular weekend to make it link with a big sports event, or you can just mention it on the subject line and watch that open rate go up. Everybody likes a shoutout!

Age and gender are also convenient in specific sectors: if you have a range of vitamins for kids or teenagers, or also supplements for men or women, this is the kind of data that will make your day.

In summary, fixing your email marketing strategy will always bring more engagement, which in turn will max ROI. If you need help with this, please let us know! We still have more Emails, TIPS, and TRICKS up our sleeve.

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