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IBM Watson Marketing’s 2018 email metrics benchmark study examines email and mobile marketing messages sent by several thousand brands in 2017, using a wide variety of measurements to establish benchmarks on customer engagement, delivery and subscriber churn.

This year’s report includes traditional benchmark email metrics such as email marketing open, click-through and unsubscribe rates, as well as email client and device data and engagement/read rates. New this year to the report are delivery and message frequency metrics for SMS and open and click- through rates for mobile push messages.

Some of the highlights of the 2018 report include (in means):

*Unique Open rates

    • geographically: best open rates are in Canada (38.5%)


  • per industry: highest results are achieved in Automotive & Transportation (45.1%)



  • by message: transactional outweigh non-transactional messages (44.7% Vs 22.6%)



*Click-Through rates

  • geographically: Australia and New Zealand claim the top spot (4.9%)


  • per industry: Automotive & Transportation win again in this category (6.5%)



  • by message: transactional messages almost triple the CTR mean (8.8% Vs 3.3%)


*Click-To-Open rates


  • geographically: Asia Pacific have the best performance (25.7%)



  • per industry: Consumer Products are number one in this tier (22.3%)



  • by message: transactional messages again take the advantage over non-transactional (17.5% Vs 13%)


*Hard Bounce rates


  • geographically: most zones average a 0.52% except for Asia Pacific (1.23%)



  • per industry: lowest is in Media & Publishing (0.15%)


*Unsubscribe rates


  • geographically: India and Asia Pacific show the lowest rates (0.7%)



  • by industry: the lowest and best rates go to the Media & Publishing companies (0.07%)


*Complaint rates


  • geographically: India email users complain the least with a 0.004%



  • per industry: Industrial Products show the lowest complaint rates (0.008%)


*Client/Device usage


  • geographically: desktop wins in Canada (30.52%), mobile thrives in the UK & Ireland (48.38%) and webmail takes the lead in Latin America & Caribbean (62.79%)



  • per industry: desktop scores the highest in Hospitals, Healthcare & Biotech (25.9%) while webmail tops the Computer Hardware & Telecommunications industry (40.8%). Mobile gets gold in Leisure, Sports & Recreation (60%).


*Engagement rates


  • geographically: overall, users glanced, skimmed and read their emails an average of 18.5 in the US, 20.1% in Latin America & Caribbean and 71.7% in Canada, respectively.



  • per industry: the most read emails come from Energy, Utilites & Environmental Products (71.8%).


*SMS Delivery rates


  • geographically: the US shows the highest average delivery rate with an 89.8%.


*SMS Opt Outs


  • as percentage of new opt ins, the mean rate is a 5%.


*SMS Messages Sent


  • Monthly, companies send around 321 SMS messages.


*Push Messages


  • Inbox Vs Simple: the open rate for Inbox push messages was 37.7%, vs 25.3% for simple push.



  • Clickthrough rates for this messages are both fairly low, under 2% both.


*Percentage of Monthly Send Volume (and medians):


  • 9.2 SMS (84 SMS messages)



  • 54.4 Push (61 mobile push messages)



  • 36.3 Emails (191 emails)


Find out more about what you can do to improve any of these metrics by following our blog closely.

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