Christmas – A festive online frenzy for companies and organisations to promote and sell their products but, in the process, bombard you with email campaigns. How can YOU implement these strategies to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns?

If there is a time to capture your audience, it’s now! Thousands of companies decide to use digital marketing as a key strategy to market their products and services. However, what makes a holiday-themed newsletter or email campaign that little bit more special?

To help you stand out from the Christmas carollers this year, we have compiled 5 ways to help you light up any email inbox. In the season of goodwill, it’s crucial that you personalise emails for your subscribers in order to reach maximum engagement, conversion and increase ROI across your products and services.

Light up Inactive Subscribers this Christmas!

When it comes to email campaigns and capturing leads, it really does come down to the quality of your campaign and what you are offering to the consumer. At Christmas everyone is looking for a deal, a price cut, promotion or discount so, why not activate those inactive users who have ignored you for months. This is the time to real them in! By getting rid of the dead weight within your mailing list, you will increase engagement, opens, clicks and deliverability rates. Lighting up inactive subscribers is an amazing way to BETTER optimise your email campaigns.

Danny Woodburn dressed as an elf, shrugging

Abandoned shopping carts

Another thing to consider for inactive subscribers during Christmas is abandoned shopping carts. With an industry average abandonment rate of 70%, why not give your subscribers the option to continue their purchase with an email trigger? You might draw them back in, thus increasing recovery rate and getting another sale through the door.

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Holiday email draw-ins

So, you’ve got an email campaign set up but, it’s not optimised for the holiday. With a little bit of adjustment, you can tailor your campaign to capture that festive audience.

Holiday shipping

To get the most out of your campaign, you want to ideally be running it for at least two weeks before Christmas. Take advantage of this, add an ‘order before X date and have it shipped before Christmas’ call to action. This could be one last-ditch effort to convert the lead to receive their goods in time.

Holiday to-do list

Another way to get people involved with interactivity is to add an interactive to-do list into the mix. It clearly stands out within the email. You’re able to add a humorous element, as well as adding engagement. QR codes are another example of a brilliant tool, it’s a quick scan however extra points are scored with engagement. You’re able to add promotions as well as discounts to the list and keep it fresh.

TOP TIPFor bespoke business, add some terminology into the list! You’re most likely dealing with subscribers that are in your mailing list because of the industry you’re in.

Holiday Sales

Everyone loves a holiday sale. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday included in the festive sprit setting up a ‘Christmas sale will end soon’ campaign is a great way to get conversions. Those last minute emails and reminders are great to panic your customers to get the deal before it disappears. They won’t want to miss out!

The big Christmas up-sell

You shouldn’t be only targeting those new inactive subscribers this Christmas. Who is to say that your loyal customers won’t be buying again? They are customers for a reason!

A big way to optimise your emails is up-selling and re-selling your services and products to them. Transactional emails have been known to boost revenue by 30% in a lot of cases. Hitting a good mix in transactional emails is key although, you don’t want them to be 70% promotional and 30% informational. It should be the other way around.

You’re trying to close that sale. If a customer has already purchased a product and buys another, you’re increasing their consumer life span!


We have talked about personalisation in emails before. You can find it here ‘Email tips and tricks’ However, making it exclusive to YOU is a powerful thing. It’s the perfect moment to remind your subscribers that YOU are top of the nice list this Christmas. Make the recipients feel special, optimise your email and you reap the rewards. If you make your subscribers feel special and appreciated, it also motivates them to buy more frequently from you.

One last tip before you hang up your stockings

You’ve now set up your campaign and Christmas is just around the corner. It’s going well and the audience is being captured but, how can you improve on this even further? Anyone can follow these steps and have a well thought holiday email campaign set up. However, have you considered the style and aesthetics of your campaign? You don’t want to be appearing like tangled Christmas tree lights in your audience’s inbox.

Pete Campbell saying Jiminy Christmas

Don’t forget the basics of any email campaign of course! Banners, links to secondary offers, navigation bar(s) and of course the very important social icons to attract your leads.

You should also consider the subject line and pre-header too. The copy needs to attract the right audience. If you have QR codes, make sure they are easy to scan and engage with! QR codes are brilliant for engagement! Hopefully with these tips you can BETTER optimise your email campaigns.

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