E-commerce shops and websites have become so prominent in the most recent years, driving in billions of pounds for small and big organisations and companies across the globe. The question still stands, how can you earn more money with these e-commerce marketing tips.

Suppose you’re in a position where you can set up and run an e-commerce store, well done. It’s an exciting space to be. But as many e-commerce store owners find out within days, it is also a place where hard work happens. You have to put in the hours, and you have to make sure you have clear goals that drive what you do. And then you have to work on marketing your e-commerce site so that it gets the maximum in reach and engagement. We have put together a guide that should help you achieve your goals in this area.

There is a lot to do.

The Look And Feel

A good e-commerce website starts marketing as soon as a visitor enters the place, which means that you have to have an attractive and appealing site that doesn’t bring any visual stress to the customer experience. Incredibly vital, because if you get this part wrong, prospects and customers will turn off, and they will leave.

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The biggest issue is the call-to-action (CTA). The button or area of the landing page/home page that asks visitors to do something. It could be something as simple as purchasing or sending an email. Whatever it is, it is an action you want site visitors to take.

The general rule of thumb is that site visitors should be able to see your CTA within just a couple of seconds. If there is too much clutter on your screen, they will find it harder to see that CTA. So the more straightforward the page is, the better.

That same ‘de-clutter’ feel should also be present in the buying process. It should be incredibly easy for a customer to buy from you. If they have to go through a long and drawn-out process to buy what you are selling, they will most likely give up before they buy.

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Make the journey from identifying products to buying products a straightforward one. If you need to see this in action, check out Amazon. You can buy a product in just a couple of clicks on that website.

Finally, when you have successfully de-cluttered your site, you can then focus on one of the most critical aspects of e-commerce, which is the speed of the site itself.

Site Optimisation

Most customers of an e-commerce site will not stick around if it takes too long to load pages. With the fast pace of life right now and the even quicker pace online, people want to be able to visit a site and see quick-loading pages that make it easier to get things done. The website that takes too long to bring up its pages is the site that will get fewer visits and no time spent on the pages.

It’s a nightmare when you have a slow site, but consider the following actions to speed things up:

– Reduce the number of plugins a site has. If your site has too many plugins, it has excess baggage and will take a lot longer to load up.
– Work on finding ways to reduce server response time. Something you can deal with quickly, and if you lower the amount of time it takes for your server to respond to a site visitor, it will drastically improve the engagement time on your site.
– Optimise the images on the site so that they are clean, and do not slow down the visitor experience.
– Reduce the number of redirects your website has. These things may be there because of affiliate links etc. Cut them down, because the few seconds they take up could be the difference between a sale and a customer leaving early.

The Nuts & Bolts Of Marketing

Where the real marketing comes in, and it is reliant on you focusing on a few areas that should enable high quality, effective marketing, so you get more for your efforts.

Automate Emails

As part of your marketing solution, you likely have some ability to automate emails. Something you should be pouring a lot of time and energy into. A good and useful schedule for automating emails allows you to ensure you keep on top of problems such as abandoned carts, or high bounce rates.

An excellent automated email process means that you send meaningful messages to site visitors and customers. Being on a site means you are interested in spending money. If someone leaves the venue early, you need to let them know that they can still consider buying. Automated emails are a huge part of e-commerce site marketing.

The beauty of automated emails means that ‘triggers’ release emails that contain powerful marketing messages. Tighten up your automated emails, and your marketing messages will have more impact.

Content, Content And More Content

Content marketing has always been an essential part of marketing online. With e-commerce, a steady stream of useful content must be delivered effectively.

The first port of call is the blog. If your e-commerce site has a blog attached to it, it needs to be updated regularly. This requires work and a clear focus, but if it is done carefully and with a commitment to serving customers with high-quality information, you will soon see an increase in engagement.

As that engagement increases (through people spending more extended on-site reading and engaging with content), you will see a corresponding rise in sales.

It’s not all about the blog, though. If you want to crank up your content marketing, branch out into other areas, such as podcasting and video production. The more you do this, the higher the levels of engagement. This all adds to the marketing mix.

Bots, Chat & Customer Service

If you have spent any time on e-commerce sites recently, you will see how many of them use live chat. This is where site visitors can get assistance and help with questions ‘live’ through text input in an instant messaging area.

You can, of course, use live sales reps to help in this area, but many companies use bots instead. These are script-based AI bots, that can answer the vast majority of questions customers may have.

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The best thing about the live chat (bot or otherwise) option is that customers genuinely feel that they are being helped. This all helps with customer care and is a great way to market your e-commerce store. A good experience online is positive and is often shared with friends.

Go Social

While some excellent content marketing can happen on the site itself, you can spread your marketing reach and engagement through social media. Having a strong presence on social means that you can build up a following, and also allow marketing messages to reach more people.

Direct sales can occur through the use of a strong social media presence, and followers and fans can even share their good experiences with an e-commerce store through social (this happens more than most brands think it does).

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Some e-commerce sites are finding that producing high-quality videos that display products and how they work drastically improves their engagement. This is video marketing, and it can take several forms. But the good news is that video marketing can be incredibly powerful.

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Some brands have simple ‘how-to’ videos that are posted on the site or social media. These videos allow prospects and customers to get a real feel for whether or not the product will fit into their lives.

Some brands have videos on social networks like YouTube, and these videos have a direct impact on marketing. Using video is a great idea, and when you get to a stage where people are commenting on your videos, you have a persistent and capable marketing machine.


With your blog, video creation and all of your marketing work, allowing customer reviews to be accessed online is a great idea. It’s good marketing too, and not just through positive reviews.

Allowing reviews to be posted on your site, or your social media shows that you are transparent as a brand. They can be leveraged in an obvious way by showing the good reviews on your site and social channels. But negative studies show that you are honest and that you deal with problems regularly positively and efficiently.

So, Moving Forward

The best e-commerce sites work overtime to deliver high-quality experiences. They back all this up by including work on social, focusing on excellent feedback and customer service, and generally trying to make the customer experience incredible. Do the above, and you’ll find that your marketing is more effective and that it will have more impact on your bottom line.

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