When Salesforce performed their last release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud a couple of weeks ago, many (all?) users were horrified when they found out SFMC had removed the record count view from the data extensions columns.

Bearing in mind checking data extension record counts is something most of us do on a daily basis (sometimes our actual jobs consist of that entirely) this was not good news. Users complained and claimed for the record count to come back. Some proposed alternative solutions that required complicated queries to automate that count.

But we have great news. Data extension record counts are coming back soon. According to a statement issued by Joe Wachs, director of the Marketing Cloud Platform Product, there were performance issues related to the severe degradation Marketing Cloud experienced last year after changing their underlying storage platform (SQL Server) in how it calculates RowCounts in SQL2016 compared to SQL2008.

Working closely with Microsoft for months, they were able to complete the patching of all the SQL2016 databases in late January. The reenablement of this much awaited feature is going through QA testing protocols. Once it’s been greenlighted, it will be deployed in one of the weekly Micro Releases which happen on Wednesday evenings (US Eastern time), hopefully around the 20th of February.

So that’s the end of the nightmare for many, who reportedly had to perform dozens of checks manually by opening each and every one of their data extensions. We’re almost there!