Demand for Cloud Software has hit an all-time high across the globe, with more and more companies looking to invest in Cloud technology. However, how long before the industry titans come looking for a piece of the action? Could Google look to expand by buying Salesforce?

In the late stages of 2019. Continuing through to the starting stages of 2020. Google has commented about wanting to bolster its services and presence however, within the marketing cloud sector. To compete against their biggest rivals by 2023 competitively. This three-year scale has been proposed by Google’s leaders, engineers, and developers within the company.

In the current climate, Amazon Web Services currently hold around 47% of cloud technology. At the same time, Microsoft Azure holds about 16% and also leaving Google with a shocking small 4% of industry presence! So, could Google acquire Salesforce?

It’s no secret that Google’s Cloud services division is suffering. It is trailing far behind its rivals. A purchase of Salesforce would allow Google to play catch up. A report from ‘Business Insider’ suggests that Google could make the massive purchase of Salesforce to start its cloud takeover.

Google’s Plan

With rumors now speculating. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian could be looking for a boost within the sector. But with this in mind, an acquisition for leading companies such as Salesforce could be the push that Google needs to get ahead of their competition. And Current predictions indicate that Google would need to set aside upwards of $250 Billion. (yes, we said BILLIONS) for the purchase of Salesforce. This would serve the company considerably with no-one else coming close to the power Salesforce currently has within the cloud market. Salesforce desires to blitz their competition through SaaS (Software of a Service) growth, mixed with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The benefit of buying Salesforce is awarded by their results. As well as their market presence and record of experience. 

Salesforce’s Q3 2020 results as predicted.

The range of applications within Salesforce allows for centralized solutions across marketing, commerce, and analytics. So their technology footprint would increase across SaaS with Google. This is what makes Salesforce so desirable. Salesforce’s cloud platform, ‘,’ has also been doubling in numbers. As the company, and more importantly, the community continues to grow and build worthy applications/solutions for technical problems. This, in theory, would propel Google ahead of Microsoft, becoming number two in the cloud world.

How Cloud Salesforce Benefit From The Acquisition?

Not only would Google make massive strides from the deal. Salesforce would also secure additional financial resources to expand its cloud computing and global presence, which means It would all come down to CEO Marc Benioff’s stance on the matter. His desire to be acquired as opposed to continuing in making acquisitions of his own – like buying Tableau for $15.7 Billion in 2019. With this stance in the market, you could say Salesforce holds all the cards in the deal.

How Could The Deal Affect The Cloud Market?

With the potential deal coming true, how could this affect the market? Or other companies? Microsoft could be put in a tricky situation as it’s chasing a partnership with Salesforce. The concept of Google acquiring Salesforce could squander this partnership. Firstly Microsoft aimed to provide support for the CRM software provider because it was awarded a massive contract with the Department of Defence to the Pentagon for the next ten years; in conclusion, leaving them to question what avenue to pursue to fulfill this.

The main question for the prominent Cloud leaders. How do they want to structure their applications in the current market? ‘The application layer’ has become even more significant in terms of revenue and profit. Take a look at the estimates for each product by Gartner’s calculations.

Forecasted revenue over the coming years (Billions).

Above all, With Salesforce having so much dominance in Cloud software. With CRM, Commerce, Marketing, and Analytics (and much more). This could be impossible for Google to get a grasp in the market and also to build their platforms. An acquisition of Salesforce by Google would propel both titans into the stratosphere. As leading Cloud Providers. The announcement of such a deal and price would undoubtedly make for great marketing.

How Is It Possiable?

Analysts and onlookers of sales have been sensing a surge in the strategic acquisition. By both Salesforce and Google. With the market and stocks continuing to grow. Conglomerate tech providers of the world above all must wage battle against each other to grow. With the big fish eating up the little fish, even the bigger fish can be gobbled up for the right price. Any sale could very well be possible. So what do you think? Could Google acquire Salesforce?

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