We can help you acquire, nurture, retain and qualify customers who appreciate highly personalised experiences with content that is relevant to them. This allows you to spend more time getting to know your customers, what they want and when they are most likely to react.

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What is a 'marketing cloud'?

A Marketing Cloud is a vast range of cloud based tools that target your analytics, targeting, social media management, customer experience and management and customer data tracking to keep track on individual users, making there experience more personal and humanising the process.

What Marketing Cloud platforms do you support?

We are proud to say that we are ‘Vendor Agnostic’  which means that we are not tied to the products of a specific manufacturer. We architect solutions using any  existing off the shelf platform that you own, or we can help you evaluate which platforms best suit your need and budget. With 25+ years of architecting Marketing Automation and Data Management Platform solutions, we have gained expert understanding along with proved delivery of many for the ‘best in class’ enterprise marketing cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Selligent, Dotmailer, Hubspot, Oracle, and Mautic marketing cloud services.

What do you mean by 'Vendor Agnostic'?

We are unbiased towards the use of different Marketing Automation Platforms, CRMS, or eCommerce systems to solve different problems. We believe there is no ‘one size fits’ all in marketing intelligence. We architect customer experiences using your existing platform(s) but we also offer unbiased suggestions to alternative and more cost-effective solutions that meet your business requirements.

As we are not tied to a software vendor and are not sales driven, we can ‘solutionise’ integrated customer journeys and experiences using the wealth of our experience in building multi-vendor marketing cloud integrations for industry-leading businesses.

We struggle to leverage the full capability of Marketing Cloud, so how can you help?

Marketing automation tools are extremely powerful and when leveraged properly, can deliver effective automated campaigns which reduce effort and deliver fantastic conversion rates. However, the technology can be highly complex and challenging to set up with an array of different technical skills required to get the technology working optimally.

These skills are often in short supply within internal marketing and CRM teams, Gravitai can help by assessing your current implementation and highlighting optimisation possibilities.

We guide you through the opportunities available in marketing automation and work to compliment your existing infrastructure and software with best practice customer experiences.

Whether you are just starting out on your automation journey and need a platform agnostic consultant to help with an RFP, or require technical expertise to help maximise the return from the technology, Gravitai can provide the strategic guidance and technical know how to get you moving.

Getting serious about GDPR - how can Gravitai help?

We ensure your CRM and marketing activities comply with the Regulation. Our data management services range from data cleansing to predictive customer profiling. With our insight, we will help you understand your data and most importantly, your customer.

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