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Investing In Data Management Platforms
Marketers and marketing teams don't have it easy. There is a lot of data available on prospects and customers. That means the data has to be organised, understood, and used in the right way. Without an organised system that collates,... Read More
6 Great Traits Of A Marketing Manager
Hiring the right people is one of the most important things you can do for your company. When you have the perfect team put together, your company will be more efficient, creative and successful.... Read More
What Makes The ‘Perfect’ Manager
A perfect manager can be the heart of a good team, service, product and organisation. A manager can not only be great within themselves but lead a team, get the very best out of your team productively and are more... Read More
5 Email Marketing Questions
Over the years there are a few questions that keep popping up amongst email marketing users. After careful consideration, and without wanting to get into one of those endless lists, we have reduced to it to the most pressing five. Those... Read More
CDPs & DMPs: Demystifying Data Management For Marketers
Data solutions. THE number one form of technology being implemented into companies. Companies, implementing this technology, experience a further 30% growth. With data driven marketing strategies, they are 6 times more likely to be profitable than competitors in their industry.... Read More