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What Is Journey Builder In Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
Originally being announced at Dreamforce in 2014 Journey Builder has been a massive product for Salesforce in the previous years. With each user being able to automate customer targeted actions with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.... Read More
What Should You Have In Your Salesforce Toolkit?
Salesforce has become one of the most essential pieces of software for any Digital Marketer! With new tools and applications being built into the software every day, have you got the right skills to stand out from the crowd?... Read More
The Best Journey Builder Best Practises
When Journey Builder made its entrance, many thought this was the answer to all their prayers. Have look at these Journey Builder Best Practises.... Read More
Tactics You Can Implement Using Pardot Sales Dashboard
Sales and marketing are two distinct areas of a company that need to work together. If they don't work together it can be, at best, a disorganised mess that causes problems further on down the line. At worst, a lack... Read More
Could Google Acquire Salesforce Now?
In the late stages of 2019 and continuing through to the starting stages of 2020 Google has made a statement by wanting to bolster its services and presence within the marketing cloud sector. With the aim to competitively fight against... Read More
Trust Status Is Key
The Marketing Cloud site where we used to check server status,, will soon be absorbed by the Salesforce Trust site, on April 4th, 2019.... Read More
Things You Don’t Know About The Trailblazer Community
While you may think you know all you need to know about Salesforce, chances are there are still some nuggets of information out there that have escaped you. Salesforce is a huge thing, and there is a lot of story... Read More